Sargeist - Let The Devil In lyrics


01. Empire Of Suffering

Miserable creatures crawl
Hiding in the dark corridors
Hissing voices of hatred and despise
Pure feelings of eternal loath

Born under the blazing eye
Spawn of a putrid black womb
This, the empire of malevolence
Against the filth of creation

Signs of ominous forces
Inscripted on the crumbling stone
The shining iron pentagrams
Illuminate focused worshippers

Torrent of poisonous chants
Blood stains the ritual blade
Golden crosses turned to Hell
Horns against Heaven

02. A Spell To Awaken The Temple

Bathing in moonlight
I shiver and I tremble
Captured by the spell
Awakening this temple
My eyes turn to white
And breathing is broken
Dark powers taking vessel
Of my human token

As clouds are veiling
The moon of first frost
I gather my senses
Regaining what was lost
The pact I had made
Is signed and concealed
My soul is now branded
My true face revealed

To you our Father
I renew my black oath
Christ and his sheep
I curse and I loath
My black devotion
Your Jesus i despise
With this sign I announce
His utter demise

03. From The Black Coffin Lair

I uncover the black coffin
A dreamgate to the land of death
With blood I travel there
Drawing dark sigils

The night of my demise...
I gave my soul to Hell
Now I live among skulls and bones
In the land of death

Immortal in undeath
I live in the stench of a grave
Staring from the black earth
Among skeleton pieces

Drop me the taste of your blood
And i caress your dead bones
Cursed with me we are one
May we haunt in disguise

Tearing apart loved ones throats
From the rotten lair I was laid in
Blood soaks the black earth
Transforming lifeforce into a key

04. Burning Voice Of Adoration

Hail Satan - Hail Satan!!
Father of my flesh and soul
My voice burns in purity
Of praise and adoration

To you my hands are crossed
My face draped under this hood
Whatever your demands may be
I am at your service, lord

Whatever this dream called life
May offer in it's fading light
Only your wisdom will shine
A meaning to existence

Only in your presence is truth
Ultimately found in the end
I slash open the final gate
And fill this chalice of Hell...

05. Nocturnal Revelation

Once again the moon is glowing
Alone i walk into the night
Must rising from the damp fields
Silence in the darkness

To watch forever it's shining cold
Drinking blood like it was wine
To watch forever it's shining cold
Revelation of the goat is mine

Like the scourge it slashes
Freezing breath of evil winds
Kneeling at a pentagram of ashes
Of the burnt bible pages

My eyes lifted upon the light
In the nocturnal autumn sky
This chalice half empty now
Last words of black recitation

To watch forever it's shining cold
Drinking blood like it was wine
To watch forever it's shining cold
Revelation of the goat is mine

Shut the mouth of the priest
His lord has nothing on me
Devotion in black eternity
I worship Satan!!

06. Discovering The Enshrouded Eye

Ritual recitations are done
A cold current impales me
It's white fire engulfing my soul
In the death-womb of void

Discovering the sinister eye
Within enshrouded reaches
From one end to another end
Obscure chants are carried

In me the Devil lives on
Manifesting in my thoughts
Appearing in my passionate deeds
As a fist when i strike revenge

In glory for his eternal majesty
My voice is your voice
I am but a cup to be filled
With the wrath of Hell

Enlightened by the sinister eye
Within enshrouded reaches
From one end to another end
Obscure chants are carried

07. Let The Devil In

My dark promise to Hell
I will live in lust and hate
By heart devoted to crime
Against the coward god

I invert the cross of hope
And dwell in black despair
Every moment of every day
I'm blasphemy incarnate

Let the Devil in
Let the Devil in
Let the Devil in

No virtue undesecrated
No sin I did not taste
I imagine a life for Jesus
I'd rather take the rope

08. Sanguine Rituals

The flame of darkness and hate
Black token of forbidden art
Ashen walls and pitch-dark ceiling
In this ruin of monastery

Fornication of the evil ghosts
Sinister presence of ancient cold
The shadow in the coffin room
Eyes like burning pits of Hell

Rusty chains rattle in the night
When the vampyric moon is rising
Bloody rituals of black monarchy
Sanguine chalice filled

Immense decay and rotten air
Stench of death, of bones in piles
A throne adorned with skulls
In the gloom of candelabras light

09. Twilight Breath Of Satan

The freshly interred corpse
Greets with a rotten fragrance
Sweet scent of death and decay
Caressing the catacomb
Ghastly face of bone
Where her smile had been
Ravished while she lived
Desecrated in death

Twisted thoughts , necrolust
What she had best to offer
Is now but a blackened hole
No more pleasures of flesh
Sick memories are stirring
Through a black looking - glass
Deep in the demented mind
She still laughs with joy

One final graven kiss
From her imaginary lips
Tormented chattering
Echoes in the dark
Her bones and a shotgun
Laid on the wooden table
Both barrels full of Satan's breath
For the last twilight rite

10. As Darkness Tears The World Apart

Come hail and fire, raping the world
Come reap with desire
To chaos are we hurled
Stars will fall with blackest death
Carnage of all, worms in your breath

People swarm in their despair
Bloody limbs cut everywhere
Darkness tears with greedy claws
As nigh their final hour draws

Washed away - with decay
Failing flesh
Torn apart - heart by heart
Death so fresh
Wiped away - no more prey
All is dead
Soul by soul - this hellhole
A void instead

Ash and lava, poison fumes
In each direction perdition looms
Last of prayers heard above by none
Glory to Satan, gods become one