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Jesu - Heart Ache / Dethroned lyrics


01. Heart Ache

What's become of you?
You've been bought for less than you think
I hope for anything
But really there's nothing
How much can you take?
How much can I take?
You hope for everything
But really there's nothing
But really there's nothing...

02. Ruined

Just like me you've lost your sight now
Just like me you see no reason to fight
But you won't find your pot of gold here
And just like me you can't be told now
Right / wrong
Right? Wrong?

03. Dethroned

I live in your domain
In your shadow I crawl
Searching for your light
It's all I'll ever be, for you
Alone in your abyss
Where hate has no disguise
I learn from your mistakes
Repeat them for your sake, for you

04. Annul

Keep searching
You know it's out there somewhere
But it's hurting
To know
Where there's pain there's always light
No matter how hard we try
Just dead ends
Annul my soul
And make me right
And you don't feel that it's right
But the shadows you chase just might

05. Aureated Skin

Wilful but berated
You shall
Be decorated
Golden skin that's decayed now
Your wings
Have been clipped but
You're still above the sky
And all they'll do is
Chain you
But you don't need them do you now?

06. I Can Only Disappoint You

Do you expect something from me
That closes doors
To ships that sail but don't return
To your summer shores
Father does it seem that right
When you walk away
And do you still hold your head high
Day by day
I can only disappoint you
This I know
This we know