Periphery - Periphery lyrics


01. Insomnia

Music by Periphery
Lyrics by Periphery, Chris Barretto, Casey Sabol
Though you can give no more
Inspiring false security
I've got the reason to alter belief
Selfish paintings diamonds mutilate
You can't erase the way I'm unappreciated
But I can't sleep tonight
Embrace of the drink
Be hollow swallow the pain
Splitting the field
All the noise agitates

The stars have not aligned
In your favor
Cross the line of obscenity

Look to find a way
To love all the past promises
To keep you washed away

Sever the ties
Broken by the black and white
Now fade away

Laid in the ground
Were lost far beyond the clouds
Staring in the darks of hell
It's me
Along the edge of belief
A heart always in the stars
Will never fade
Decay in the ground
Were lost far beyond the clouds
Pray in the dark for now

Prey on the sounds
And silence the darks around
Reach for a spark of doubt

02. The Walk

Music by Periphery
Lyrics by Periphery, Chris Barretto
Reach into the void
Touch the heart of darkness
Reach for the light
Feel the hand of god

The uncertainty of my existence
Can be decided by choice of a path I must walk

So sick monotone culprit
Come on down and we'll talk about it
Bow down to the gods
Or keep on walking further
On the cusp of our enlightenment
We march

With the sun at my back
I take my first step outside shading my thoughts
And perceptions
Done from the truth I'll never run
Be it the light or the shadow
I walk in hand with all

Born of nothing
My thoughts are unconditional
And I despise the facade of the original martyr
Deep within the void

Searching for the light
We leave this world behind

The violent twisting of the fates
The eminent collapse of our current state

03. Letter Experiment

Music by Periphery
Lyrics by Periphery, Chris Barretto, Casey Sabol
Flashing eyes of heat
Vessel through the deep
By the son of night


Fear becomes belief for those cannot pay the fee
A coin to board the fleet
Or one hundred years disease


But the line it never fades
The story is bound to unfold in the end

Love of mine, gone forever
Say goodbye to the sky
Bound by time
Enter the ride
I will be

Motivate fortune
Can't escape from the arms of death

Along the shore many faces accumulate
In preparation for the underworld
Single file ghost by ghost
The deck fills up to embark on the final sail

Alone we rise and fall
Awaiting the day
A life coalesced
Deep in the silence our fate entwine
Create and consciously free the mind
So far from where I lost my soul
Depart, implore, divine

In our minds adventure is always listening
Just stay here
The world isn't always listening

Suffer in endless doubt
Holding on to the memories as they fade away
These thoughts and sorrows will not remain

One day we'll meet again
In time beyond the end

04. Jetpacks Was Yes!

Music by Periphery
Lyrics by Periphery, Matt Murphy
These walls of time release
My eyes move like the drift
The cries, they resonate within
The fabric tears before me break ties between the kin

Reaching for a way out of this dream
I waste my breath ascending
Fears lead me astray
The past brings them to be
What's left to carry me...

But a memory
The dream endures these lies
Forever at the edge left surviving alone

What's left as I wander
I've found a world where I am free
Inside that which is truth

The ground upon which I have grown is not the same
The fears they've fallen away
Presently I've found I am not alone
In a world of infinity sewn

Perceive beyond the seam
A soul evolves as well

05. Light

Music by Periphery
Lyrics by Periphery, Chris Barretto
In sunshine's view
The absence of love
Behold what's blinding you
Serpent or dove
Between uncertainty
Tethered wings and captive dreams aren't worth the suffering

Open your eyes
Devotion deprived
Deny the very thing that you've accepted this life is about
Listen to my words
Defy devotion
Sick from the fall behind the wall
I demand of you stand up and see

Before they saw what I was becoming
Before it kept me from reaching....

The light
Can't seem to understand it
Can't seem to know
Listen to this vacant soul
The child has lost its way

Suffering the hole
Something against me
I won't try
Never again
I will not remember
Between the lines I sing with doubt
Behind this will fall

Lost in night and day
Breathing for me
Listen to the way I enter the world
In time this lie will become me

The things I've done to forget my dying senses
Weary from this act alone
In vein six days away
Return from the fall

Just find a ray of light to help me ascend
That is the only way

06. All New Materials

Music by Periphery
Lyrics by Periphery, Chris Barretto
Moments lost searching for a dream that's real
From my heart
I'd give it all away just to know

Drifting away
In truth revealed
With perfect order life repeating endlessly
Light streaming from below
This life is reborn

From the shadow to the light
Moving through the time
It's a cycle that repeats

Don't touch the spinning wheel
Risking all of progression just for a little taste
But it's so natural
Call it human if you wish to save face
Losing control
Go with the flow
Get swept in the undertow

Where do we go
You ask in simple question
Let me show you
Give me your hand and we shall fly

Seeing all from infant eyes
Moving all through time
It's a cycle that repeats

Into better days for dreams

07. Buttersnips

Music by Periphery
Lyrics by Periphery, Chris Barretto
Flesh of the ground deny
Kneel and grieve
Beseeching to no avail
Myth strikes our being

Human existence
Jaded by its progress
Feeding, a manifest of the shadow
Redefine the absolute

Crashing down
Through their eyes
One can see
Fear sustained
Weakened by their minds
Caught in disbelief
Don't deny
All shall see
Vacant souls
Shaping commonality

In this moment we cannot deny what we are
Form a memory on turning wings
And carve a way to ascension

Pray, withdrawn you just weep,
Wait for a chance to grow
Culture folds
The falling of love
The darkness above

Repose within our numbers
Walking with a taste
Transposed image of being
Lost beyond the frame, end of days

This time all memories surpass
In time all sense of life decays
All shall return to the sand through forever
We cycle again
Savior ablaze
Never ending
Return to me

08. Icarus Lives!

Music by Periphery
Lyrics by Periphery, Casey Sabol
Believe in memories to resurrect me

Besieged by falling dreams
Hold them tightly
Adorn my wings to thee, and use them nightly

I'm neither angel nor a demon spawn
Though some will call me god
Gravity is just a law I've wrought

Hear temptation take the sky for all to see
Sheer elation to write in history

I'm neither angel nor a demon spawn
Though some will call me god
Gravity is just a feeble plot

When I said I'd never kneel again
What I really meant
Was pull the pin because time is spent

Unite with ravens on their shadow flights
As my nocturnal right
Gravity is just a mortals vice

When I said I'd never feel or see
Love and sight are last resorts for me

09. Totla Mad

Music by Periphery
Lyrics by Periphery, Chris Barretto
Strip away all the excess components
Unveil a picture one sought to hide
Personalities are like fiction
The derivative truth but with no substance
Violence and hate
Nourishment territory and mate
We are the product of some experiment
While most live in ignorance
Some can't accept

The last thing we see is obsession, depth of insanity

Follow the source into the ground
Feeling all vibration flow inside of you
We create the sound
Like the fathers long before us
We've forgotten how

Sun down
Swiftly a less passive creature emerges
Mark the august steps
We'll shine the way

Still the path remains the same
Some may find their own way

Forever like me, thirst for a pool of consistency

Catch a bug for knowledge and the structure comes down
A counter intuitive attack
Speak no evil and watch it flourish in a current state of madness

10. Ow My Feelings

Music by Periphery
Lyrics by Periphery, Chris Barretto
Lost the way
Feel the world below me
Painlessly ascend
Torn away dissolving the life I know
Grasp the light
Feel the glow enfolding
Isolate the answers and truth from lies

Loss of faith
The path unravels before me
Unholy day
I'm letting go

Void the past, create the new
Separate the few because I hold ability to lead astray
Now living through every day on the path between the frozen lines

Now no one ever will know about this experience
Will someone for once step back
And gaze upon this world through my eyes

Drawn behind the point of view
Seal us from the truth
On our own the fear of life decays

Time alone reveals our fatal aspect of arrogance
In life we're not the only ones
Free from the walls I'm alive

Lost the way
The path unravels before me
Unholy day I'm letting go

Through time these cries distort the view
Hopeless misdirection
We all defy the chance to know
This world is not the one I knew
Holding tight to our beliefs
Awake to what we have become

11. Zyglrox

Music by Periphery
Lyrics by Periphery, Chris Barretto
Contest to modern theory
Incapable of any progress
Analyzed, developed
Imitating consciousness
At least what it seems to be
Uniform and unveiling the machine

Cut off
The silent space
Cut off
The sense of space

I'm aware of ancient myths
That signal to our coming

Time waits
For none to come

The dying age of these
Of these feeble beings is closing
What should we do with their lives
Forgive them for trespassing
Spare them termination
Or let them die

Touched by the hand of the creator
Tantalizing the will of the maker
Subject to a wide array of thoughts emotions
Held by this rationality
Worlds collide
No peace of mind

Consciously evolving
Conceived in machines
Separated by perception of these dreams
Elevate this warped sense of reality

I can't understand myself

The edge of existence holds
What we all have feared
We curse your creation
Die by our hands in vain

12. Racecar

Music by Periphery
Lyrics by Periphery, Chris Barretto
Freedom beyond our control
Partition, they break out in endless stride
I'm on the floor in travail
Faithful days fall
Memories hold
Free my soul

Seeking within
The curtain call
Fleeing our fate
Every step now recalled
Down the drive
Staying so close
Retraction weighs my soul

We are thunder
We are all the space in tow
Now again
This happening

My handle is honest calculation
Free of the pain
Seeking the glow
We both need it so

Time will give way
Time will formulate

Seeking within
The curtain call
Fleeing our fate
Every step evolved
Don't deny
Staying so close
Creation is our goal

Discretion, the only thing that made me incomplete
Cast the sail, just to spin this fate

Cross the empty sect in flight
Pleasant memories
Redefine all that's left
The sound, it makes me scream

I can hear your voice at night
(Your light lost in a waking dream within)

Freedom is not of control
Endless the chase, pushing through
I'm so engulfed
Falling to strain, but I still persist

I'd like to paint this tapestry
With our blood
To represent the symmetry
Finding a sickened result of possibility
Refuse the violent source and pain that made you
Left to deny that it will change with no solitude

Let us take this train
Leaving the form, stretching far beyond what I can see
Chasing the race
Left to compete

My revelation
Reaction creates the fall
These are broken words

Shattered thoughts amend
See beyond the only present road
Just let go

Counsel to ascend
See beyond the only present hold
Let go
Cannot comprehend
Leave it all to find a moments love
I am

Working to be
No more adversity
Growing consciously

My revelation
Reaction is not the call
on my new self

Rising on my own
Sage advice, embrace wisdom
Hang the past
Take the helm
Fashion a new future to live

In your flame
I see regret

I've awakened
To feel a piece of distant pasts harmony
How could I not see
Possibilities and unlimited passion
Hello luminescent being
Walking outside of my last identity
For in the end
We will meet inequality

I see light
I see light in your eyes