Alda - :Tahoma: lyrics


01. In The Wake Of An Iron Wind

The firmament tears, transmuting terror into rage
Overcome and cast aside... this body of shorn limbs
And torn veins...

Gazing into the well of memory
We saw mountains in our bones
And rivers in out blood
From the forest to our flesh, a mirror
Of granite, cedar, and fir

Rekindling ancestral fire we struggle to our feet
With wounds open in our hearts
And a furnace in our minds
And we are as we once were
Though buried by these times
Bereaved, and seeking shelter
In the wake of an iron wind.

02. Adrift

Though I dissolve
I am not afraid
For from whence we came
We shall return

My waters are one with this
There is no separation
My waters are one with this
There is no separation

I am the ocean
I rise and fall
This suffering
Sleeps within me

I am the ocean
My blood is the well
The currents cradle
Suffering and death

04. Shadow Of The Mountain

Fear enshrouds us, scattering all of our memories
And we have become the insatiable hunger
Coiled around our roots

We are but dust
We are but water
Wandering this ravaged land
In the shadow of the mountain

05. Wandering Spirit

This has become the weight of all
This is the precipice, the breaking of the spirit
This is the weight of fate
Carried into the ocean of chaos

In the waning light we bloom
In the bitterness of mourning
We release this pain

Safe passage to you, our friend
Though were you've wandered we cannot follow
When the spring rises you shall be reborn.