Edenbridge - Aphelion lyrics


01. The Undiscovered Land

By a long way we came there
And we kept our eyes peeled
We believed in our blueprint
Drawn by the slipstream of time without end

Not once we saw the falcon rising
Not once we saw horizons clear
And again we hear the ocean rushing
With all the questions at hand without end

Heavenward we keep on flying
In the lap of the gods where we are
The legend, the key
The solar sea
Binds you forever
Once in a blue moon this moment
On these boundless traces we move
The cosmic array
Won't lead us astray
And we still demand
The undiscovered land

We felt the narrow bounds within us
The lurking unknown in the dark
Still we're searching for the purple passage
Pink of perfection in hearts still so pure

Here and now
By our sacred vow
We will prevail

02. Skyward

The challenge to raise
Made our hearts all ablaze
Cleared our daring ideas moved our will

The prime mover in us all
Will force us that we recall
Believing in powers of dreams

Astral skies
Follow your ardent eyes
And leave your earth born presence
To your paradise

Skyward I stare
And I am aware
Your dreams will lead you to aphelion
Loud as a whisper leaving infinity behind
The journey will start in your mind

The ghost of a chance
This alluring romance
The refulgence of light near at hand

Weigh your memories in gold
And hidden powers will unfold
Igniting the fire inside

Skyward rising
So revel in brightest remembrance and see
Skyward we go I can see
A fragrant surprise
A sight for sore eyes
Hold on to your dreams and rise

Skyward I stare...

03. The Final Curtain

An outcast of Victorian society
A crying jag since long-gone childhood days
The dream to be an albatross
With alabaster wings
To be flying
Before the last bell rings

The crushing arms of loneliness embracing still
The sear and yellow leaf is drawing near
This jaded heart escaping from the shadow play
What is the measure of a man?
And the price that we all pay

The final curtain falls
None of the orchestra will play
The stage play life will hold
The freak show at the fair
Is there a straw in bursting dalles
Will someone care?

The looking glass, deceiver of reality
The try of make-believe in who we are
And the hiding in the mists of night will never end
But a graceful heart prevails
And the meaning of a friend

Mesmerized, hypnotized
The audience touched to tears
Pay a visit, take a look
So that the conscience clears

The final curtain falls
None of the orchestra will play
The stage play life will hold
The freak show at the fair
There is a straw in bursting dalles
Someone will care

04. Perennial Dreams

How could I ever see
This blueprint of reality
Spoiling for a fight I left no stone unturned

For ever and one day
The gale force in my heart will stay
And I don't care a straw about the lessons learned

Free I can hear this haunting melody
Ever since the spirits rose in me

The shadows of darkness
Or the light of the world
Leaving those energetic streams
A soldier of fortune
Or a fancier at all
Keeping on for perennial dreams

Will this tide ever turn
Before my restless heart will burn
The elfstruck time elapses to the eventide

It is a game of skill
And it is playing with your will
The float light marks the harbour there it is my guide

The spangled heaven's gleam
A never ending stream
Will arise in my perennial dream

05. Fly At Higher Game

Look out for the squalls right in here
And escape from the vanity fair
Don't dally away
And relieve your feelings there

Whenever you see rocks ahead
Appearing just under your eyes
Find them all out
You'll be staring in surprise

So carry the world before one
(When the sky)
When the sky is the limit
(There's no limit, no end)
And shape the course to new frontiers

I set my spirits free
The world is not enough for me
Not for the glory of one day
Extolling to the skies
So follow the fame
I wanna fly at higher game

Sometimes your life is a galanty show
And sometimes a halo of light
When tilting at windmills
Has robbed you of your sight

And without a shadow of doubt
It's a balance, a high-wire act
A leap in the dark
What the artist may attract

Fairway to infinity
This lucent inmost voice will call
You away, you away

06. As Far As Eyes Can See

Boundless the traces
They stand out in relief
The sands running out by the eve
A trough of the sea in emotions
Lies on the shores of your dreams

A poignant look of deep blue eyes
Can tell a thousand tales
A silver screen of broken words
You threw into the scales

I am the storm and lash the sea
That's wrapping up in mystery
Within living memory
In rain or shine
In playgrounds so divine
I am the pylon in the dark
The guardian of the arc
Within a velvety reverie
As far as eyes can see

The vesper bell's tolling
From the belfry up near
The ring of truth i try to hear
Shooting a glance at the wild sea
Land will be rising at view

To take the line of least resist
Will slow and sure deceive
The deadlock of this waiting game
The feelings you relieve

Losing all the narrow bounds in me
As far as eyes can see

07. Deadend Fire

See visionary eye
The deadend fire coming from the sky
Flamboyant signs of imminent times

On mazarine seas the ship sails near to the wind
By sagging spirits the hopes were pinned
To rock in the ropes of sand

Denying the peril, pride goes before a fall
Picking its way to the port of call
Apparent horizons to strand

See visionary eye
The deadend fire coming from the sky
Flamboyant signs of imminent times
Skyward I stare
In the streak of the lightning
Into St. Elmo's fire
The deadend fire
Into St. Elmo's fire

With mounting suspense, waiting for augury
Visions are blending upon the sea
Dimming and fading away

Into the wind's eye to terra incognita
The clouds are releasing a shining star
Until the kiss-off the way

In the afterglow here in the peacock blue
The signs will all be inside you

08. Farpoint Anywhere

We're hunting open secrets
We're searching high and low
Intrepid we might be we'll never know
Under a press of canvas
We're on the parting of the ways
We lost the trace

We're gathering life's roses
We're in a quandary
But on the sly we never can't be free
We face the stormy petrel
And beg for wings to fly away
Forever away

Will all be there
At far point anywhere
My visions leading me that far
Could we foresee
Then we would turn the key
Dimensions open who we are

Our mascots left us lonely
In midst our palisade
This ragged garden shows what we have made
We cut the old alliance
We skipped off from our legacy
How could we

The field of vision grows
Your pounding heartbeat slows
The space age has begun beyond recall

09. Where Silence Has Lease

From the valleys to the coastlines
From the river heads to sea
To the fields of four-leaf clover
Like a haggard falcon free

By a dove like dream
Riding on wings of ever
From the top supreme
Where no one has gone before
On the glaring stream
Into the haven of time
To the land of peace
Where silence has lease

On the high-flown cliffs ascending
In the priming of the day
Feel the ocean's salient power
From the vantage point survey

Dream, so dream, dream this dove like dream
And be, where no one has gone before
Free, so free, free like a haggard falcon
Release, where silence has lease
Forever, forever
Right on the edge of forever I am
(Forever), and ever
Forever into the haven of time
(Forever), forever
Riding into the land of peace
Where silence has lease

10. Red Ball In Blue Sky

Silence all over
The island lies asleep
The balance of your life
The beauty of the deep

This sapphire blue
This entrancing rendezvous
The art of seduction will take you away
What has happened before
Was it all that you longing for more
An illusive devious path led astray

Sleepwalker don't fear the moon
Daydreamer don't wait till noon
The essence of life takes you further
Than you might have known

Rise high
A red ball in a blue sky
A blazing scent will come by
The fortune smiles on you
Sun beams
The vantage point of your dreams
The salient spirits of youth
Through the kissing gate of your soul
Let all those blue skies in

The hyaline sea
Is waking a bale-fire in me
As plain as a pike-staff becoming aware
By the tag-end of doubt
Knowing no one can live without
We're wielding the scepter of life so prepare

Rockbound your heart cannot feel
Pounding the stones and reveal
The canyons and deserts
The indented coastlines at heart

Silence all over
The island lies asleep
The balance of your life
The beauty of the deep

There your inward journey goes
The spellbound of the sunrise dawn
Moves you from your faint-hearted sky
So come to ally
In key with lucent ocean waves
Here by the wishes of our dreams
Turn the blueprint to a quaint reality
And the jewel nature waits
In amenity of boundless cunning skies
Believe your aphelions are near
The sunrise within

11. The Whispering Gallery

And here I came last night
Was it a waking dream in me?
The spiral staircase led to places so unknown

And out of a clear sky falling
I'm searching high and low for hold
Right on the brink of ruin

If I could hear your calls
Reflected to the nines
Revealing precious memories
The whispering gallery
The place of mystery
In echoes from a silent sea

And there the shadows danced
Before I heard the clarion call
In their centennial desperation I won't fall

Shaken to their foundations
A mereghost of their former selves
Well nigh they've gone to glory

There's a sign in constant glory
Will it be my guiding star
On the float bridge to forever
I can go on so far
This alluring Jack O' Lantern
And the relics of the past
Leading on to your decay
The pendulum swings so fast

On the gateway to your mind
On the flare path of your magnificent
Prettifying dreams
It's the touchstone of mankind
It's the only truth to find

12. On The Verge Of Infinity

Time what is time, a remnant of hope
A line to oblivion where we're on the rope
And your sun is set, a pale silhouette on the sly

The pride of the season's turning
The providence is concerning
All of us then, the question of when in our minds

Lightly come and lightly go
From source to sea we flow
We can never pitch our hopes too high (and be)

On the verge of infinity
On the edge of this heaven born starlight
Feel the boundless serenity
In a pencil of light
Farewell to the past and the future
Into the galactic rainbow I ride
Now and forever I'll be in infinity

Time what is time, a terrestrial lore
A rock in the surf we've been living for
A line in the sand, the future in hand by a dream

And when the whole world's glided
Through our hands misguided
An ordeal by fire, a dance on a wire without end

By far you will see, this immensity
Make leeway endeavor for more
Follow me there, this journey we share
We ride on a lavender dream

The rainbow of starlight will wait
Ride on the passage where time has no meaning at all
(On the verge of infinity)
Now and forever we're leaving the future behind
For infinity