Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire - Songs Of Ill Hope And Desperation lyrics


01. Teeth & Hair

A crimson pool dries in the
Palms of my hands
1,000 Sleepless nights,
26 Worrisome years i've
Bared my teeth
And sunk them into the
Flesh of my enemy
Faith in myself runs red
Human memory decays
Under a blanket of smoke
Freedom in isolation
Remove the eyes and withdraw
Isolate remove the human flesh
And disappear

02. Cloven

They took everything from us with the
Strength of an iron curtain pulled over my fucking face.
The face of justice beaten and raped.
Pig blood stains the cross, kill a cop,
Hang a judge,
Fuck the system,
Fuck the law spit blood on the cross.
Do what thou wilt, live by your own law.
Crush the messenger of god.

03. I Walked Away From The Human Race

I tear you apart and wear the remains
I will never stop
Because wounds will never stop spreading
A great big fucking scab
I pick myself apart
I have walked away from the human race.

04. Shat Out My Bones

I see its face when I close my eyes
Head cocked to the left. Mouth
Open and unmerciful. Those were
My last words. All of them. You
Swallowed them whole and
You shat out my bones.

05. Gold Frankincense & Myth

You have no pride, no sense of friendship.
Thank you for nothing.
I regret hearing your word.
As false as the priest you condemn.
A hand a gun the word of god.
My hooves are cloven.
They will crush your diamond cross
They will crush your fucking skull.
As false as the priest you condemn

06. Recession

Every 24 hours another nail in my fucking coffin.
Alienated at birth.
Buried separate from every mass grave.
When will it end? No one can answer that question.
My end in the face of unemployment and every day at the office a battle
I'll never win.
An american hooker born into the trade of human trafficking and meeting goals.
I never wanted to work for how can I see anything?
How am I supposed to live?
How am I supposed to...

07. Piss

No loyalty among thieves.
You drowned me when the levee broke.
Inside of my head the dead walk the earth
Disguised as human garbage asking for their
Skin back it's hard to believe when all I see is blood piss and shit.

08. Bouquet Of Self Pity

A bouquet of flowers made from self pity the colors of the halo.
I choke on gasoline.
On the soles of my feet every color of the earth on fire.
A world on fire.
I inhale the smoke of the earth.
Humanity washed in flames.
A cancer in my fucking lungs.
The feet of angels all over my fucking shit covered face.
My name caught in your throat cut me out.
Wash away all of my sins in a river of human waste.
Blessed by dead mothers eyes.
The cleanest I've felt inside.

09. Leather Hands

Slave to my job the wage the paycheck.
A noose of dollar bills on every newborn, from the nursery to the grave.
Sick of being nailed to a social security number.
Living under the trough all I wanted was a horse a plow and three hundred acres Of shit I want a horse a plow and three hundred acres of shit.
This is rightfully mine.
I am but an enslaved god among pig faced men.

10. Made Of Coal

I held your shit in my hands.
An entire world of possibilities I don't speak of anymore.
A horizon as red as her hair color and as black as her shit swallowing all around.
This is never over I just keep dying more and more every day I am so fucking Sick of living a fucking life.

11. They Smeared Shit On Their Skin So They Could Blend In At Night

The smeared shit on their skin so they could blend in at night
I can hear them howling.
I can feel their footsteps all over my soft spots.
Years of degeneration.
The hell of a cold world surrounded by starving wolves.
She sleeps soundly in our cave while I try to dig my way out of it.
Trapped on the inside of my soft spots.

12. Empty

Dust in my heart, blood on my hands.
Five years I have been penitent.
The penitent man finds his peace.
These walls have seen my lack of dignity.
These walls have seen flesh unraveling insides transparent most things unsaid words as insects in my throat.

13. Remove The Light

Larvae for me to choke on.
I will find you child on your breast.
Choking on my name spitting out the taste of apples in a garden of shit

Remove the light.