Budgie - If Swallowed Do Not Induce Vomiting lyrics


01. Wild Fire

Music & lyrics by Burke Shelley, John Thomas, Steve Williams
I can't talk, I can't walk
I can't think, I can't drink
I can't crawl, I can't fall
I can't move, but I can groove

I got a wildfire, I got a wildfire in my bed
She's just a wildfire
Wildfire is a high wire in my head
That's what I said

She don't cook, and she don't look
She can dance, she put me in a trance
And she got class, everyone she passes
She got radiation, she got syncopation

I got a wildfire, I got a wildfire in my bed
My baby's a wildfire
Wildfire is a high wire in my head
That's what I said

Ooh don't you know you hit me
I can't breathe but I can see
I can stroll, I can rock and roll
I've got this fever and I've got pain
Talk about a wildfire cutting through my brain

Don't you know you hit me?

02. High School Girls

Music & lyrics by Burke Shelley
Well she's dreaming of boys through the day
She goes out and about in her way
And her teacher is putting her down
'Cause she's strutting her stuff in the town
She'll love her life in a stage
She's a rock and roll queen in a cage
But she don't play guitar, 'cause that's going too far
Her daddy is rich said she's a crazy bitch

High school girl, high school girl
a little bad, bad girl, she's just a high school girl

She carries her books in her head
She does all of her homework in bed
She always gets ten out of ten
But her favorite subject is men
But she can't get away from the rules
It's a hell of a fight making school
She can't break away from the playground today
But she takes a test
Some boys are gonna get the best

She goes snaking away in the night
But never into a fight
And round and about she will moan
But she knows that she's got to get home
Sometime in her life she'll be wed
She'll be thinking of things that I said
Now those little girl and you are real class
For you little wife, they were the best of your life

03. Panzer Division Destroyed

Music & lyrics by Burke Shelley, John Thomas
Hear me call, panzer division destroyed
Power gun pounding and well deployed
Everyman seems to burn, die in hell
Twisted steel, twisted ness sealed the deal

Hear me call, panzer division destroyed
Absolute no sign of life at all
Crushing men living men have all gone

Hear me call, panzer division destroyed
Cold and burned the smoke and blood inside
Pure light splits the night with a flame
Blinding rage get in touch with our plane

Hear me call, panzer division destroyed
Pretty sight pounding fire finding home
Well I'm in sight cutting through hostile zone
Only sound on the ground is a moan

04. Lies Of Jim (The E Type Lover)

Music & lyrics by Burke Shelley, John Thomas
Wealthy Jim had a sordid love affair,
You know it cost him four and a half grand
A high court judge who just wouldn't budge,
He said your crime fits in the land
'Cos little jimmy had a roving eye
But he didn't have a wooden leg
Well his heart was wood
He said that's no good
Or so the verdict said

Lies of Jim the e type lover,
Lies of Jim the e type lover
Pay and then you run for cover
From the lies of Jim the E-Type lover

The judge he said you've been a wicked little man
I'm gonna have to slap you down boy
Now you took this little child
And you drove her wild
You treated her like a toy
Well this I will not tolerate
You're gonna have to pay the price
You've gotta give that lady some compensation
A jaguar would suffice

Wealthy Jim put his hand into his pocket
What the judge drew kinda hit him like a rocket
The man at the back said he thought he saw a tear
Run down Jim's cheek, settle by his ear
Prosecution witness noted his distress
But liked to smile across at jimmy in a mess
He didn't care for the people in the room
He thought the mans smile rubbed more salt into the wound

Love is not a thing you buy, love is not a car
For compensation for Lorraine
Who lost her precious jaguar
Thirty pieces of silver steel
The pace of love behind the wheel

Jim! Won't you tell me what you've done
It only started out as a bit of fun
Will return you hungry young man
To eat the flesh of a young virgin
I believe in the word of the law
Is justice done is all that I saw
Jim would say if you wanna have a ball
Beware! The writings on the wall