EST, Järvakandi - Rabarock 2006

Location: Estonia, Järvakandi
Date: 09-10 June 2006
Organizer: Eesti Rockfestival OÜ


Festival passport EEK 550

1-day ticket EEK 400
Buy at


Friday, 9th June:
15:30 Slide-Fifty - ISIC Stage
16:30 Cleaning Women (FIN) - Jäger Stage
17:30 J.M.K.E - ISIC Stage
18:30 Suburban Tribe (FIN) - Jäger Stage
19:45 Brides In Bloom - ISIC Stage
20:45 Oomph! (GER) - Jäger Stage
22:15 No-Big-Silence - ISIC Stage
23:30 The Misfits (USA) - Jäger Stage

Saturday, 10th June:
13:00 Ultima Thule - ISIC Stage
14:00 Korpiklaani (FIN) - Jäger Stage
15:15 Rosta Aknad - ISIC Stage
16:15 Hardcore Superstar (SWE) - Jäger Stage
17:30 Onu Bella Band - ISIC Stage
18:45 Negative (FIN) - Jäger Stage
20:00 The Skreppers (FIN) - ISIC Stage
21:00 Kreator (GER) - Jäger Stage
22:30 Metsatöll - ISIC Stage
23:45 The Cooper Temple Clause (UK) - Jäger Stage


Rabarock 2006 camping area is located here (map)
Camping area will be opened on Friday, 9th of June at 11:00
Camping area will be closed on Sunday, 11th of June at 14:00

Camping tickets are only for the visitors of the festival.
Camping fee is 25 EEK (1.60 EUR) per person.
The fee must be paid at the camping area gate. Campers will get appropriate wristband.

NB! Only campers will be allowed to the camping area.


At the camping area it is not allowed to:
- make fire. This also applies to so-called one-time grills and regular grills
- glass containers


Camping area has its own toilets.
Organizers would like to ask you not to pollute the camping area and to put all trash into appropriate bins.


In the close proximity of the camping area there is a special parking lot for campers.
The fee per car is 25 EEK (1.60 EUR) (single entrance).
NB! It is not allowed to park cars at the camping area. It is not allowed to linger in the parking lot except for going in and out of your car.

Rabarock 2006 regulations

Festival guests should obey the festival rules and directions given by the staff at festival grounds in order to guarantee themselves pleasant stay and atmosphere.
- Guests are allowed entrance with a ticket or a wristband exchanged for the ticket
- The festival grounds are open for guests on 9th of June 14.00 - 01.00 and on 10th of June 12.00 - 01.00. Staying in the area at some other time is prohibited.
- Visitors with their luggage must go through security check. Should the visitor refuse to go through the check, the staff may deny the visitor entrance to the festival.
- If the visitor acts aggressively or disturbingly, doesn't obey the staff's instructions or cannot be at the festival due to some other conditions, he or she may be denied entrance and be removed from the grounds.
- Bringing any drinks in any package to the festival is prohibited. If asked, the visitor must provide valid ID in order to purchase alcohol.
- Possession and use of drugs is prohibited.
- Audio-video equipment and professional cameras are prohibited.
- The visitor is not allowed to bring any dangerous objects or substances to the festival. These include:
* All sorts of knives of any blade-length
* Anything that can be used as a weapon
* Glass containers
* Fireworks and explosives
* Any weapons
- Pets are not allowed to the festival grounds
- Bicycles are not allowed to the festival grounds, for a fee these can be left at the parking lot near camping area.
- Lighting and making a fire at the festival grounds or camping area is prohibited.
- Visitors can stay and move only in designated areas and places.
- It is not allowed to remove or modify any of the objects (like posters, rulesheets, directions, lighting) owned by the organizing staff at the festival grounds and its proximity.
- All thefts, break-ins, money shams, violence and other unlawful activities will be reported to the police.
- Visitors are not allowed to conduct business and sales without prior permission from the festival organizers.
- Throwing objects at performers is prohibited. Visitors not complying with this rule will be removed immediately and submitted to the police. The police will fill necessary papers to demand reparations from the offender.
- Visitors removed from the festival grounds due to violation of rules will not be refunded their ticket.
- It is not allowed to throw trash to the ground at festival grounds and its proximity. Trash should be thrown into designated bins only.
- Staying and camping on private properties and other non-designated areas around the festival grounds is prohibited.

The organizers, festival security and the police would like to guarantee a peaceful flow of the event and to provide visitors with pleasant and secure atmosphere.

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Security cameras:


The Misfits
Hardcore Superstar
Suburban Tribe
The Cooper Temple Clause
Cleaning Women
Rosta Aknad
The Skreppers
Brides In Bloom
Ultima Thule
Onu Bella Bänd

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