GBR, London - Aborted + Rotten Sound: Fuck The Volcano Tour

Location: United Kingdom, London

Underworld (map and info)

Date: 18 April 2010


£10 advance

Statement posted by Aborted:

"Hey everyone, just a small update regarding the MACHINES OF GRIND tour we just started with our friends from Rotten Sound. As we all know the package should have been completed by The Red Chord and Those Who Lie Beneath. Unfortunately, it seems the lord is not on our side and this whole volcano mess in Iceland, and the flight ban that followed, made it impossible for our American partners in crime to join the package. This left us struggling with what to do for several days, cancel the whole tour because we were facing increasing financial losses daily, or just grind on and say fuck it, no goddamn volcano is going to stop Rotten Sound or Aborted and Avocado Booking.

Since we are all proud warriors and there is nothing we hate doing more than disappointing our fans, cancelling was not an option and we decided to move forward with the tour, being just Aborted and Rotten Sound in a co-headlining run with each day having the best local bands the promoters can offer . This has been a very harsh start of the tour and we hope that we can count on all of you fans to make this DIY FUCK THE VOLCANO tour a blast, so show up as many and support the bands who are putting their asses on the line to show up every day.

We unfortunately had to cancel the last 2 dates of the UK leg of the tour since the conditions were simply not viable anymore, and apologise to the fans and promise to return later this year to make up for this loss, which honestly, nobody can be blamed for.

Let's put all this debacle behind us and move on with 666% of grindcore death metal debauchery!"


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All dates of this tour

Date City Audience
16.04.2010 DEN, Copenhagen
17.04.2010 GER, Essen
18.04.2010 GBR, London 1
19.04.2010 GBR, Birmingham
20.04.2010 GBR, Newcastle Upon Tyne
21.04.2010 GBR, Leeds
22.04.2010 GBR, Plymouth
23.04.2010 FRA, Evreux
24.04.2010 FRA, Nantes 1
25.04.2010 ESP, Durango
Date City Audience
26.04.2010 ESP, Madrid
27.04.2010 ESP, Barcelona
28.04.2010 FRA, Luynes
02.05.2010 CZE, Brno 1
03.05.2010 GER, Munich
04.05.2010 AUT, Vienna
05.05.2010 SLO, Ljubljana 1
06.05.2010 ITA, Lonato Del Garda
07.05.2010 SUI, Zizers


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17.04.2010 - 15:03
Baz Anderson
I just happen to be in London... I'd really like to see this! Maybe I will...
17.04.2010 - 20:39
Baz Anderson
Two of the bands are stuck in the USA because of the volcanic ash.
It is unsure whether they will make it over, and even if the European bands will make it over. Damn.
18.04.2010 - 14:11
Baz Anderson
The flight ban has been increased until 01:00 Monday morning at least - so it doesn't look like this is going to happen unfortunately.

EDIT: Aborted and Rotten Sound have made it here.

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