Faith No More - Trivia

Roddy Bottum has said in interviews that he wrote the song "Be Aggressive" largely as a joke at Mike Patton's expense, enjoying the potential humiliation a straight vocalist would subject himself to onstage.
In 1993 Roddy Bottum came out as gay, but before that, in the early 80's he had a relationship with Courtney Love.
"Easy" was used in a commercial for Levi's in 2006.
"MidLife Crisis" has been used in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and Tony Hawk's Underground 2. "From Out of Nowhere" was featured in EA Sports Madden NFL 2005 and NHL 2005. "Ricochet" was used in the PlayStation game Foxhunt. "Epic" is featured in a trailer for Street Fighter IV, on the Burnout Paradise soundtrack and in the soundtrack for Saints Row: The Third, and can be downloaded for Guitar Hero 5.[70] Four songs have been featured in the Rock Band video game series, two as downloadable content: "Epic" appeared on the first Rock Band (game) and "We Care a Lot" was offered as a download. Years later, Rock Band 3 included "MidLife Crisis" and "From out of Nowhere" was offered as a download.
The band's former guitarist, Jim Martin, had an appearance in the rock sci-fi comedy Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey of 1991, playing himself. This movie was the sequel of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure starring Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter.