Goatwhore - Constricting Rage Of The Merciless lyrics


01. Poisonous Existence In Reawakening

Waiting in this cavity of despair
Depraved thought overwhelms this fear
Sunken reason forms within this curse
A life of darkness will offer all remorse

Sickness inside
Punctures the core of the wind
Futile, Deed
Apathy has revoked all the senses

Staring deeper into this deed of violence
Holding hands with the end of all desire
Reoccurring vision spawns fatal silence
Penetrate this abyss of eternal fire

Writhe inside
Rebirth of pain
Seed of death
Severing the soul from mind

Deviant to this new occurrence of emotionless hunger
Defilement drips with the blood of this reverence
Living out this sanction to punish the sinless through sin
Clarify in the heartless art of destructive paradise

Deeply cut marks across faces of unforgiven venial re-creations
Reborn through the torment of this prophecy

Distant, Apathetic
Sanity is weakened in repeated penance
Vain, Murderous
Dissect into the well of this existence

This act of transgression consumed into this blood soaked gaze
Creating this unsound prison of the end times

Stricken with this faithless embrace
Impotent to this final stage of return
Glorify the nature of elite carnage
Inflicted with this curse of mental chaos

Legacy of the insane forged in a god's delusion
Spoils of this damnation that feed a sadistic mind
Enticed into deception of a false dream of desire
Nurturing of evil turned bleak in the outcome of vile achievement

02. Unraveling Paradise

Sealed in this turmoil of solitude, devoid of hope
Exiled to this abyss of a cold embrace
Suppress these wounds of resentment, absorb the pain
Strength emerging from the insult of shame
Descend into the mouth of leviathan, trance of night
Become complete within this piercing darkness

Construct a great cenotaph of apocalypse, ascending the sky
Sacrificial edifice extending far beyond the stars
Where the shadows become one with flesh, entwined in death
Ravaging swarm, only desires the taste of collapse

Ancient flame of knowledge, secrets of a vengeful nature
Fires erupt, from this isolation
Archaic attributes, consumed in the earth
Instinct invades, reaching the core of rage

Condemned soul from this core of hell, defy this scourge
Avenging statue, conjure the legions of damnation
Rise fourth and break free, form this devout punishment
In the distance you hear the menace of the devils own

Moaning trumpets of war, resonate the hearts of attack
Murderous lust, of this destruction
Immaculate stature, faced with defeat
Wrath incarnate, angering the heavens

Powerful Rites
Obtained by the fallen
Prophecy of chaos
Revealing threat of return
These fading heavens
Omen of the trident
The dark heart of flame
Heed the call of lucifer's reign

03. Baring Teeth For Revolt

We are coming to smash their idols
We are coming to wreck their laws
Break these binds, free our lives

We are coming to deaden their hope
We are coming to destroy their lie
Seize the moment, ready for the fight

When the heavens are nothing, will you beg for remorse?
When the heavens are burning, will you tremble with fright?

We are coming to taste their blood
We are coming defile their gods
Destroying this disease of faith

We are coming to rape their minds
We are coming to steal their souls
This revolt starting to unfold

When the heavens turn black... will you pray for the end?
When the heavens seep blood, will you cringe at our wrath?

This will is long dead
This faith is long forgotten

Slaying the pig of faith, abominations praised
Marked for death, this blade tastes blood
Cleave this plague of heaven from our hearts
We are of the moon, our dark side unknown

As the grassy fields burn
Fire gleams within my eyes
Dark is the way of this coming age

We are coming to crush their rapture
We are coming to break their faith
Final act of this disaster

When the heavens have failed... will you plead for your life?
When the heavens come falling, be prepared to die!

04. Reanimated Sacrifice

Deathlike trance devoid of all emotion
Renounce this path of mortal conceit
Numb to the impulse of redemption
Cleansed of grace from this false rapture

Coldness ripens within walls of flesh
Plague enters through constricting veins
Maggots penetrate decomposing skin
Defilement of this sacrificial inception

Bitter darkness of a godless dominion
Nursing worms with this fresh demise
Await the moment of the vile insurgence
Transfer through this gate within deadly rites

Taken by the void, recreate this primal state
Perish in the poisoned skin of decay
Emerge from these confines of a rancid fate

No masters rule in this endless grave
No masters exist in this vengeful rage

No masters rule in this defiled realm
No masters exist in this accursed state

Reanimated form covered with exposing sin
Adorned in this carapace of moonless flesh
Awaken from this starless tomb of rebirth

Surface from this stage of a breathless trance
Consumed darkness where eyes once dwelled
Resurrected evil from this vault of death
Feeding from the open arteries of heaven

05. Heaven's Crumbling Walls Of Pity

Expulsion of this faith, feeding the void with this death
Opening the inferno's mouth, harvesting from the reapers field

Streaming blackness in the ravage of these golden sermons
Talons of the serpent tearing the sky into raining wounds

Creeping fear into the spine of a lacerated heaven
Lechery starts this corruption in the veins of god

Rising genesis of torment will summon this destruction
Scorned in bitter wrath, violence in the hands of perdition

What kind of heaven have you shown us?
Lined with golden walls to cover the pity beneath
Symbolism of light to blind our eyes from truth

Constricting rage around this vanity inside righteous deceit
Poison this well mercy, bleeding the dark from destroyed light

What kind of heaven heave you promised us?
Filled with the song from a choir of lies
Begging in prayer to absolve us, shackled to this invention of faith

Condemn the shame of heaven, depravity of evolution
A weakness that infests the spine of virtue
Penetrate this regime of pity, drained of all compassion
Emptiness now plagues the promise of eternal fate

Lord of emitting dark blaze, total disaster prevails
Destroy this burden of divine remorse
Final embrace of desire, revealing this lust for revenge
Stoking the embers of this burning empire
At the edge of light, expanding into black realms
Unleash the savage nature burning in primeval flames
Extinction of order, growing wings of rebellion
Soar the darkness that conquers this throne

06. Cold Earth Consumed In Dying Flesh

Desolation, Feeds this vision
Winds of stench entwine the senses
Entangled mass of bone, ossified kingdom of this wake
Mortality in ruin
Watching the world burn
Behold this death of creation, when heaven and hell collide

Beneath the piles of burnt flesh
A mass grave of conflict
In these scattered ashes, lies a tomb of cold dead earth
Merciless hand of doom
Born from the star of war
Severing the earth form sky, this reaping comes from the gods

Bellows of agony contort into hymns of death
Horns of torment sound, a fest for the rage of war

Burning winds of destruction, reek with the stent of bloodshed
This filth clings the air, covering the tenderness of earths' star

Smoldering earth of damnation, enter the jaws of this demise
Entombed in endless dying, engulfed in mass extinction

Basking in the glorious terror
Of a suffering darkness
Inside the depths of this ruin
Only the clam of death brings the end

07. FBS

Black Mass
Spilling blood
Recite the ancient script that conjures dark blasphemy,

Inverted rite
The time has come to drink the virgin's blood
Exposed remains left in decay
Inversion of this altar of christ
Mortal shell will be torn away
Embracing the godless realm

Vessel to evoke, sliced to reveal
Plunging knife creates the wound
These rabid wolves are biting flesh
Underneath the eclipsing moon

Silent fiend
Crawling forth
The gate of hell will soon be unlocked

Feel this stare
Watch your back
These hordes of hell are primed to attack

Ancient lore and the smell of death
Black rites have unlocked this gate
Spread the sinful plague that infects
Desecrated corpse invokes this fate

Candles burn as altar flames arise
Time to praise this lord of disgust
Howling moon in starless skies
Entangled in this ritual of lust

Bodies entwine in the form of coiled snakes
Invoking this sacrifice for the devil
Revulsion of god binding this custom
Orgies in gore shall provoke this evil

Slicing necks of the pious for arousal
This blackened sky begins to open up
Smearing blood on the bare bodies of reprisal
Ejaculate the semen that will corrupt

Fucked by Satan

Demon god
Thrusting forth
This lustful act
Defile the pure

Infernal heir
Rise forth
Carnal deed
Unveils perversions of the flesh

08. Nocturnal Conjuration Of The Accursed

Bitter ravage against this colorless trance
Mental wounds have been kept concealed
Confound secrets start to suffocate the years

Sleepless in the dead of night
Entranced by this cursed vision
Trapped within the frozen darkness of this fright

Sunken shadow emerges from the midnight hour
Phantom landscape of this nightmare consumes
Haunting thoughts of this dreadful return

Tainting the memory of a cloven soul at birth
Inside these harrowing depths of the heart
Renounce the life lost to this darkened void

Awakened in the dead of night
Consumed by this frightful vision
Enslaved to the misery of this accursed sight

Marveling at this advent of the cursed
Moaning from depths of sullen rage
Slithering across terrains of fright
Loveless embrace of vengeful urge
Falling into this dreamlike chasm
Whispering terror upon these silent ears
Flourishing darkness that devours essence
This prey for the consumption of evil

Cold breed arise from this black trance
Regain this sight enthralled by horrific wrath
No hiding from this darkness lurking from the past

Twilight seeps into the barrier of vision
Motionless beneath this coiled black presence
Depravity ingests this soul for possession

09. Schadenfreude

The feeling of these cold hands wrapped around the heart
Shattered pride sinking into dark

This evocation of torment spreads
Hope will meet hopeless in this journey to the end

I am the cold poison of despair
I am the hollow feeling of fear
Within these walls of your secret flaws
I will seek what makes you fail

This spoiled salvation fed to the hunger of apathy

I am the bitter taste of failing love
I am the loneliness of demise
Crawl across burning coals of strife
I am sever the spirit of your pride

You will now crawl before me and worship all that I displace

I am the burning of virgin flesh
I am the crippling of sight
As you fall deeper under this spell
I will conquer your imperfect life

Once I've sown this negative theme
I will savor the ruin of all your dreams

Pushed from this edge of defeat
Fall into a heartless realms of this deceit
I am the shadow you will embrace
I am the blood of innocence defiled
Taking your life is my desire
I am the burning hatred of this fire

I am inversion of your praise
I am the darkness that consumes your heart
Kneel before this life of punishment
I will tear your soul apart

When your righteous sky fell, you eagerly followed me into this hell

10. Externalize This Hidden Savagery

Faith mongers of righteous rule conceal this deceptive law
Distorted values of virtue masked by these holy words
This great persecution will elevate the return of sin
In these eyes of revenge the kingdoms of grace shall burn

Seven deadly crowns
Devouring the birth of mankind
Hurling the stars to the earth
Leaving the skies blind with might

Great harbinger of pain
Awake from the scourge beneath
Stoking the flames of damnation
Engorging on the souls of the weak

Spawn of a new age has arrived to penetrate the will of man
Commence the escape from scorn with dark factions of revenge
A command drawn in blood with these hungry weapons of war
Eruption of savage response has unleashed this assault

Dawn of the antichrist comes to suffocate the realm of god
Violent strike of vengeance, slaughter the swine of heaven
Disease of virtue, cutting this plague from the body of the world
Inversion of these words of prayer, desecrate the faith of man

Revenge is hells coliseum, adorned with souls of despair
Seize the moment of reprisal, purging flames of eternal warfare
Great keeper flesh and soul makes an offering for the feast
Give rise to an outbreak of sacrilege in this gift for the beast

Kill all
Rage war
Emerge from this wrath