The Chasm - Conjuration Of The Spectral Empire lyrics


01. Deathcult Arrival


02. The Conjuration

The duality of pure rage and chaos guides my journey
Infinite search of despair and delusion controls the inner vision
The ultimate consequence of this sorrow
The great coming of faded memories, bleak and unconscious

My reigning terror has begun
The hopes cracked and vanished
Utter death arrives, cover me
Reaper of grandeur, honoris lux de necrosis

The nebular aura of resurrection makes my scars bleed
Tears of victory, for the day of liberation is in sight
For the time of revenge has arrived
The spectral empire forges it's return

03. Dark Cloud

The entities of my lost dominion
Those majestic bringers of chaos and wisdom
Lead the rain of our discontent
To this precious land we have returned
To this decayed glory we have mourn...

But for what reason the temple of magnificence has been corrupted?
We have lost all the aura of greatness
This fight we now endure is the penance we must suffer
In the search of all that was, and again shall never be...

Mind-bending atmosphere of irrevocable doubts
A sign of the strange anxiety that always have been within myself
Am I not a warrior?
Yes, the proudest of all, lost in the foreboding darkness
That covers the land of The Chasm

A dark cloud of hate
The infinite flame that burns this dream
A sad message...

04. The Ecstasy Of Pain And Destruction

A strange cosmic gathering of leading forces
The ones that procreated this war within
A saga of crushing emotions
Bonded and melted by the eyes of the lost years
The cursed root of my damnation

May my destiny be the one i've created
The real motive to continue this battle
Rest will never be found until the other face of the infra world has been conquered
Endless voyage full of hate
Infinite road covered with pain

This gift of fury, the awakening of the beast within
Honor and blood, no failure will be done
The fortress, deceptive mind of a saddened spirit
Claim the scythe, my sceptre of frozen grief

For this is a never ending tale of scorn
But with every soul I have devoured
The vengeance just fades closer
Near the revelating storm

My eyes watch in fury
For every blasphemy I have spewed
The portal has come closer to the possession

05. Brand The Mournful Liberation

Like a destruction of the spirit
Like the purification of one's mind's eye
From the greatness of my manifestation
Corroding their feeble will
But no one shall stand before us
'Cause we are the thunder of the black sun
And tons of pestilent magma surround our surreal empire
No one shall defy, no one shall survive

Brand the mournful liberation
We've seen the scorn of life and dream together as one
Creating the truth of my wisdom
Like a destruction of the spirit
For an impending day of joy
That is reaching the veil...
No one shall defy...

06. Master Of The Arcane Torment

With so many feelings lost
And too much sorrow to endure
The hammering force of my anxiety
Gives this curse the bestial devotion we have always longed for...

I'm the master of the arcane torment
And my feelings are fuckin' lost
To ride the last fear of this holocaust
The most chaotic search of all the years is gone

But the awakening rages on...

07. Traveling Through Chaos (I The Pastfinder ii)

There's no remorse within my soul
And I don't lament pain
In fact I enjoy it...

I was all born in an act of laceration
I feel I must leave a sign of my passage
If they only let me go now
Because I have to follow my fate...

I'm disgraced
We have traveled through chaos
All around there's only misery
Ignorance and sadness, the pastfinder returns...

All around there's only misery, ignorance and sadness, why?
Many signs of the past that I found
Only echoes of triumph and sorrow
Of grief and past joy

All monuments of forgotten somber tears...

08. Reveal The Truth

The nightmare closed around me
Leaving me to face a universe
As bleak and bare as the scars of my rotten soul
Cutting the silver cord
The beginning of this odyssey
Crushing the skulls of those committing betrayal

I begun the funeral procession, requiem for an eternal rest
Even within the tideless seas surrounding me
The fields of graves, they call my name, my name...

Lead the war, lead the battle
With no mercy we reach our revelation
(Descending into The Chasm)

09. A Soulstorm Bleeds Over The Horizon


10. Procession To The Infraworld