Vermiform - Everlasting Horror lyrics


01. Vermiform


02. Deadlights

Creature from timeless space
Seeking fear and hate to taste
Lost in time and clothed in night
Killing all in its deadlights

Crawling up from darkest depths
Drawing children to their deaths
Sickness flowing through this town
Sleeping madness underground

Creature born from space
Seeking fear to taste
Clothed in darkest night
Killing with deadlights

Crawling from the depths
Children meet their deaths
Sickness flowing forth
It sleeps until rebirth

03. The Curse

Strangers from foreign lands
Now roam the desert sands
Looking for gold to take
All other things they break
No peace for all the dead
They rape their tombs instead
Vengeful for all these sins
The dead will walk again

Then rising up
From the tombs
The old corpses
Came to life
But still alive
The ancient curse
Will steal all life

Led by the master over death
An unknown Pharaoh draws new breath
Commanding legions of the dead
The life force of all Egypt bled

His armies take hold of the Nile
Reclaiming all that's been defiled
A reborn land from out of time
Willing the end of all mankind

04. Apocalypse

Death has come for us all
All our cities will fall
Madness takes all our minds
Knowing the end of our time

This is the end of all mankind
There is no solace left to find
No sense in looking for the signs
The end has come and all shall die

Death has come for us all
All our nations will fall
Turning on our fellow man
Fear grips until bitter end

This is the end of all our lives
There is no way to turn the tide
No sense in praying to your God
Our god is Death and he has come

Death has come for us all
All our history will fall
No time left for the lost
Darkness takes all of us

This is the passage through all time
There is no trace left of our kind
The countless aeons now have past
All that's left is cosmic dust

05. Crystal Lake

This is the tale of Crystal Lake
A place of murderous fate
A little child left to drown
while all the counselors fooled around
It started with the mother's scourge
Taking all their lives in turn
Her sacrificial death and blood
To resurrect the vengeful son

Evil born from the lake
Countless souls left to take

Hacking, slashing
Seething with hate
Chopping, smashing
Sealing your fate

The foolish will come year after year
To always learn the meaning of fear
A force unstoppable and slow
He'll follow until there's nowhere to go
Your quest to send him back to Hell
But just when and how is hard to tell
And when you think you've finally killed him
He returns and tears you limb from limb

Evil born from the lake
Countless lives left to take

06. Legendary

All alone on empty roads
I hunt them by daylight
Last of my kind, last man alive
I must now makes things right

I am the last man on earth !
I'll find a cure for the curse !
I will not let this be !
I shall be legendary !

Across the map I mark a course
A mercy killing spree
They try to run, out from the sun
But they can't hide from me

No time to waste on idle life
This is all that's left to do
A stake for one, A stake for two
I'll drive a stake in all of you

07. Who Goes There?

A wicked menace is unearthed
Awakened from the ancient ice
Now it seeks to conquer Earth
To steal the form of all its life

It can look like you
It can look like anyone
Lurking in plain sight
The Thing will take your life

Must find a way to tell it apart
The secret told in burning blood
This is where the invasion starts
Only we can stop the flood

Who goes there ?
Am I the last one alive
Who goes there ?
Am I the last one to die

08. Man Is The Monster

Atomic testing
In the open water
Making horrors unknown
Men should never play God

Open your eyes
Stop all the bombs
Before they end all our lives
No one can known the price
Open your eyes
See all the possibilities and the signs
Nothing good can come from all our pride

Rising slowly from the deep sea
Radiation twisted into form a creature
Monstrous in size, tortured it cries
Destroying all in it's path, a force of nature

Through the cities, all that it sees
So confusing, an animal alone and lost
Endless searching for its own place
In a new world full of things who only want it dead

Rising again from the ocean
Never knowing what it is or why it came to be
A monster, killing always
Wandering the earth in search of friends or enemies

09. Undead Rising

They come rising from the grave
To eat your brains and tear your legs
They love the taste of guts and skin
Protect your home, don't let them in

Evil rising
Seeking blood
Forever thirsting
Evil rising
Seeking you
Always hungry

The walking dead are at the doors
Hear shambling feet along the floor
Their empty eyes lust for your flesh
It's only moments til your death

Now they've found you
All around you
Arms out, teeth bared
Feel the despair

There's no place now left to run
All of your friends and family gone
The pain of teeth and scratching nails
Last sight of blood and your entrails

10. The Dreaming God

Across the gulfs of cosmic space
The star spawn of an ancient race
Born of nightmares and defiance
Beyond the realms of unknown science

The evil god
Beneath the world
In sunken R'lyeh
Waits for the time
He shall arise
To destroy everything

Dead eyes dreaming
Madness lies sleeping

Within the minds of simple men
Cthulhu breeds his dream again
The cults shall come to worship death
As R'lyeh sleeps beneath the depths

11. At The Mountains Of Madness

Expedition setting forth
to Antarctic shores and earth
Mapping unknown worlds of cold
Seeking knowledge of the old

We were all too sure
Heading for the southern pole
Never knew what we'd find
Under ice as old as time

Wanderers of distant stars
Bred of science from afar
Came from life beyond our minds
Before the dawn of mankind

Following the signs
Into halls of frozen time
To a dark labyrinth
At the mountains of madness

The great halls of the Old Ones
Lie awaiting their return

Sleeping creatures of the depths
Viscous blobs of stinking death

Shoggoths shelter from the sun
The Elder Things are dead and gone
Hear this warning, keep away
Leave them to their halls to stay