Skepticism - Farmakon lyrics


01. The Raven And The Backward Funeral

Led somewhere
The path before me
Turning around
Numb fingers
Fell up on my feet
I was awaken
Sinking deeper
Filling my lungs with pleasure
Thick water
I sunk

On the sky
Of grey clouds
Fell on an iron armada
Glittering in the sunlight

A rain like nails
Waves forgotten
The shores were gone
A crew, rowing a coffing across
Calm, stormy sea
I laid back on a slow wave,

To the depths of ground
Growing down
With nothing to say
Facing each other

Withering in bloom
Black flowers
As it landed away
Down a rasp throat

Inhaling a monotonus song
On the top of a pine
A shadow cast a raven

I turned towards my right arm
Rays drew warmth from my skin
Filling half of the horizon
The sun

On a carpet of thick moss
Fully covered up by the woods
Fell on my face
Took a step back
The path was gone
I turned around

02. Shred Of Light, Pinch Of Endless

After a time in depths
There is a crack in the pressure

These shreds of light
Just a rope around my neck
There days of hope
A blade on my throat

These signs of dawn
Just a route to my dusk
These bounds that broke
A prelude to my drowning

This pinch of endless
Just a fragment of the forthcoming
These hint of life
Just a gateway to oblivion

03. Farmakon Process

''Covered with sweat...darkness..anxiety to complete."

"This is the red desert
sparks transforming to artifacts."

"Air seems thick - colours paint-like."

"..Completely torn. All ingredients included. The Process soon complete."

05. Nowhere

If here once was a shore
It has gone nowhere
Further away Black islands, Rose
The bay is calm Approach Close
Distant Nowhere

Forest on fire
Bitter Mist on the valley
To move is to vanish
To stay is to arrive

Nowhere there is a reason
There are no distance for giants
The path on a journey
Come, Close, nowhere

06. Nothing

Came to stand still
Reached the end
Is Nothing
To be found

Came all the way
To Find