Deep Purple - Infinite lyrics


01. Time For Bedlam

Descending the cold steps of the institution for the politically insane
Never to be seen again
Saying farewell to daylight
From henceforth I shall rot in a stinking bed of wet straw

Right from the ashes of life I learned to behave
What to believe, what not to say, from cradle to grave
Ah... like a good little slave

Sucking my milk from the venomous tit of the state
This clearly designed to suppress every thought of escape
Ah... I surrender to fate

No pity, no pity
Don't want no pity for me in this filthy cell
I'll see you in hell
See you in hell

Frozen in time, I'm a specimen pinned to my throne
With an army of butterflies pilloried placid and prone
Ah... we were never alone

No pity, no pity
Don't want no pity for me in this filthy cell
I'll see you in hell

After centuries of living with nothing but my convictions
Broken fingers clawing through the walls of my incarceration
Escaping the clutches of eternal damnation
I was justified

02. Hip Boots

You can bury me up to my knees in shit
Or anything else... I don't mind a bit
You think I'm gonna drown but you're wrong
'Cos man I got my hip boots on

Get your ass in the water and swim like me
It's the only way you're going free
If you blink an eye I'm down the road and gone
It's plain to see that I don't belong

I got my hip boots on
It's so cool
It's beautiful

Those rusty chains can't tie me down
'Cos man I got my hip boots on

I never give it up
Tear it up
Rip it up
Can't get enough
Oh yeah

Before that shit starts going down
When I hear the dogs I go to ground
That's me high steppin' through the swamp
That's why I got these hip boots on

I got my hip boots on
It's so cool
It's beautiful
And it's so cool

03. All I Got Is You

Oh yeah I see the way you roll your eyes
The way you purse your lips
Throw your stuff into a suitcase
Put your hands upon your hips
I'm unmoved by your evil glare
The way you toss your head
You make stupid accusations
By which time I've lost the thread

Sometimes I wonder how it is you get
To piss me off this much
I may be heavy-handed
And I lack the tender touch
You moan and groan about me staying out and
Drinking with the guys
How 'bout I bring 'em home?
Try that one for size

There's something awfully wrong with this deal, babe
Any fool could see it's true
Can't you understand how I feel, babe
You've got me
But all I got is you

I guess I just don't have it in me
To keep you satisfied
To be honest with you, babe
I'm only in it for the ride
You may never bring yourself
To take me as I am
But in case you haven't noticed
I don't give a fucking damn

04. One Night In Vegas

Ooh what a night it was, the night I fell apart
I begged a lover not to go away but she went and broke my heart
I found myself in a Vegas bar with a whole new set of friends
Seen through the bottom of an empty glass
Like looking through a fish-eye lens
One night in Vegas

It was a morning of revenge for what I did the night before
Which accompanied me to the following day to even up the score
In a stone cold sober mood next afternoon at ten
I found my tongue back in my mouth
And I told myself not to drink again
One night in Vegas

I was three sheets to the wind
The three shots did me in
Three angels there above me
As I was lying on the floor
I knew I should have run for the hills
But I still wanted more

I don't remember the chapel but I woke up with a wife
I looked at her, she looked at me and now we're hooked for life
How strange the situation, it's now been thirty years
Since I met that girl in Vegas
And would you believe it, she's still here
One night in Vegas
Oh yeah I gotta tell you, one night in Vegas

05. Get Me Outta Here

Well I'm out of work, out of hope
I got mouths to feed and I'm stony broke
The rum's all gone and I could sure use a smoke

I can't help thinking how it used to be
Everybody danced 'til a quarter to three
Living on the wild side, getting our kicks
How'd I ever end up in a place like this?
Get me out of here
Somebody get me outta here

Three blind bastards parked on a bench
One said to the other hey who's your friend
That's how it started way back when

A shit-load of ways to communicate
One hates love, another loves hate
Now you're gonna tell me there's no end in sight
Next thing you know we're getting ready to fight
Get me out of here
Get me outta here

I got to tell you that I'm feeling rough
Been good to know you but I've had enough
You say pull yourself together and get a grip
You can stick it up your jacksie 'cos I'm jumping ship
Get me out of here

06. The Surprising

It wasn't quite the curse of Tutankhamen
Or the kiss of death from Judas in the night
And it felt so far beyond the blue horizon
Tempting me with transports of delight
And then the devil took my hand and said
Come along with me

There I was, wide awake and dreaming
Reaching out for something in the sky
But I could not control that trembling feeling
Everything I want is slipping by
And then the devil took my hand and said
Something you should see

I never knew what happened to my nightmare
Everything went dark that August day
And the eclipse was on the other side of somewhere
But I was on the upside of afraid
And then an angel took my hand and said
Come along with me

07. Johnny's Band

Johnny Jones woke up one day from dreaming
Told Bill the bass and soon they had a plan
He passed it on to Pete and Crazy Benny
Ah, suddenly they had a band

Hey Johnny's Band
He sure knew how to work up a crowd
The sound that they made put the rest in the shade
And the word soon got around

They played every dance hall in the city
Wrote themselves a cool forty-five
With a bullet it shot to the top of the pops
Oh man it was good to be alive

Hail Johnny's Band
Hear them on the radio
Smash after smash now they're rolling in the cash
Whatever they touch turns to gold

Benny went down with the hard stuff
And Pete joined a cult in LA
Johnny and Bill started going downhill
And the crowds began melting away

But hey, it's Johnny's Band
Playing Saturday nights at The Crown
The beards may be long and the money's long gone
It's a wonder that they're still around

But hey, it's Johnny's Band
Playing all those wonderful songs
Making the rounds with that old fashioned sound
And here we are singing along

08. On Top Of The World

Hot summer night, the working girls were on their way back home
It was getting late so I tagged along, couldn't let them walk alone
I followed them up some greasy steps to a rooftop in the sky
No walls around just a sea of stars, my throat was getting dry

Everyone could feel the heat that's why we all disrobed
Our clothes and inhibitions went off flying 'cross the globe
Dancing crazy getting loose and closer to the edge
I could feel my blood was up and it was pounding in my head

So there I was, just me and the girls
Under the moonlight on the top of the world

As things were dying down we retreated from the precipice
I lay beside the most beautiful girl in the universe
Her name was Venus in Heaven
She fed me rice and offered me wine
I accepted ambrosia and nectar
From an amber goddess
I collapsed between the thighs of Morpheus
Next thing I felt was a sharp pain of sunrise
My mouth was open and full of rice
As I managed to prize open one of my eyes
I saw Luigi the cockroach carry off his prize
And there lay Venus still sprawled out and naked for sure
But not quite what she was the night before
I made my excuses and left through the door
Stepped into space at the twentieth floor
And that's why I don't like heights no more

09. Birds Of Prey

Alarm bells ringing clear
Break the calm before the fall
Bad news travels at the speed of flight
Good news not at all
And here we are again
Playing endless games of war
Birds of prey

Without a word of warning
We dive in to attack
Vengeful and self-righteous
We turn the blue sky black
And a wretched few escape
They'll be forever looking back
At our sacrifice

And the golden sun is rising
At the dawn of a beautiful day

In the name of all that's holy
In the name of history
In the face of life and nature
We are driven by belief
Our faith a crumbling fortress
Once perfect and sublime
Will fail again and rise again
Until the death
Until the death of time

10. Roadhouse Blues [The Doors cover]


Keep your eyes on the road, your hands upon the wheel
Keep your eyes on the road, your hands upon the wheel
Yeah, we're goin' to the roadhouse
We're gonna have a real
Good time

Yeah, back at the roadhouse they got some bungalows
Yeah, back at the roadhouse they got some bungalows
And that's for the people
Who like to go down slow

Let it roll, baby, roll
Let it roll, baby, roll
Let it roll, baby, roll
Let it roll, all night long

Do it, honey, do it

You gotta roll, roll, roll
You gotta thrill my soul, all right
Roll, roll, roll, roll
Thrill my soul
You gotta beep a gunk a chucha
Honk konk konk
You gotta each you puna
Each ya bop a luba
Each yall bump a kechonk
Ease sum konk
Ya, ride

Ashen lady, ashen lady
Give up your vows, give up your vows
Save our city, save our city
Right now

Well, i woke up this morning, i got myself a beer
Well, i woke up this morning, and i got myself a beer
The future's uncertain, and the end is always near

Let it roll, baby, roll
Let it roll, baby, roll
Let it roll, baby, roll
Let it roll, all night long