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Chaosanct - New Band Featuring Ex-COF Guitarist And Ex-Biomechanical Drummer

Chaosanct are the latest UK based metal act which features among it's members former Cradle Of Filth guitarist James McIlroy and former Biomechanical drummer Matt C.

The complete Chaosanct is:

James McIlroy - Guitar
Matt C - Drums
Dave R Kuchta - Vocals
Andrew Ongley - Guitar
Tilman Wolff-Moore - Bass

Chaosanct as an entity has been in existence since January '08. Having jammed together way back in the mists of time, a chance re-union at an infamous London Venue saw Andy & James decide to team up and put together something new & exciting. Devoid of all the headaches and difficulties of previous projects, this project has come to embody a sense of freedom and a desire to excel

The search was on to find the right members, people with passion, understanding & drive to succeed. First Dave brought his individual vocal style to the table, having known James for a number of years. On Daves recommendation, Tilman also joined to handle bass duties. Finally in early '08, on the recommendation of Adrian Erlandsson (At the Gates, The Haunted, Cradle of Filth), Matt completed the rhythm section on drums.

Having completed a 4 track industry demo, work is continuing at a heady pace. Keep your eyes peeled in the coming months for exciting revelations and incendiary live shows.

For more information, visit


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Biomechanical - Announce New Bassist

Following the completion of their new album "Cannibalised" Biomechanical have also completed their line up, with the addition of ex-DragonForce bassist Adrian Lambert.

A blog posted on the band's MySpace page goes as follows:

"We are very happy to announce that the Biomechanical line-up is now complete with the addition of bassist Adrian Lambert! Adrian also plays with Son of Science and has also played for Dragonforce and Intense. His fast and furious bass style is exactly what the band was looking for! The band will get together soon and will get ready for touring the new Biomechanical album Cannibalised (out Feb 2008)."

Biomechanical frontman John K commented the following:

"Its no secret that its a bit of a bitch to find good bass players and I was thrilled when Adrian contacted me. I also had people from Europe and the UK applying for the job and some of them were of very high standards . But after checking Adrian's playing I realized the logical next step would be to welcome him to the band!"

Adrian stated:

"Its really exciting to be playing with a world-class act like Biomechanical. I've been into the band since I got The Empires of the Worlds album back when I was still playing in DragonForce, so it's quite incredible for me to be playing with Biomechanical now. John K's assembled an insanely talented new line-up - he's had to get the best because of the complexity and scope of the new album Cannibalised."

Commenting further on the band's third album, which is set for a February 2008 release date, Adrian states:

"You've got the bombastic film score stuff, you've got the crushing extreme metal riffs and solos… Hell, you've even got some heart-breaking vocal melodies in there as well as John's trademark screams! I think there's more of a groove to this album than 'Eight Moons' and 'Empires….' but it's also even more extreme and brutal than previous releases. I feel that Biomechanical are breaking a lot of boundaries with Cannibalised and I'm proud to be a part of the team taking this album out on the road".

You can check out an advance track here.


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Biomechanical - New Track Online

UK Epic-Thrash metallers Biomechanical have announced the completion of their upcoming release "Cannibalised", mixed by famed producer Chris Tsangarides (Judas Priest). The band have posted an exclusive advance track entitled 'Fallen In Fear' on their MySpace page for fans to get a taste of what to expect from the hotly anticipated release, currently streeting in February 2008.

To listen to the track head to

Biomechanical frontman John K, who recently recruited new members Jonno Lodge (drums) and Gus Drax and Chris Van Hayden on guitars, had this to say about the 'Cannibalised' project which is the closing chapter of the story which began with their 2003 debut release 8 Moons.
"There are no compromises on this album. It's Metal without boundaries and as much energy as we could possibly deliver. "Cannibalised" brings a dark closure to the debut and the Earache released album The Empires of the Worlds.
All the elements of the other albums are there but with a much heavier sound and more aggression. The songwriting follows the emotional pull of each individual track, going from heavily orchestrated tracks to full-on Metal. It was a long journey getting this album done but now it's completed with the help of Chris Tsangarides and Jon Ashley with whom we finally managed to deliver "Cannibalised". From the Cover Art side of things Nat Jones has astonished us once again! Huge thanks go to to these guys and looking forward taking this album on the road!!"


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Biomechanical - Announce New Drummer

The following message was posted on Progressive Thrash metal band Biomechanical's official website:

"We are very pleased to announce that Jonno Lodge, a very talanted 18 year old drummer from Doncaster will be fulfilling the drumming duties for Biomechanical.

I can't quite believe that we got somebody in just a few days! The response for the drumming position has been overwhelming and I would like to thank all who contacted us.

Jonno is an avid Dream Theater fan which makes it easier for us to gel with him in terms of time signature changes etc. Has been playing the drums since the age of four and is classically trained.

After watching his solo realised the potential of this collaboration could be awesome and the only logical thing after hearing him play was to offer him the job! So would like to welcome the dude in the band and to say that we are looking forward to working with him!"

Here is a short video with Jonno at his drum kit.


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Biomechanical - Parts Ways With Drummer

The following message was posted by frontman John K on Biomechanical's official MySpace page:

"Unfortunately Matt C has left Biomechanical for personal reasons. He is one of the best drummers we had the fortune to work with and we wish him all the best!
We are just about to finish our third album but it seems the release will be delayed as a result of the live situation plus the record label wants to make sure that the release will happen on a time where it will get it's maximum support. Will announce the new release date soon.''

Biomechanical are on the lookout for a drummer.
For any inquiries please email


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Biomechanical - New Album Update

UK epic progressive metallers Biomechanical began the mixing process of their new album, "Cannibalised", on June 18 with legendary producer Chris Tsangarides (Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy).

Commented Biomechanical frontman John K.: "This is the second time we will be working with the legendary Chris Tsangarides! We have had several discussions about the direction of the sound and I feel that he is the one to create the sound I have in my head as a producer. Also even though Chris is very much a modern producer he can bring old-school sensibilities on the sound front and this excites the hell out of me!! I honestly can't wait to get started!
To get to "Cannibalised" we looked back to our previous albums and made sure that the Biomechanical sound wouldn't evaporate on a firewall of heaviness. "Cannibalised" is heavier than our other albums but at the same time melodic and does incorporate the film scoring orchestral type of work that defines the sound of our band."

"Cannibalised" tracklisting:

01. Fallen in Fear
02. The Unseen
03. Cannibalised
04. Breathing Silence
05. Predatory
06. Slow the Poison
07. Consumed
08. Reborn in Damnation
09. Through Hatred Arise
10. Violent Descent

Also the band's bassist, Jon Collins, has issued the following update:

"John K and Chris Tsangarides were recording Chris Webb's solos when a strong smell of electrical fire started to fill the room. Right after that, smoke started coming out of the desk's power supply and it eventually caught fire! Chris ran out of the main room and grabbed the fire extinguisher. Thankfully it was put out straight away. Just a few more minutes and the whole thing would go up in flames! Just a small glitch…
Biomechanical recordings will restart as soon as the desk is back on line."

"Cannibalised" is slated for a September 21 release in the UK and will hit the US later this fall.


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Biomechanical - Announce New Album Title

U.K. progressive epic thrash metallers Biomechanical have set "Cannibalised" as the title of their upcoming album, tentatively due April 2007 via Earache Records. The follow-up to 2005's "The Empires of the Worlds" will be recorded at vocalist John K.'s studio beginning in November. The mixing sessions will take place in January.

Commented John K.:

"We've started writing non-stop for the new album and so far the songs sound ripping!! We're very exited about the new stuff. It will be as heavy as, if not heavier than, "The Empires of the Worlds", but with more melodic writing within the tracks, something that has been a Biomechanical trademark. The orchestral writing will be intense and the solos will be ripping as ever, so we can't wait to record this mutha!!"

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Biomechanical - New Album, Mp3 Online

The album, mixed by Andy Sneap, will be out in April/May 2005. The title track "Empires Of The Worlds" is available for download here.


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