Verwüstung - I First Saw You On That Snowy Night And Couldn't Shake An Overwhelming Feeling Of Sadness lyrics


01. City Of Dreamers

Music by Chris Broyles
Almost as if time has reversed, I find us here again.
No longer am I the one you rescue, but the duty has been passed to me.
Ghosts walk these halls and I can relate.
I can't hide my loneliness forever.

02. Those Evenings We Spent Alone Staring Out The Window

Music by Chris Broyles
I felt your presence.
That dedicated persistence has a unique aura.
I wish you'd stop.
Standing together in the rain brings conflicted emotions and inevitable heartbreak.
It won't be me. This must stop.
I've decided to end myself here.
No matter how many sunsets we spend together, love wont trump murder.

04. Comasleep

Music by Chris Broyles
Inner conflicts tire me. I want to sleep.
Today I decided to remove my eyes because they cause me too much pain.
I am sick and I want to die.

05. Spiral Paradox

Music by Chris Broyles
Halls of blackened flesh bring forth the taste of vomit. Putrid.
How many times can one man die?
How long must a mother give up what she loves?
You cannot feel truly worthless until you have no meaning in life.

06. Please, Let Me Undo It All

Music by Chris Broyles
Some people have twisted goals.
Fire is the great devourer, but must we spread the destruction?
Localization. Suicide.
I want to go home.

07. When Our Hands Met

Music by Chris Broyles
I've decided to run away.
I know you're looking, and I'm glad.
Perhaps I won't return.
I must erase this perverse mess.
How frail I've become.
I cannot keep my promise.
Bonds of trust released by "death".
I'm glad we could be together again, forever.