Lacrimas Profundere - Antiadore lyrics


01. My Release In Pain

Can you, heal me
When nothing is mine
A weak smile won't mean a thing
To my bitter mind

And please wipe my tears away
Stay with me for one more day
Or must I find my realese in pain?
Without you I am alone
Without you everything's wrong
You left a crevice inside my soul

A short chance, can stop now
All my sweet fears
Be with me and bask in my
Deepest agony

02. Antiadore

Everything will fall apart
And you did all to break my heart
Now you're gone and I'm still here
A short embrace could stop my fear
Stop my fear
Stop my fear again

And I did everything
And I always tried
But now I have nothing more to lose
And when you listen to my cries
I hate to understand
That there is nothing more to adore

I still hope
That you will see
My whole true love inside of me
Please coma back I swear I'll wait
Your return won't be too late
Be too late
Be too late for me

03. What I'm Not

Do you remember
When your were mine
Do you remember
Being held when you cried
I hope you still know
What I did for you
But in the end girl
I've got nothing to lose
Nothing to choose

I drink up to escape
Can't you see
I'm so drunk on my sorrows
Heat me up
I'm not afraid
I try to be what I'm not
Be what I'm not

Do you remember
The first time you lied
Do you remember
When I made it alright
I hope you still know
It was all for you
But in the end girl
You've got nothing to lose
It's your time to choose

04. All For Nothing

The time is up
And we're almost there
The more you lie
The less I'm gonna care
Out time is up
And you should not stay
Just love yourself
There's nothing left to say

I try to belive
That it's nothing but over
Just lie to me
Now It's over for nothing

Your time is up
But I won't cry
The things we had
They seem to pass me by

05. Dead To Me

We have nothing in common
You lied to me
Come lie to me
Down in your dungeon
No sun for me
Just lie to me

I'll swallow it all
I'm over you, I'm over you
I wiped my memory
You are dead to me
I can't figure it out
The more you'd get, the more you'd want
A wicked memory
You are dead to me

And make me listen
No love for me
Come lie to me
I'm not pretending
Throw dirt at me
And lie to me

06. Abandon

Every thorn in me
Is an advantage for you
I can't go on this way
And don't want to be the same
Something you couldn't care for
Something you couldn't adore
You're turning me into a liar
I'm longing for you

And you can hate me
You can leave me
But you will be
My sweet abandon
And you can beat me down
You can throw me around
But I will be
There for you on my knees

There's nothing left to try
There's only reasons to die
Huritng and bleeding myself
I'm aching for you

07. Still In Need

I have a need
I have a need for the things that you said
I have a need for the things you denied
But I have nothing to lose
And nothing to hide

I have a need
I have a need for the things that you said
I have a need for the tears you've cried
Oh well but I still think
At last I tried

You can love
But you can't make me love you more
You can trust
But I can't trust you anymore

I'm still in need
I'm still in need when I'm dreaming of you
I'm still in need when I'm feeling so blue
I'm still singing the blues
Asking you why

08. Deny For Now

One of us is now
Without a thing somehow
Help us to escape this cage
With heads hanging down
We search for a crown
Our love can't find a way
No our love can't find a way

But we can't resist
And we can't hide
From the beginning
Of our decline
As we fall apart
And try to restart
Another sad thing
We can deny for now

One of us will lose
The ability to choose
Another simple cold embrace
We try to conquer fears
But we end up in tears
Our love is a disgrace
Our love is a disgrace

09. Head Held High

Look in my eyes
Together we'll make it
Leave all behind
Now that we're here
Just one more time
You're tired of giving
Just be what you are
To know what is real

Blank those lies
And keep your head held high
They don't know you at all
They don't know that you feel left alone
Dry your eyes
We're running out of time
They don't know you at all
They don't know what you felt for so long

One look in your eyes
I know what you're feeling
Out of your sight
But now we are here
Just one more time
You're tired of living
Be who you are
And say what you feel

10. My Chest

All these times I want to forget
And all these tears can't help me do that
And all the lessons I have learned
From you 'till now
Can't heal a thing in me or help somehow

But deep in my chest
I'm nothing
And deep in my heart
I can't feel a thing
When I'm searching through my soul
For you
When I'm digging my own hole

To bid you farewell is for me
The hardest thing I can do an agony
And in my mind you will be
Always in my arms
I can't forget your presence
Or your charms

11. Remembrance Song

You left me waiting here
Too fucked to shed a tear
I try to find the words to say, baby
The feelings in my head
These words must be said
To try and make it go away
And I say
I remember when
Do you remember when?

Remember when you went away
Remember when you'd say
We'll be together love forever more
Of every breath has left my lung
The saddest song was sung
When your turned 'round
And left me standing

I am getting stronger
Don't need you no longer
Now it's time to break away
Maybe I will find another
Fit to be my lover
When you're just a memory
Oh lady

12. A Sigh

Disregard your wounds
We will get there soon
Before our hopes come tumbling down
And crash in tears
I'm sure we can escape
Before it is too late
To return to our lives and ourselves

When it's over we can walk on water
There won't be a sigh to find in our hearts
I can promise everything gets better
And can we wipe away our gloom for now

Please ignore my cries
I will stop them soon
Before I break and I give up my trials
Please be sure that I will
I will always be here
To return to your side and to your arms

13. Words

All the times
All our screams
Left nothing for us to leave
All the cries
All the ends
I don't want to understand
Don't want to have that back
It was enough

You cannot hide my love
You cannot beg for everything
That we have lost
And for the things we denied
But nothing is so clear
And we have words to fear
Which we said all the time
But never meant to say

All the fights
All our hate
It was everytime to late
What we did
Was ata fault
But we never wanted it
Don't want to think it's true
Just blame it on me

14. Doomed and Unarmed

How can I make you believe
How do I know if you'll stay
I still keep you locked in my head
But it breaks me
What can I do
What can I do
You're all that I want and I'm longing for you

Lay down your arms girl
Oh this is what I'll make you do
Don't rip me apart girl
Who would I'd be without you
Lay down your arms girl
'Cause killing me is killing you
Open your heart girl
It's exactly what you should do

Think how you want me to be
I don't care as long as you're near
You don't have to say what you did
It will kill me
What can I do?
What can I do?
You're all that I want and I'm longing for you