Dimmu Borgir - Interdimensional Summit lyrics


01. Interdimensional Summit

Mired in illusion
Lost in the masters game
Silenced by the idea of time
Nurtured with lies and deceit

The silent seeker, the seer
Travels beyond the veil
The silent seeker, the seer
Fleeing the dense womb of ignorance

To the trained eye
There are no coincidences
The more you see
The less it makes sense
To the trained eye 
There are no coincidences
If you can not see
You can not truly know

We are the current sum of all the ages
Leaving a trail of burnt pages
Thrown into darkness as stars
We travel alone as one

When the dust settles on the tavern
Is when we're liberated from illusion
Taking our first and final breath
Realizing life is always after death

02. Puritania

We do away with your kind!
Countdown to exterminate, 
the human race

4, 3, 2, 1...

Let chaos entwine,
on defenseless soil.
Remove errors of man,
and sweep all the weakening kind.

I am war, I am pain,
I am all you've ever slain.
I am tears in your eyes,
I am grief, I am lies.

Bygone are tolerance,
and presence of grace.
Scavengers are set out,
to cleanse the human filth parade.

I am pure, I am true,
I am all over you.
I am laugh, I am smile,
I am the earth defiled.

I am the cosmic storms,
I am the tiny worms.
I am fear in the night,
I am bringer of the light.

Earth successfully erased!