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The Secret - Disintoxication lyrics


02. Intoxication

Dear cancer, it's been a long time since you left me with no words.
I missed you every single day it's been so hard without you.
I missed your teeth on my jugular.
And the sweet kiss of your needle slowly piercing my vein.
Inject me amnesia.
They tell me I'm free now, but nights swallow the days everything is caving in.
Maybe I will forget you one day but I swear, my thirsty heart, it rots for you.

03. Inferno

We're all going down to nowhere deep inside, looking for a safe place to hide our Inferno.
With a rope around the neck we feel secure, guided by our own silent light in this deeper, darkest perdition scared of what has never happened.
We are going down.
Some of us are lost trying to win at all costs.
Some of us are dead trying to escape from this safe cage.
Some of us are lost trying to find the right way home.
Some of us are dead trying to feed our own best friend.
There's no safe place for us.
We are everything we have.
We are nothing.
We are going down.

04. Poisoned Blood Is Never Enough

Too far from home, too far from all I have done.
Can't close my eyes (can't clean my veins) can't forget, can't realize.
Too far from home, too far from all I have loved, feeding this cancer in my chest, (can't clean my veins) can't escape, I can't rest.
Worst is coming, Look, taste and embrace it.
Feel this darkness growing inside you.
Let you be devoured.

05. In Limbo

It's all about time, it's all about waiting, it's just you and yourself feeling so alone, with everyone.
Just three words, suicide to lose every single smile.
Many empty days to change my only reason I still don't know what I'll become, Can't stop asking, breathless I'm living.
Close your eyes and I'll become your saviour, your friend, your lover, your home.
Devoured by you black cancer.
I'm fed by my demons and my hate.
I still don't know what I'll become.
I still don't know if you will come.
Sleep and wish my love, grab your dreams and hold them strong.
You're my reason, you're my hope.
Goodnight true love, I am gone.

06. Saul

I wish to burn this dead city to save my life, to save yours.
The smell of ashes could get me better 'cause I shine alone in this lifeless crowd.
Like everyday I have to live I have to smile when their eyes deceive.
Like every Saturday night that I won't live.
I wish to see their carrions bleed so I could say everything is as it should be.
In the darkness I will survive.

07. Funeral Monolith

It's so hard to remember the deepest loneliness of that day, of those lies.
It's so hard to find satisfaction somewhere else.
It's so hard to remember the deepest loneliness of that day, of those lies.
It's so hard to find the way to slip away, from what I am, away from my end.
I've hugged my dear loss, in silence I've kissed my ghost, no words and I've kept my breath.
Blood spilled in that timeless moment forever captive in my own coffin.
Lifeless I fall.
Forgive me for my weakness but I'm drowned by the truth.
Remember our days, remember my name. In love, I die.

08. Umea

When the lights starts to fade and it's fog starts to rise.
When it's night will swallow us all they will come to get you.
You can't hide.
It won't matter how deep.
You will hide in the absence of light we're gonna meet again.
You can't hide.

09. Death To Pigs

Blinding lights out from this filthy parasites cage with whores and scum.
Dead bodies everywhere, unable to think.
Dead bodies everywhere, I don't want what you want.
Dead bodies everywhere, I don't feel what you feel.
Dead bodies everywhere.
Your soul is burning, making my day brighter.
I will raise the dead to kill them again.

10. Kill The Dead

Life is full of choices and you have made all the wrong ones.
Wasting your days in front of empty bottles filling your mouth with infected lies.
Useless, you're rotten, just another plague for this world.
Still waiting to see your end hoping it will be faster than a lightning descend.
I wish your death, no one will remember you.