USA, Kansas City, KS - Thrash And Burn Tour

Location: USA, Kansas City, KS (Beaumont)
Date: 31 July 2008


Who was there?

All dates of this tour

Date City Audience
29.07.2008 USA, Albuquerque, NM
30.07.2008 USA, Oklahoma City, OK
31.07.2008 USA, Kansas City, KS 1
01.08.2008 USA, Dayton, OH
02.08.2008 USA, Detroit, MI
03.08.2008 USA, Milwaukee, WI
04.08.2008 USA, Mokena, IL
05.08.2008 USA, Louisville, KY
06.08.2008 USA, Cleveland, OH
07.08.2008 USA, Rochester, NY
08.08.2008 USA, Albany, NY
10.08.2008 USA, New York, NY
15.08.2008 USA, Worcester, MA
16.08.2008 USA, Baltimore, MD
Date City Audience
17.08.2008 USA, Virginia Beach, VA
18.08.2008 USA, Raleigh, NC
19.08.2008 USA, Atlanta, GA
20.08.2008 USA, St. Petersburg, FL
22.08.2008 USA, San Antonio, TX
23.08.2008 USA, Houston, TX
24.08.2008 USA, Dallas, TX
25.08.2008 USA, El Paso, TX
26.08.2008 USA, Tempe, AZ
27.08.2008 USA, Los Angeles, CA
28.08.2008 USA, San Diego, CA
29.08.2008 USA, Bakersfield, CA 1
03.09.2008 USA, Seattle, WA


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25.05.2008 - 05:32
Paleblood Hunter
I'm not sure if this is better or worse than the Mayhem Festival. Fuck.
The force will be with you, always.
23.06.2008 - 22:11
This has Darkest Hour and Arsis

Mayhem has Machine Head, Mastodon and Dragonforce.

31.07.2008 - 02:30
LeChron James
i say mayhem is better simply because this tour is in no way shape or for a thrash tour. at all.
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