Svartidauði - Flesh Cathedral lyrics


01. Sterile Seeds

The age of divine splendor has come to an end.
A world, a world of beauty has disintegrated before our eyes.
Here is no peace, here is madness and much of sin.

Sterile seeds in a cold, rotting soil.
This is the grave in which we lay the last of your hollowed idols.
For here stand nothing erect, but the gallows and crumbling monuments.

The Earth is covered in ash and our lungs have filled with worms.
The dead eyes close as the disgusting light flickers at the withering horizon.
Mutilated flesh and dripping vomit.

The shepherds of sickness are caught in a black torrent of the blossoming death.

02. The Perpetual Nothing

Cross the boarders of nightmares, venture into the sphere of horrors, and gaze upon the distorted reflection of the immense nothingness of the universe.

The scriptures are thus inverted are the crown of worlds devoured and defiled by adverse angels of abysmal abominations.

Oh, illuminating horror trismegistus, vomit forth the laughter of dead birds into the blood soaked mould.

Adorn the altar with entrails of whores, from hell I enter the white chapel.

A head is lowered in horror before the transcendental mutilation of the mind within the impenetrable night.

The perpetual nothing.

03. Flesh Cathedral

Spewing black menses from the bowels of the earth.
Forms of breathing filth ascend from rotting soil.

A temple with pillars made of bones, the host to the queen of abominations and her arachnid monuments.

Now let infinite worlds burn black with lust beneath the crystallized eye of dementia.
Infuse the rotting hearts and enter the Flesh Cathedral.

Risen from the dissected thorax of creation.
Ascending from the rotting soil.
Ascending from the scorched earth.

04. Psychoactive Sacraments

Father of a thousand deaths!
Illuminating blaze of addiction!
Veins torn asunder to receive thy venom, to conjure chaos, through the gateways your poison offers!
Deranged and devoted to infect and to inject!
To reach beyond the void and the primordial waters for I am become death, the destroyer of worlds!

Back alley chapels, filled with black smoke.

Psychoactive sacraments; Lifeless Shadows and Damnation.

Conceived in incestuous congregation, developing gluttony for sin and perverse pleasures.
Directed by the devil's hand, like a moth to the flame that is the grandeur of hell.
Inhale this repugnant ghost, fill your black lungs with rotting smoke.

Far beyond the heavenly radiance the cenobites of misery share the gospel in a poisonous communion.
Brothel of a thousand young.

What monstrous horrors lie buried beneath the cavernous depths of your psyche?