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Bal-Sagoth - Band Update

UK symphonic black metal band Bal-Sagoth has released a new update stating there are no concrete plans for a new album anytime soon. This information was offered up by the band's vocalist Byron "Lord" Roberts on the band's MySpace page: "Hail to all Bal-Sagoth fans! It's a question we get asked fairly frequently, so just to clarify the situation and eliminate any rumours before they spiral out of control, here is the current state of play regarding possible future Bal-Sagoth albums. Alas, contrary to what you might have heard, there are still currently no definite plans for a new Bal-Sagoth album."


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Bal-Sagoth - Parts Ways With Drummer, Replacement Announced

The following update was posted on Nuclear Blast Records website:

"Britannia´s symphonic War Metal heroes Bal-Sagoth and drummer Dan Mullins have officially parted ways. Mullins is replaced full time by Paul "Wak" Jackson, who also assumed kit duties for Bal-Sagoth during their two most recent live shows. Paul is also the drummer for the bands Extreme Maggot Infestation and Decimation of Truth. Bal-Sagoth released their current and highly acclaimed album "The Chthonic Chronicles" in March 2006."

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Bal-Sagoth - Headliner For Heathen Crusade Metalfest II

Bal-Sagoth has been confirmed as the headliner of the second annual Heathen Crusade festival, set to take place January 19-20 at the Station 4 in St. Paul, Minnesota. Also newly confirmed for the event are Grey Skies Fallen and Vesperian Sorrow. The festival billing is now shaping up as follows:

Dark Forest
Grey Skies Fallen
Hordes Of Yore
Vesperian Sorrow
Will Of The Ancients

Related to Heathen Crusade Metalfest II.


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Event: Heathen Crusade Metalfest II
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Bal-Sagoth - The Sixth Album is Complete

Work on the long awaited sixth BAL-SAGOTH album is finally complete. Exact release date through Nuclear Blast is at the time of this writing unknown. Keep checking the "Latest" box for news on the release date.
The album title and full tracklisting is as follows:

The Chthonic Chronicles

1) The Sixth Adulation Of His Chthonic Majesty
2) Invocations Beyond The Outer-World Night
3) Six Score And Ten Oblations To A Malefic Avatar
4) The Obsidian Crown Unbound
5) The Fallen Kingdoms Of The Abyssal Plain
6) Shackled To The Trilithon Of Kutulu
7) The Hammer Of The Emperor
8) Unfettering The Hoary Sentinels Of Karnak
9) To Storm The Cyclopean Gates Of Byzantium
10) Arcana Antediluvia
11) Beneath The Crimson Vaults Of Cydonia
12) Return To Hatheg-Kla

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Bal-Sagoth - Update On New Album

The following message was posted on the band's website:

"In November, the final stages of the recording and the mixing session will at last take place. The release date is currently scheduled for March 2006. Watch for the announcement of the album title and the song titles during the coming weeks.

The major revamp and overhaul of The Official Bal-Sagoth Website will continue imminently, including the newly expanded version 2.0 of the Bal-Sagoth Glossary, a dedicated Lyrics section, exclusive new Martin Hanford artwork, new live shots from the archives, and much more."

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Tuska - Bal-Sagoth Cancelled


- Bal-Sagoth Cancels
- Skyclad added to the roster

Tuska Open Air Metal Festival in Kaisaniemi, Helsinki, during 15.-17.7. has made a slight but very regrettable change in the program.

British cult band Bal-Sagoth have been forced to cancel their performance. For some time now, the band has stated on their web site that the recordings of their forthcoming album are still on their final
stages. Due to this we received the following messege from the band's frontman Byron:

"BAL-SAGOTH will regrettably not now be playing the Tuska Open Air Metal Festival in Helsinki, Finland as previously planned. This is due to the fact that the band are in the final stages of recording the long awaited and much delayed sixth and final album, and all available time and effort is being directed towards the completion of the opus. However, BAL-SAGOTH greatly look forward to playing in Helsinki and meeting their steadfast Finnish supporters later in the year once the sixth album has been completed."

Plans for a club show in Helsinki this autumn are currently under way.

Replacing Bal-Sagoth will be another British forerunner of Folk Metal, Skyclad. The band was formed in Newcastle in 1990 and today Skyclad is regarded as a classic in the Folk Metal scene. Skyclad was one of the first to combine traditional metal with folk influences in a way that has attracted a large number of followers. Skyclad's last studio album A Semblance Of Normality was released in 2004.

Right before their Tuska-show, Skyclad will perform two days in a row at the Dong-Festival in Germany with a regular performance on Friday and an acoustic one on Saturday. Skyclad will perform at Tuska on Sunday 17th of July at 16:45 on the Sue Stage.

There are still a few hundred tickets left for Friday, all other tickets are sold out. Remaining tickets for Friday cost 32 euro each and they are sold at Tiketti ( and Lippupalvelu (

Tickets for the evening clubs are sold only at Tiketti and cost 6-8euro.
Tickets for NightLife Rock are available only at the festival site and at the door of the club.

Additional Information:

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Bal-Sagoth - Update On The New Album

Writing and preliminary recording of the sixth BAL-SAGOTH album is proceeding concurrently, with the final completion date scheduled for the spring. The running time of the sixth album will be somewhere around 60 to 70 minutes. A detailed press release concerning the opus will be unveiled exclusively here at the Official Bal-Sagoth Website to coincide with the completion of recording, and will include the disclosure of the album title and the individual track titles. A release through Nuclear Blast is scheduled for July 2005.

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A group of news from Bal-Sagoth

The writing of the long awaited sixth BAL-SAGOTH album is now at last nearing completion, and additionally some preliminary recording has commenced. The majority of the recording phase is scheduled to commence in full during the early autumn. A detailed press release concerning the sixth album will be unveiled exclusively at the Official Bal-Sagoth Website and to coincide with the official commencement of principal recording. Expect a release through Nuclear Blast during the first quarter of 2005.

BAL-SAGOTH are pleased to announce the recruitment of new drummer Dan Mullins, who will forthwith be assuming all drumming duties with the band. Dan's first appearance with BAL-SAGOTH will be the Wacken Open Air festival in August.

BAL-SAGOTH are appearing at this year's Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany. Details of the BAL-SAGOTH appearance are as follows.DATE: 7th August. TIME: 12:00-12:30 PM. STAGE: Black Stage. For further information on the event, visit

New items of BAL-SAGOTH merchandise currently available from Rock Bottom include: Bal-Sagoth logo t-shirts and longsleeves (featuring both solid and hollow logo variations), two versions of the Bal-Sagoth logo "girlie" fit shirts, Bal-Sagoth logo hotpants (a truly essential garment for the discerning female Bal-Sagoth fan), string tangas & "spaghetti" tank tops, Bal-Sagoth logo hooded tops, and Bal-Sagoth logo embriodered baseball caps (a much requested item now finally being made vailable). dditionally, garments featuring exclusive new full colour designs by artist Martin Hanford will be released to coincide with the launch of the sixth album. Visit for details.

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BAL-SAGOTH - new album finished soon!

UK-based Black/Death quintet BAL-SAGOTH has nearly finished the writing of the long awaited sixth studio album and will enter the studio soon. The yet untitled record shall be released during the fourth quarter of 2004 through Nuclear Blast.

Furthermore drummer Dave Mackintosh has decided to leave the band to concentrate full time on his other musical projects. BAL-SAGOTH's show at the Wacken Open Air 2004 will be Dave's final concert with the band. A new drummer shall be announced soon.

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Bal-Sagoth: report from writing sessions

UK black/death metallers BAL-SAGOTH have written the following message on their official website:

"The writing of the long awaited sixth BAL-SAGOTH album is continuing, and the new material is sounding truly phenomenal. Fans of everything BAL-SAGOTH have crafted, from the debut album to the most recent opus, will truly find the forthcoming sixth album a wondrous and enthralling voyage into the darksome realms of sinister avant-garde black/death metal! Barbaric, baroque, bombastic... BAL-SAGOTH! Recording is expected to begin during the depths of winter, with a release through Nuclear Blast during the second quarter of 2004."

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The writing of the long awaited sixth Bal-Sagoth album is continuing, and the new material is said to be sounding truly phenomenal. Recording is expected to begin during the depths of winter, with a release during the spring of 2004.

The cover artwork by renowned fantasy artist Martin Hanford is now complete, as are the interior booklet illustrations by both official artists Martin Hanford and Samuel Santos.

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