SRB, Novi Sad - Nanowar: Balkans Trur Of Steel


Nanowar Of Steel

Location: Serbia, Novi Sad
Date: 28 May 2007

All dates of this tour

Date City Audience
16.05.2007 ITA, Roma
18.05.2007 ITA, Verona
19.05.2007 ITA, Udine
20.05.2007 AUT, Vienna
21.05.2007 SLO, Ljubljana 2
22.05.2007 SLO, Maribor 1
Date City Audience
24.05.2007 CRO, Rijeka 1
25.05.2007 CRO, Zagreb
28.05.2007 BIH, Sarajevo 1
28.05.2007 SRB, Novi Sad
29.05.2007 BUL, Sofia 1
03.06.2007 ITA, Bari


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28.05.2007 - 14:56
The Bard
Dudes, this concert was last night, and not in Belgrade, in Novi Sad...
I know that, I was there... anyway, complete waste of time, they are not bad, but their jokes and sketches are so stupid...
They are good guys though
They say that we are gone but I can't let you down
The heathen faith will rise again we won't fail now
I know we cannot die forever is our time
Give my people back to me free from Christianity!!!!

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