Saille - Irreversible Decay lyrics


01. Nomen


01. Nomen

Music by Saille

02. Passages of the Nemesis

Music by Saille
Lyrics by Filip Dupont
Fragments of seconds are eternal to last
No past - No present - No future
Time becomes an empty content
In a context none will understand
Like sparkles in a sea of fire
Awaiting for hope to pass by
Chances are it never will
And still we wait without result
Falling stars ablaze a trail
Out there, debris will rain
Marking a path of cosmic death
Crack, swish and hiss are introducing
Physical vibrations and electromagnetic impulses
Passages of the solar companion star Nemesis
Through the Oorth cometh cloud will trigger again
A grand impact - One massive collision
All leading to what happened sixty-six million years ago
A sudden drop of temperatures
An arctic era…
A glacial epoch is to come
Extinction becomes inevitable
Many are there sleeping in earth-crossing orbits
And it's too late when they are seen…
Temperatures drop suddenly
Hypothermia shivers through
The inevitable is happening
Global extinction is next…

03. Overdose of Gray

Music by Saille
Lyrics by Dries Gaerdelen
Black dust pollutes the earth
Its foul contamination spreads
Endless half-life
No unspoiled land remains
Harvest equals sickness
Food's defiled
Search all day
To defeat
Water's foul
Still we drink
Internal and external exposure to gamma radiation has altered cellular structures.
Due to the constant low-dose exposure the cell's repairing processes stop gradually.
An increased development of cancers threatens the entire population.
You're defiled
My faith
On my own
Rotting slow
Still remains
A lost line
Of infertiles
Are the last
Rememberers of birth
A high form of enlightenment has been reached
Self destruction of all - an overdose of gray
A high form of enlightenment has unconsciously been reached
Self destruction of all - an overdose of gray

04. Plaigh Allais

Music by Saille
Lyrics by Dries Gaerdelen
History repeats
Through sudden apprehension
Cold pain, biting sweat
Without an indication
Pandemia proceeds firmly
Slowly delirium spreads
Everyone contagious
The fourth plague has begun
The double helix entwined
Cells decay from inside
Recovery absent
The big sleep almost instant
"Float to the light"
"Detach yourself"
"Be the light"
"Be the light"
"My time has come"
"Let me be"
"Lock me up"
"Leave me behind"
"I am useless"
History repeats
Through sudden apprehension
Cold pain, biting sweat
Without an indication
The population decimated
Mass graves bulging
Doomed perspectives
Of a sudden end
"Civilisation should start again"
"We'll never succeed"
"We always will"
"The plague will return"
"We'll be immune"
"We never will"

05. The Orion Prophecy

Music by Saille
Lyrics by Filip Dupont
I am Alpha and Omega
The beginning and the ending
They have spotted a stellar flare on a nearby star
So powerful that had it been from our sun
It would have triggered mass extinction
So did it happen, before gods walked the earth
And before then even one time more
Another sunspot peak is already set
The earth axis will be disrupted…
All will be subject of catastrophic downfall…
Priests entwined their knowledge in religion
But with passage of time that knowledge was lost
Evolution will slip quickly downwards
Fourteen thousand years ago priests
Deciphered the secrets of polar reversals
At present nothing is left, past messages are neglected
Foretold prophecies are set for the magic year
A spiritual golden age will be on the rise again
For those who survive
And want to live for forty years in darkness
"Of all the changes that take place in the sky
This reversal is the biggest and the most complete"

06. Revelations

Music by Saille
Lyrics by Filip Dupont
"And the same hour was there a great earthquake,
And the tenth part of the city fell,
And in the earthquake were slain of men seven thousand
And the remnant were affrighted,
And gave glory to the God of heaven"
And hell where revolution unties
The shattered sound of golden trumpets
Glorify the coming of war
In the name of the Lord we seek repentance
And strife for our word to be the truest
A crusade against the unworthy
Preaching death above life
Throughout ages men is known
For his craving for power
And will to be the only one
We're all equally less
And mean nothing in this vast world

07. Maere

Music by Saille
Lyrics by Dries Gaerdelen
Hidden signs were everywhere
Ill presages of doom
Messengers of peril
Which malice was to come?
Ravens descended
To proof the left-hand path
The presence of a smokeless spark
The age of Erebos!
Slowly light fades
Our minds are choked by endless fog
We tried to prevent this coming
The bear has been buried
All rituals performed
But all what's left is despair
An eerie gloom remained
Our lives are choked by endless fog
Apatic and undone
S e seo an oidhche thug dhuinn ar dòchas,
Seo an oidhche mun cluinn gach deòraidh,
Oidhch' thug teàrnadh o bhàs bu beò dhuinn
Ravens descended in the west
To proof the left-hand path
The presence of a smokeless spark
The age of Erebos!
Slowly light began to fade
Only an endless night remained
A cloak of warm empathic shade

08. Tephra

Music by Saille
Lyrics by Filip Dupont
The heaven erupts and vapors ignite
Black rain falls down
Covering the shortcomings of our doomed mankind
Dark clasts rain down
Silencing the voices of a global failed sect
Clastic clouds rage down from the summit
A hazardous flow, evolutions surge
Into ash, mud and rock
Broken by fire
Descend into darkness
Expanding for more than thousand miles
While droplets obscure the light of the sun
A never-ending volcanic winter
Cold will conquer us all
An unusual climate aberration
Results into famine, death and despair
Eighteen hundred and froze to death
And brown snow will fall
Obscuring the new summers
No one stays behind in this new aged world
Tephra! Salvation from the earth!

09. Tremendous

Music by Saille
Lyrics by Dries Gaerdelen
They form a cluster!
A swarm of harmonic destruction
Caused by earth's core
The endless waves of surface
Reshape the crust and will destroy
Every resistance
We're in the seismic shade
There's time to rest
Living in constant fear
The fear of death
Brace yourself
For the next collision
Of inner plates
Everything has been fragmented
To its essence, its core foundation
Only some winged survived
Scavengers flourished
Feasting on spread remains
Awaiting their mythic kindred
To summon all before the throne