GER, Essen - Autumn Depression

Location: Germany, Essen (Zeche Carl)
Date: 14 October 2011
Organizer: Stage Secrets
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Statement by Kim of Lifelover:

"I made this very clear from the beginning and I will mention it again, Lifelover will NOT be performing. The last performance with Lifelover was on a day most fitting for the last show. However as Hypothermia is present on this evening and the other members of Lifelover are not only fans but friends of Hypothermia as well as several friends and collaborators from Belgium being there we all intend to put together a hell of a tribute-show to our friend that won't disappoint anyone going to this event! Especially considering what kind of music it is and you can ask anyone who witnessed our collaboration in tribute to Jonas before the last show in Rotterdam, many claiming to never have been as moved by a performance. Unfortunately it was on a sunday and they had to stop any higher soundlevels quite early so it was only possible to do a very short version of an otherwise much longer song which consists of riffs I've previously shown Jonas which he has adored so for my brother/friend I'm setting up something nothing less than the most powerful, emotional and intense performance anyone could dream of.

Lifelover won't ever perform live again but members from the now dead Lifelover will be there in honour of our friend and do a performance, that is a big difference in words but not in action!

Kind regards,
Kim, on behalf of Lifelover"


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