Vein - Errorzone lyrics


01. Virus://Vibrance

Like a dog whistle tearing my patience
From the charades of the day to day phases,
I salivate to the pulse of the chaos I paint with these brain waves: infinite

If you can't relate, stay the fuck away
Some people get it some people go deeper

I've got a nuclear weapon called self actualization
60/20 inner vision
Aim inside and blast the glass ceiling

Just blur your eyes and fall deep inside
And if you get it, then get it
Let it invade your mind

This is the v i b r a n c e
The v i r u s of energy
You cannot save me
I'm already saved

02. Old Data In A Dead Machine

"Words create lies. Pain can be trusted."

Eyes glued to the window pane
Til' the sun comes up to say
"worry, fixate and then repeat"

Do you imagine their blood inside your head?
As far as I know they're all already dead,
Caught up in a comfortable lie
So why aren't you alive yet?

Take your own advice before you take theirs

All you wanted was something
That something is nothing
Well ain't that... Something

03. Rebirth Protocol

So come down and see what you've repressed
For every error theres a blessing within
Yet some people think its funny to dilute and berate
While you keep missing the point, mine will only get sharper

This is ascension
This is regression
This is all that you were programmed to be afraid of
Reformat and take another good look
At the beauty underneath the disease,
Let the rest roll off

04. Broken Glass Complexion

("Fine" has expired)
I'm your life crashing pilot
Board the most loving defect
Guard down, enter absence:

What medicine could bring the end
To means drenched in abstinence?
I cannot accept cannot eject what I've let in
I grab the thorns and turn the world red
Blood on my hands, your tired eyes stare

You should run far from here

Every killer has their motives
I keep mine locked up in black boxes
All the keys dissolved in my gut with the rest that you'll never see

All I feel I've ignored to keep things safe for you
Now all I feel I've explored
Now nothings safe for you

So pure
So infantile
Cut my hands clearing tears off your smile

Goodbye, now we live

05. Anesthesia

I can't stop my eyes from blurring
Day in, day out... I don't wanna be like this.

06. Demise Automation

Skin stitched to the bed,
Windows left wide open

Itch as I
Beg for "now"
All the time

May a feeling come I'll catch;
I don't wanna be like this

"I" from "I"
My demise

I don't wanna be like this;
Staring at the cracks in the wall

Strangled by the hands of a clock

Time is up, let me go

Seratonin discontinued
Nostalgias running out
Another classic case of "got to kick this shit out"
Time is up
Let me go
I'll be waiting for the pipe dream bombs to burst

I got soul, so what (I got soul til' it stops)
Turn the ins out
Let the bombs burst

07. Doomtech

Enter umbra:
Smoke and mirrors
Lungs fill up while I look in
Get your licks up on the surface,
Theres no sugar down and under

Circuitry so complex it only works itself
I caged my head in the clouds
And my feet underground

Everytime I close my eyes I crash a thousand cars and all my loved ones die
Surging with the urges to mutilate and all the guilt of every unwanted thought it brings
How did it get like this?
Psychosomatic ticks keeping the feeble conscious stuck inside a broken stereo
No control on the dial of deathfmradio

All I've seen now I see despised
Don't you get it?
I didn't expect a thing

You sing to wage war
You sing to build this cage
Violent opera, sing me to death

How'd it get like this?

08. Untitled

Free and radical
Shrapnel in the blood
20 seconds : 20 hours
Calculate my consciousness
I see my reflection in the stain of every hardwood floor
When im too tired to look up

Alive by midnight, and dead by the morning star
This is all I know
Do you know who you are?

The more that I bleed, the more it takes the pain away

09. End Eternal

First page blank. Numb again. Walking between morphine walls.
(My insides match the sky) my instinct inflicts I and all
Leper to idle lives
That rinse repeat in days end sighs
Catch a chill in freeze frame life,
Burn this vessel out of time

T h e e n d :

I breathe better in fog. I see clearer underwater.

My end will be eternal
My insides match the sky

The more you speak the less you say
The blood we share doesn't bleed the same
Rain go away, rain go away...
Please stay,
Wash the blood away

10. Errorzone

Take in,
Search for the oxygen
It comes and goes like the promise of addiction
Suppress and explode,
Reload the pain into passion
Pull the verve from the hurt, and evolve through destruction

Something itches
Something begs to break the form
Splint the elbow,
Break the cheek on the palm
Look at these eyes blur and gaze out the panes
I see something you don't
I see something that you can't

No medicine
No remedy
No paradise eternity
Embrace the human form
Enter the errorzone

In this spiral of depress and desire,
I want to erase myself and set this world on fire

So far I see something more
I reach out and touch but,
It's out of my hands
It's out of my head

11. Quitting Infinity

...And for my own sake
I had to cut the smile from my own face: f r e e

Goodbye is a new hello
To all the shit you refuse to know
Every day theres a lesson
But nobody listens until they're forced to let go

So when does life begin again?
Penny dropped and spent back into the debt
Dissolved in the nature that breaks down the being
(the sun that you soak in feels like a burn to me)
It's all old data in a dead machine
I will not deny what I cannot delete

Please. Re. Write. Me.

In this pool of time and blood,
We occupy the deep til' our feet hit the ground
These tears have cured the cancer of never knowing how to feel or be
Death is the answer to knowing we are temporary
I quit infinity
For as long as I stay awake,
I will not fear what the future brings:
What's now is mine to take