Consciousness Removal Project - Do You Ever Think It's The End Of The World? lyrics


01. The End Of The World

Music by Antti Loponen
In this world I don't feel like home
On my way I'm coming home

We all see a world
It is our home
In my eyes I am an unwanted guest

There is no connection
No passing through
Permission denied
Absolutely irreversal

If I could make it
If I could take it
If I could break it
If I could fake it

Do you see a world?
Does it feel like home?
Do you ever think it's the end of the world?

02. The Reclusive Road

Music by Antti Loponen
Further away into the void
Further away and all that mattered once is no more
Further away into the void
Further away and nothing matters now anymore

Just as I had declared myself officially dead
Discouraged, all alone, I walked down the road
That was built on the ruins of my humanity
Far behind me pined away the brightest future

03. The Ship

Music by Antti Loponen
Being above the average unnatural selection
I don't have to put my feet on the deck of the ship

There is plenty of fish in the sea, one for me
Built my version of the ship to relate, to dictate

Abandon ship! Save yourselves!
The captain sinks down with his ship

04. Hibernate

Music by Antti Loponen
An out-of-body experience
Mind's race against the head
To persist, to exist
Just to bring the lines back to life

A conflicting consequence: revisionist thoughts
An endless loop of commitments
Stirring up the urge to hibernate

Write between the lines
Embed to the host

The last request under stress
Upon entering the dormant state

To read the answers we must write our own questions
Never enough
All that we want is contradicting what we need
The meaning of life

05. Permanently

Music by Antti Loponen
Innocence, in no sense, denied permanently
Sentenced, found guilty of humanity

The horrifying last breaths
Blood shed in rivers

A nation crushed under the load
From the weak&selfish shoulders
The remaining souls must go on
With the names burnt on the hearts permanently