Astral Aeon - Allegories Of Light lyrics


01. Necrologue Of the Immortals


02. The Bride of Corinth

The bride of Corinth creeps on the edge of life and death
Awaiting the time to be reborn from a thousand stolen hopes
Cursed in eternity, forever alone with alone
Alas to thee thou the shadowless queen of the night

I've searched my breath inside the crevice of thy lips
As we were passing by a dream to a dream.
Then thy dead self shed on me it's morbid light
And I've drowned in the dark depths of thy empty eyes

Exiled she carries her mark without a spoke
A tragie oduious mark by which she can't be accepted in earth or skies
Melting memories in thy screams, into thy daylight trip
Cippled and sere, the Lethe's lie in enslaving thy soul into the deep

The revenant is back to taste forbidden lusts
Betrayed by gods she crawls in a lie
As she tries, to escape through a borrowed time

I became one with her, in Styga's waters re-baptized
I am over there and I am waiting for her
The bride of Corinth creeps on the edge of life and death
Awaiting the time, to be delivered by a thousand flames

03. Curse of Gaia

"Gaia the beatiful rose up. Broad blossomed she that is the steadfest base
Of all things and fair Gaia first born the starry heaven equal to her self
Cover all on all sides and to be a home forever for the blessed Gods" (Hesiodos - Hymn to Gaia)

One last time I lay in your dim thule,
While I suck the poison from your holy skin

This is the time that I find my self in your fairy shine
Lost in your wild weird nights, were the visions have hid the light
So now, Keres take my hand, follow the fates command
Through the ashen skies

This is the time that I find my self in your fairy shine
Lost in your wild weird nights, were the sea had thrust aside
Now, Gaia behold your son, let your warm hand to close my eyes

Your silence is haunted secrets from a place that no one see
In the sacred field, death has reared alone, an altar just for me

04. Illusion of Lycius

From all the start that set life and death
The eternal, the greatest in out tomb now falls
By the vital exchange of darkness and blood of passion and power
Was made our souls

If there's such a thing as truth, how it can be defined?
But what if truth does not exist? A sophist answered she is

A Lamia of elfin blood, touched by miseries
Without a human heart
She denied her immortal form, to set a mortal life
Through bargains with Hermes, through the age's strife

But I've drunk her beauty up and I felt divine
Deep inside her a king in her mortal domain
We were standing so pale but so alive
As I've cleared my self with her sacred wine

If there's such a thing as true, how it can be viewed?
How far an eye can see? A sophish answered she is

A Lamia of elfin blood, touched by miseries
Without a human heart
She denied her immortal form, to set a mortal life
Through bargains with Hermes, through the age's strife

Come master, praise the only truth and light
But the sordid nature of man, forever keep us blind

I didn't saw, I didn't search
Pompous words, sophistries of fools
Brought us to the curse

When truth and lies collide, within the chains of mind
On the edge of distant worlds a sophist condemned us both
My Phoenician queen is lost in a burial mound
And her own marriage robe becomes my death's shroud

By the waxing moon, my Psyche manifests
In its highest noon, in its erernal rest
I don't sense the time, I am nuzzling into a thule of darkness
As it lies sublime, the crossroads of thought's vastness
Assail the cosmic rule, thou who shares the reverie
Embrace me with your cruel telepathy
Crawling jaged behind thy crafty mist
As the left path shines an N.D.E.

Bright-tressed queen take me high
Spread us life, spread thy light

Embrace my soul by thy gleaming stars
Cause thou are my lost homeland
Awake to me the hidden desire, the lust for blood
And so I've praised a thousand times, I've praised Thy eternal gift

I gave my self to you
Lauded by the beasts, extolled by the wolves

Before my sight is rising full and silver
It brings delight, through the unknowns it shimmers
With your bright face, the helmet of Hades fall
His obscure veil, by your eyes is gone

So I clearly see, in her chariot she rides the sky
Awaits for me to rule the night
We ride upon the stellar vales
In places lorn, unawared and betrayed

I've reached into paranormal fields
Where the mountains nad the cave moan nocturnal screams

05. Lunar Doctrine

I've entered shafts with mirrors at
Their botton that reflect the earth
In awe I saw a palace reared in glory,
Inside a great feast followed by Orfea's lyre

The guest are waltzing, attending the spell
Of his majestic tune, it's mesmerizing swell
The king stands in pride, my dobbelganger
If I could dwell forever to breath
Thy entombed air

I am hunted by my will, everlasting desire,
The uppermost pure feel
Surrendered to the moments of immortality
As I taste it's crimson essence,
I accept my destiny

All the humans are parts of the realm of stars
The origin of human souls
Every human being is a microcosmos,
A macrocosmic piece
An astral body is the flesh of dreams
That survives and conquers death

06. Nocturnal Cult

Fairy night, haunted by dead fathers' will lead me to Plutonian shores
From your strong wind I heard your mighty
Hymn on my knees your burial oath I swore
I mark your signs by ashes and flesh,
While I am passing the gates of Hecates
Four aethyrs' grace game me life, an astral body starts to rise
I have reached a mist of sighs led my Askalofos cry
Now I see an arcane divine twisted side
An archetype through the night's space and time
I walk upon the edge of two shores
One foot in the ligh, one foot in the dark.
Then I ate the dark rose, exiled the sun, no coming back.
As the time has come, mortbidiasis within the lonesome later years, no iasis.


07. The Great Beyond

Here I stand beyond your darks, wrought by your stars
I wander upon the night where my brothers are
we put to drink fudge wine, behold the blessed phial of life
Several time I've dreamed of the Pluto's garden palatine

The moonlight's fading gleams were the shadows interweave
Moveless I've stayed in the eye of the storm,
I've suckled the blood from aeon's heart
An ancient force of light portents an new era's form

Without the ardor of the past
I wonder if I will find an end a destiny
I am writhing behind a foreign asterism
Surrendered in a cripple fate, lost within a rotten shape.
Abandoned in a weird bazaar I pray and I wait to closed my soul's shaft

08. In Venly Travels

Is drawning inside you an enamored feel
The truth you never knew
A tortured seer
You're crawling around, by dark to a dark
In a search of the crown
In the opposite bank
So the bridge is rising on from an ultimate pale sky τo your fake dominion upon The hidden mien of time
Tell me how much longer you'll bleeding your soul
In the centuries' corner, on the edge of the world
You're sharing your life in vainly travels
In the realms of white, in the depths of hell
Unredeemed hours in the swirl of the curse
Let me bow in your viscera, forever to rest
An echo gets me through, I follow the Pana's song
I walk with you Queen Persephone

09. Damnatio Memoriae

As thousand eyes are gazing from a fiery wall
They breath their swooning on the candlelight of my soul
With their profane whispers they chant form their languor deep
The aenaon secrets reveal, my spirit they wake from its sleep

I got old inside dominions of the blind
Now feel my battle cry echoing the sky
Why had I devote to you? Bless of immortality
Why had I offered you? Repugnant divinity
Behold the full crimson moon, portents the ultimate dawn
I will be denied, Betrayed I stand alone
I am just a ghost of the dreams that soon will unveil
The passion, hate and flame
Another time will prevail

Lost in the barracks of the centuries
In loan years, at the pier of the abyss... I watch, I wait the end

I hold your sordid face, my blade is scratching in your skind,
Thy fortune's mask
I a leprous place, caught by destiny as your eyes reflect a tomb in my heart
Memories came of glorious past,
Send me back to the light to fight and die, lend us the wisdom of thy lies
The blood of my son is in my hands, as I have to impure my name, but what really means morality?
Now I see and I feel, my fate is sealed in Elysian Fields