ISR, Tel Aviv - Metallica: World Magnetic Tour

Location: Israel, Tel Aviv (Ramat Gan Stadium)
Date: 22 May 2010


Who was there?

All dates of this tour

Date City Audience
13.04.2010 NOR, Oslo 5
14.04.2010 NOR, Oslo 3
17.04.2010 LAT, Riga 8
18.04.2010 EST, Tallinn 11
20.04.2010 LTU, Vilnius 5
21.04.2010 LTU, Vilnius 2
24.04.2010 RUS, Moscow 1
25.04.2010 RUS, Moscow 3
Date City Audience
11.05.2010 GBR, Belfast 1
12.05.2010 GBR, Belfast
16.05.2010 CRO, Zagreb 19
18.05.2010 POR, Lisbon 10
19.05.2010 POR, Lisbon 8
22.05.2010 ISR, Tel Aviv 10
23.05.2010 FRA, Lyon 4


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05.04.2010 - 00:53
This is a damn good concert... I wish I could go
10.04.2010 - 19:39
That was one great show.
High on Fire were absolutely LAME. No other word can describe it better.
Orphaned Land were amazing, even for a warm up show - I wish I knew more songs, I only knew 3 and a half of the tracklist.

Metallica was awesome as expected (mind - I'm not a "burned" fan, I just like good music, I'm "burned" on Megadeth by the way) though it had a three notable issues:
* The quota expected by the organizers (30K) was not reached (only around 22K arrived), so they moved the stage from the far end of the stadium to the side, in order to extract a more "cramped" feeling - however people who paid extra money for sits closer to the stage (i.e. not standing) were now forced to be far away from the action. Stupid and pointless.
* At few points during the beginning of the show the amplification stopped working (Ramat Gan stadium is not a good place for rock, let alone metal shows) - didn't bother me though, I was in the golden ring.
* Lars kept getting out of rhythm, THAT was very annoying.

Overall - very good show.
If I could rank it, I would've given it an 8.1.

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