The Flight Of Sleipnir - Essence Of Nine lyrics


01. Transcendence

Awaken to the nine of white
Distant from the world above
The waves come echoing from afar
Transcending beneath the surface

Embraced by the infinite abyss
In the shadows a figure sits
Contemplation across her face
She eagerly awaits,
Those who venture out to sea

Demise! Brought forth by the tempest
The storm, now strong with conviction,
Tearing through beyond the blackened sky,
Out of reach from the light of day

Cast down to the depths of obscurity
Cursed by the treacherous winds
Succumb to the forces of divinity
Exiled, wandering through the unknown

02. Upon This Path We Tread

Out from the cave the hound does call
Broken fetters, the wolf runs free
Much have I known and more I have seen
The fate of the Gods prowess in war

From the east with shield held high
Hrym at the helm as waters rise
In giant-wrath does the serpent writhe
And the eagle gnawing corpses screams
"Naglfar Unleashed!"

Surt from the south with branches scourge
The sun of gods shine from his sword

Hlin must bear a second sorrow
For Odin fares to fight the wolf
As the giant slayer seeks out Surt
For there must fall the joy of Frigg

Out from the north a ship sets sail
Bearing with it those of Hel
After the wolf do wild men go
The trickster's kin upon their course

After the wolf do wild men go
Warriors tread the path from Hel

(Adapted from the poetic Edda, stanzas 49-53)

03. A Tousand Stones

With words that weigh a thousand stones
And axes cleave through mortal bones
Wise men follow the black-bird's call
That echo through the ancient halls

Banquets rot in the halls of kings
Empires sink as warriors sing
Scepters clasped in bloody hands
Oceans swallow holy lands

Villages in the distance burn
Black smoke rises out from the earth
And while men speak from altars high
Carrion crows gather in the sky

On mortal ears rest Elders lore
As bodies wash upon the shore
Their lamentations, their final songs
The aftermath of silver tongues

04. As The Ashes Rise (The Embrace Of Dusk)


05. Nine Worlds

The Ancient sun sets, I rise again
I rise again
Journey Long and toilsome
I stand before the spring
before the spring
Waters flow beneath me
the eyes of the one who knows
the one who knows
Water which spouts my judgment
Nine worlds my final home
My final home
Searching, through wind and summer's rain,
Searching, for my hasted shallow grave.
Forgotten by the hall up high Forgotten but glory shall be mine

06. The Seer In White

Out from the mist she came
Wet from the morning rain
Her hand stretched out to me
Her face without expression
And then she spoke unto me
A foresight of destiny
Her eyes a gateway beyond
Her presence Divine

She weaves the thread of fate
She sees what the future holds
The seer in white, her staff in hand
A prophecy foretold

07. As Cinders Burn (The Wake Of Dawn)


08. The Serpent Ring

Within the void, the mighty deep
Lies below a serpent ring
Beneath its coils rest earth and stone
Against its skin black waters flow

It reaches beyond the grasp of man
Stretching further than a mortal's glance
No wisdom will see its final day
For it ends when time began

Buried beneath the darkened tides
Lurks unseen beneath the waves
One wraps the weight of the heavy earth
With endless life and endless thirst

From it's origin stemmed twilight's end
Where dead men heed the final call
Oceans shroud the infinite ring
While mortal blood stains eroding sands