EST, Tallinn - Rockstar's/Woodstock

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Type: Club
Location: Estonia, Tallinn
Tatari 6

The two-storey Rockstar's/Woodstock „consortium" is the nerve centre for all metal activities in Tallinn. Situated right in the middle of Tallinn City, it hails everything that's good and true.

If classic/southern/blues rock or country is what you're after, then Woodstock is your place. If you wanna have a great time indulging in the pleasures of alcohol and pool, or you just wanna have an afternoon cup of tea (or scotch), step right in and you're greeted by a cozy atmosphere and friendly faces.

Downstairs you'll find a whole other dimension - when it comes to metal, Rockstar's makes little compromises. The club has a neat interior with a lot of attributes to suit your darkest needs. Regular DJ sets and smaller concerts keep this place busy, and loud.


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