King Of Asgard - Videos

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The Nine Worlds Burn

Directed by: Andreas Edelönn
Album: ...To North

Photography by Rickard Monéus.
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The Runes Of Hel

Album: Karg

'The Runes Of Hel' was shot at the location of Vadstena Castle, inside one out of four circular cannon turrets. Vadstena Castle is a former Royal Castle and fortress built by King Gustav I of Sweden (Gustav Vasa) in 1545. Vadstena being the city where both Karl and Jonas were born and forged. Somewhat the perfect place for a video to be shot. Thus, one night in May, the key to the city of Vadstena was lent to King Of Asgard. A long and late evening, in authentic setting with history's rugged wing beats embracing. Breathing the past and standing on undisturbed soil among ghouls and phantoms. A location harsh, barren and cold as carved for the finalization of 'The Runes of Hel*
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