The Chasm - The Spell Of Retribution lyrics


01. From The Curse, A Scourge...


02. The Omnipotent Codex

This one, one of the most engaging sagas
It is a recollection of perseverance and omens
Of Hypnotizing protocol and whimsical chivalry
Suggesting spaceless landscapes and enshrined memories
For the migration to the desolated lands
Menaced too by the Extinction the greatest and rawest of all
Shattered, fragmented. but always with face towards the sun
The dying one, the fifth of the Purifiers
The Plan for this Curse, the avenging dawn bringer
Heraldic Colossus, my iron will on fire
Burning the already charred mists of imperfection
As the summoning grows in defeat
The radiates Ectoplasm from the Wraiths
This, the Omnipotent Codex...
Symbols and cryptic annotations of the past
Serve me in the upcoming retaliation of this present
And pave the road to the baneful future
For your essence is still haunting the Cult
(And we all hail this omnipotent source of perception)

03. Conqueror & Warlord

Cast in pieces of liquid Wrath
the oblivion, the warning of a serenade
So deranged, the decay of my wounds
Scars of a lost reflective shadow
Once in fury, forever in grief
Once in sorrow, funeral is embraced
But how to overcome the pure idea of being trapped, Conqueror...
As i reflect about the crushed age of memories gone
As i recall the cathartic frontier once my Soul passed...
Vociferations and imprecations, the discouraged cry for
my departed rendering, Warlord...
The reaction was futile, the Commanders and Scathers
Gathered for the privilege of Revenge.
(To Kill) some very feeble forms of pathetic rage
They perished in Agony and Ecstasy
For their ultimate Punishment, our Punishment to their Misery
We judge those who once perverted the core
Perdition and no forgiveness, final destiny and fate
A farewell to the Temple that Ruled the Empire
Commanding in Pain, I Have Returned...

04. Manifest My Intervention

I have taken the torch, enforcing the Mirror of Destiny
With the fear of the Fallen Ones, with Black Eyes of Mournful Blood
Yes, Decimate and Reconstruct
Apocalypse of inner War, in this soil of dried blood paths
Through the tongues of the giants
My Scepter has spoken, and if I feel the future
I see the Final Victory, but in the end
Nobody has Won... Decimate, Reconstruct...
And as the lights go black, and the feeble scream in fear, sorrow...
I tell the whole valley that my hammer has become the ruler...
Misfortune for the perished ones, (because) I have manifested my intervention...

05. Fortress

The blasting echoes of a real perception
A virtue of those who have perished
And for their everlasting dominance I sealed my fate
A will so strong it vanishes the damnation
Yes, the power to reign, to dominate again
In fury and in honor, through my eyes I seek the lost torch
Visions of my inner conflictuality, joined by the birth of Mourning
Blood-Red sun bathed crypts of Abysmal Chaos
Since the early stages of this defined Retribution
Never surrender, and fight 'till the end
So we walk in grief, but we march in Victory
Because this destiny is my own creation
Failure is unknown, Triumph is the all.
Hammering the last nails of their Fragmented coffins
(A symbol of their own impending defeat)
Rebuilding the Fortress...

06. Retribution Of The Lost Years (I, The Pastfinder III)

There was a smoldering thunder
Vicious corruption of the purity on the Ether
We once believed in the Spiritual induction
Cause and Myth of a grand knowledge of Fury
And once I walked in the Deadly path
And once I drifted below the crisp infidel winds
There was Pestilence and Rain made of Tears
A Coven of Hunters and King-priest
And a hollow structure of fallen dreams and Megalomania
Infects the Crypts, of my Reign of Despair
The Beast Within, the warm breath of my inner Demons
Corrosion of the last delusion
Infraworld and Infra fate I speak to you,
My Elder Ancestry
I remain strong and strong is the will
To conquer and expulse
The decimators of the stolen Prosperity,
Retribution of the Lost Years...

07. Conjuring The New Apocalypse

In The Realm of the warriors of the underworld
All disciples betrayed by the filth
Forever changed, scarred by deep tragedy
Discovered an unfathomable call
It was like a singing flame, the moment of the torment
And it went through them like lighting through dark-storm clouds
Contamination of their Will, Aspirations of the Quincunx, Conjuring..
Traveling between the layers of the Universe
The world trees deciphering the Codex
Invoking and Conjuring the 4th Cataclysm
And Omnipotent and Multiform, the thorns of my soul
For I was the Iconoclast, the bringer of Retribution
Destroyer of their feeble ideals
For I'm the Oppressor
Conjurer of their Demise
Rebellious, Unmerciful,
Mourning the Death of my Beginning...

08. The Eclipse: Monument To The Empire / * Sentence And Burden / * The Voyage / * The Restitution

I)Sentence and burden
In the eye of the Revolutionary storm
My blazing strength is the Vortex, creator of Millennium Chaos
And of voices of Honor and Disgrace
There are no words to describe this sorrow
Cursed from the start
And blessed from the solar wings of temptation.
I want to recreate the tale of the Arcane Torment
to explore the land of the United Light and Shadows
(The place the wisdom rules and perpetuates)
But the sentence is way too heavy. This burden I shall carry on and on

II)The voyage
Deliverance appearing in dreams
In appearances from another dimension
The extract of the Fate that decided to bring me here
To a place of no return, to a time of awakening and
Broken Prosperity
To a fountain of weathered truth, and Utter Melancholia
This is the way of this mania, a clamor for the
Apocalyptic direction

III)The Restitution
To the Grief, to the Death
To the pristine Resurrection of my Fortress
To oblige and purvey with Glory and Apotheosis
For my fevered visions of the Scythe, Restitution...
To the Grief, to the Death
The frozen grief of gathered Emptiness

09. Remains Of The Covenant


10. Eternal Cycle Of Delusion

And the Strangest yet Strongest phase of
This Infraterrenal journey has been put into the final crease
With uniform eternity, depiction of the failing shadows
Description of my Inner Vision, but I choose to suffer
I choose to Reign, complete in fragmented time spaces
No forgiveness...
For the Eternal Cycle of Potential Spiritual Extermination
Is about to commence, yes, walking again, lonely in this path
In a Circle of no return, in the Hall of justice forgotten
As the energies around my Temple have progressed
Discerning what this procreation has intended,
And continues to intend, Scar by Scar, Epic by Epic
To a portal to the bravery of my thoughts
As we avenge all the misery planted by the ignorance of the Scum,
(And) as we cast them into Catastrophic Exile,
My faded memories scarred asked myself:
Are we all Dead? Is Everything lost?
And the Price we paid, it was worth it?
A torrid and mesmerizing silence was the answer