Wilds Forlorn - We, The Damned lyrics


01. Traces

Witness the fall of everything
Watch the world burn and collapse
See the veins cut and depleted
Stand watch as everything is swept away

What traces will we leave
When nothing but shadows is left
Who will tell of this omnicide
When the cracks give way
And all is lost

Look upon the desolation
Warning of famine and sickness
Writhing amidst smoking remains
As life itself begins to crumble

What traces will we leave
When nothing but dust is left
Who will tell of this ignominy
When the ruins collapse
And bury us with our shame

The markings will fade
As the stars look away
From the marred earth
And time swallows us

No traces left
Nothing but dust
No memories
A silent equillibrium

03. Renouncing The World

As I willed my aching bones forward
I realised that all my life
I had been trying desperately
To reach a gaping void,
and now that I have reached it,
the great precipice of nothingness,
I don't know how to go back.
I am lost and tired.

The restless stomach
Hungers always
It never settles

The seething embers
Of wanting
Burning desire
Burst into flames

A violent blaze is unleashed
Raging fierce and proud
A torrent of madness engulfs me
Once more enthralled
Carried away by empty longing
Without purpose or direction

Everywhere lost
Loathe this world
The tide is rising
Loathe this life

Show me what it means to suffer
To extinguish the flaming ember of hope

04. We, The Damned

Ours is a time in purgatory
Torn from tranquillity
To suffer this affliction
To rise and to fall
With only absence ahead
Amounting to nothing

Thus we endure
Persist in delusion
We, the damned
Forced to wander these hollows
In search of hope
In spite of hopelessness

Ours is a moment of sentience
Compelled to perceive
The fruitless strife
The endless nothingness
Here we stand
On the path to tragedy

Thus we languish
Remain incarcerated
We, the damned
Banished to roam this hell
In search of comfort
In spite of comfortlessness