Overkill - Power In Black lyrics


01. Overkill

Riding the wind on a stormy night
Rides a mother's son to take your life.
They say he died ten years ago
But the list of victims seems to grow.
Like father like son the Bible read
Three sixes brand the top of his head
Never heard, seen then too late,
Overkill, seals your fate

Driven by the host of hell
Wicked smile cross, the showing skull.
The victim dies no fucking loss
Overkill, buries the cross
That scarlet sin the soul is weary
Genre et morte, mal vivire
The fallen angel open the cell,
Overkill's victim enters Hell

Who can tell me who I am
Am I Overkill each death a sin.
Questions linger as I walk the path
I am Overkill, the Devil's wrath!

So when you walk alone, in the night
And your bones are chilled, skin so tight!
Beware the sound of a galloping horse
Overkill has another corpse
Ride high, ride tall Overkill will never fall
Full moon, sharp sword Satan is your Lord
Midnight, dark sky Overkill will never die
Blood bath, die fast Overkill the Devil's wrath

02. The Beast Within

Prepare for battle, wait for the time to arrive.
Unleashing the fury, a gift to me and my kind.
Suffer little damage, only the strong will survive
The gift we are given will carry us through the fight.

These are the days of thunder and rage,
We cry our battle hail
The time has come! We take the stage
Unleash! the beast within attack

Unleash the weak, lay down by my side.
To my own memories, a warrior end is mine.
Accepting the challenge, destroy those who stand in our way!
Reaction to late now you'll pay!

03. There's No Tomorrow

The hands of the wicked they lie and they wait for you
Servants remember the torture you put us through
Living in fear thoughts that never knew.
Your day has come and time has caught up with you
There's no tomorrow there's no tomorrow for all of you

You wish forever the life you have will last
You can not deceive us remember your evil past.
We are going to get you destined for the other side
Nowhere to run no place to hide!!!
There's no tomorrow there's no tomorrow for all of you

Your life is through there's no tomorrow beginning or end
No choice of life it lies in the hands their minds are made in the end
No tomorrow because you are dead
Then caught alive, your soul set us on fire
You scream for mercy, the flames and they burn you higher
Wished with hope not the truth that you would find
But its hard to live when life is so blind!
There's no tomorrow there's no tomorrow for all of you

04. Death Rider

The black of night the leather clad warrior rides
Travelling along, not a will of his own he will not be denied
Judges the man he does not understand the meaning of wrong or right
A sadistic slave he cannot be saved
He is programmed to destroy tonight

Death Rider run for you life
A prophet of doom the demons device
Answering only the masters call
By the crack of dawn He will have killed them all

Decantation and mutation innocent victims die
Ride the pain the concrete stain he cannot tell them why
Through the terror he rides forever computerized power and rage
We shiver in fear as tonight he comes near inhumanity in his head

Better look behind when midnight shines
Death Rider is set to attack
The look in his eye the glow in the sky
Nocturnal, power in black

05. Raise The Dead

Feel the power, rushing forward, it gets into your veins.
Almighty power, building higher, you'll never be the same!
I'm wanting more, I'm getting more of the feelings you can't tame.
I'm the master, you're the bastards, are you glad you came!?

The sign of life, your blood is red...
Come with us and raise the dead...!

Electric fusion, no illusion, terror in the night...!
Screaming thunder, white face murder, we complete the fright.
The earth is shaking, ground is breaking, we complete the rite.
The time has come for you to run, now take off in the night...

See the stone above his head...
Rise three days the prophet said...
The sign of life, your blood is red...
Come with us and raise the... dead!

Behind the headstone he is watching you...
Watching every move...
Behind the headstone see the body move...
Come to get fresh blood...!!
Are you glad you came Raise the dead