Landmine Marathon - Gallows lyrics


01. Three Snake Leaves

Poor sons and fathers
Burdening one another
With compassion felt by few

Kings of plenty take their lives
With wars of the dying youth
Comrades falling piling high

As they lay in ruins
Bury me alive
Deep inside a tomb

Carry out your life
Dying by her side
Snakes of three

The son stands alone
In the empire having nothing left to lose
Daughters wives become the bribes

And then he faces the awful truth
And then he faces the awful truth
I am buried alive with his bride

Out of the grey stones
These snakes will eat leaves of life
One by one they come through breathing life

Hunger creeps on him yet he never yields
Ignorant and young a son cuts eyes to tail
Death in hand

Death in time
Death of flesh but not of mind

02. Cutting Flesh And Bone

Traveling worlds and passing nights
From whence you came
Surgeons that cut flesh and bone

But cause no pain
Where gouging eyes
And severing hands

Make canvases for three
For when the morning comes
These wounds do heal

Three bottles on a servant's plate
Three bottles on a servant's plate
Filled with hands, eyes and heart

But servant and soldier
Have soiled hearts
And ill luck comes creeping in

Miserable girl what shall you do
Three bottles gone
A sinning hand

A swine heart
And two sly eyes
When morning comes the wounds do heal

One man runs to where the dirt is deepest
Face down and exposed
The other's hands that twitch like a thief

And eyes blinded by the night
Setting fire wrongs the right
Now beg for your bodies back

03. Knife From My Sleeve

We are the dogs, beaten without any remorse
Skies fill wells with songs of sorrow
Drink from them and become the beast

Dying mothers will leave behind
A filth unlike any other
Father favours his second life

Filthy beasts are left behind
Last cradled by her dead hands
Your wretched flesh must be unborn

Knife from my sleeve
Lying children chained and bare
Like a pack of wild dogs

Do our children burn like trees
Their many tears become the leaves
Change your human form

Hunted like the filth you are
Now open palms to dagger's touch
Fill the basins with unborn flesh

Tie my bones to the trees and weep red
There a creature carrying spines and black eyes
He's only given a bed to die in

He is without a soul
And returns to a place of exile
His skin will be hacked by his own hand

He is a son without a father
The son burns like a tree
And is given no name

I will weep beneath his bones
You killed this child without remorse
So now kill me

04. Liver And Lungs

Pale with envy and in throne
Blood boils between each cheek
Turning time and life two ends will meet

Mirrors and men trade life for a lie
A black frame surrounds her face
Yielding her fair barren skin

Once again she weeps
And once again he shows
Her naked body lying in the earth

The hunter's kill is innocent
Lungs and liver are removed
This slender body is vacant

But still with a beating heart
Having blood lust and dagger's hands
Casts him to the end of time

Then he shows her how to die
Left barren inside the earth
He whispers one last time

Leaving in her mind
You are less than you
Have ever been and will never be

Dying awake slows only heart's hammer
Each cut unlike any other
Easy to take each dagger's hand

And sever deep into the snow
Melting into her bones
What was once a hunter's prey

Now resides inside himself
Brawn grip will not release her
For sovereign mother sets tables

Too long for just one feast

05. Dead Horses

Some will say the horses are all dead
Each horse dead in its tracks
Their insides filled with black tar

Bloated bellies filled with your teeth
Exiled son
Your neck in blood

The colour of maggots under your bed
Knees bent in and skin unwrapped
Stake in each eye a symbol of self-hate

If you leave now this day will pass
Stories by the fire light
Will make his flesh creep

An idiot for a son that shudders in fear
Abandoned for murders in haste
Churchyards draw him near

A sexton comes on pillars of white
Dead from falls in churchyard streets
Waiting the wife will weep

Cast out at the dawn of day
Do not speak of your father
You are unwanted

And you should die
Do not speak of your future
You will have none

And you should die
Only sleep under the trees hanging with the youth
Soon your neck will bleed

Steal the bottom of their soles

06. Cloaked In Red

It is still inside and the curtains are all drawn
Cloaked in red to hide there will be no dawn
This fair child shadowed by a rabid dog

Day and night it salivates at heel wits far gone
Minutes never rest hours turn to weeks
What life is this what sight is this

Her nimble fingers skin a cat alive
Shuddering at the sight but with no remorse
She rips and tears precious meat the body squeals

Still twitching and blinking still there
Grandmother of old tells us keep cupboards closed
Filling pantries with worship and divine

Not rotting companions we cry for in our sleep
Still twitching, still blinking, still there
Twenty hands long and mouth open wide

Needles drag across his skin in the night
Fear is not a part of her
Shame for what's to come

Knife in hand dripping and unclean
Resting an arm on a foul wood plank
She begins back and forth

The dull blade takes hours to reach bone
No tears no noise
This is the offering

With heavy breath
Shadows become eyes
No tears no noise

I give a part of me

07. Beaten And Left Blind

God will never answer or take a gentle hand
Upon your final eye she rescues only men
His presence may be begged on every broken knee

But god will never save the innocent or free
Cut off the top of their heads
Cut off the bottom of their feet

Spilling the blood of your sisters
Grin as they die from deceit
Right and loving girl

Wear this scum around your neck
To cover sin and sadness as they break their bread
Gluttony pays in silken rags

Greed tempts the chaste eyes
Hearth ashes graze the skin and sleep
Burning the past and letting it die

Your god is dead
Two sisters summon for creature
To lay and wash their soiled beds

Heavy toils it endures
Lashes she procures from man
Eating scum of man

Teeth drag
Scraping faeces and ingesting entrails
Scraping faeces and ingesting entrails

Deserving a time filled with only carnage
Grinning false brides battered corpses
Fit into coffins five hands long

Desperate women sacrifice layers
Of silken skin to wear
Toes plucked like berries releasing crimson juice

Lust for a carving wicked of plenty
Swoop down and pluck out each eye
Claw a cross on to their chests
God left us beaten and blind

08. Morbidity

Hunted in starvation with extinction slicing at the heel
One long raven braid takes several days to burn
Scalps are covered in boils

Echo the sight of a festering sun
Infested oneself with ivory maggots
Rage takes over dismembered bodies

Begin to pile against the stone
Like rag dolls torn into pieces
Two children are left in the cold night's air

Their lips crack open
Skin of the earth begins to bleed
Trembling as they rot in fear

Stalking them are pretty shadows
Singing a lifeless note with each breath
Scaling with morbidity

Claws grasping at the broken branch
No tracks to cover last moment of sanity
An abscess burrows deep inside of reason

She clasps his hand while eyes roll
Into another shattered film
He roots out his own bones

As a sacrifice stricken adversary
Coiling over harvesting eyes
Upon the laden martyrs with morbidity

Mourning each extremity like a broken branch
Offering a sacrifice is insignificant
In this realm of agony