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03.04Detonation - New Video Online
03.01Detonation - Line-Up Changes
08.03Detonation - New Album Finished
18.08Detonation - Will Enter The Studio This Weekend
23.03Detonation - Recording New Album Next Month
23.10Detonation - UK Tour Announced And New Album Update
13.10Detonation - Permanent Drummer Announced
28.05Detonation - Session Drummer Announced
02.05Detonation - Part Ways With Drummer Thomas Kalksma
18.03Detonation - Announces New Guitarist
11.02Detonation - Extra Show In India
15.01Detonation - Cancels UK Shows
12.01Detonation - Headlining Avalanche Festival In Delhi, India
08.01Detonation - To Perform In India February 2008
12.10Detonation - New (Ancient) Track On-line

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Detonation - New Video Online

"Washing Away The Blood", the new video from Dutch Gothenburg metal band Detonation, can now be watched below.

The clip was shot by Framecat film and video productions.

"Washing Away The Blood" comes off the band's latest album Reprisal, which was released earlier this week, March 31st, as a self-released album due to the fact the band are still unsigned after their Osmose Productions contract ended. More album details were previously reported over here.


Band profile: Detonation
Posted: 03.04.2011 by BudDa | Comments (4)

Detonation - Line-Up Changes

Dutch Gothenburg metal band Detonation has gone gone through some serious line-up changes recently. Guitarist Mike Ferguson (ex-Kutschurft checked in with the following message:

"We have some good and some sad news!

Sad news first... we parted ways with 3 band members recently. Danny Tunker (guitar) and Michiel van der Plicht (drums) have gone on to seek their fame and fortune with God Dethroned and Prostitute Disfigurement. Due to their busy schedules it was impossible to keep playing in Detonation. However, we parted as friends and wish them good luck and much success in these bands.

Also, after 12 years in Detonation Otto Schimmelpenninck (bass) has decided to leave the band. His busy schedule with Delain prohibited his 100% focus and attention for Detonation, and as he did not think this was fair towards us, he respectfully gave up his role as bass player for Detonation. We will miss Otto as a friend and also wish him much success with Delain!


Band profile: Detonation
Posted: 03.01.2011 by Abattoir | Comments (1)

Detonation - New Album Finished

Dutch melodic death metallers Detonation have issued the following great news:

"Finally! The new album is finished. We have set Reprisal as the title for our 4th full length album. We're very pleased with the outcome of this CD, it's heavier than anything we've done in the past, and the songs also feel more personal and in your face. Our new band mates Michiel and Danny also put their mark on it, and both did an excellent job on Reprisal. We have uploaded the song "There is no turning Back" for you guys to check out. But as always, it's difficult to capture the whole albums' vibe with just 1 song. But anyway, check it out and let us know what you think!"


Band profile: Detonation
Posted: 08.03.2010 by Thryce | Comments (9)

Detonation - Will Enter The Studio This Weekend

Detonation will begin recording their 4th studio album this weekend. Vocalist Koen Romeijn states:

"This weekend, Michiel (a.k.a. "Plicht") will kick off the pre-production of our 4th studio album. He's got the weekend scheduled to record all the drum tracks for 9 new, brutal songs. In the producers' chair we have our good friend Harry van Breda (I-Chaos).

After this, Michiel will start touring across the world with God Dethroned until mid November. So in the meantime, we will work on the recordings, and get this thing rolling again. Can't wait to get into that whole recording process again, it's been almost 3 years since we recorded "Emission Phase", so it's about time goddamnit!


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Posted: 18.08.2009 by Abattoir | Comments (9)

Detonation - Recording New Album Next Month

Detonation have shared that they will be hitting the studio next month to start recording their fourth full length album. The following message was posted by the band on their myspace page:

"We had a blast in the UK during the past week! Despite 2 shows being cancelled we did have a couple a very nice shows and one hell of a good time. Major thanks go out to the guys from Bloodshot Dawn, especially to Josh, who have been so kind to accommodate us, help us book the shows and support us on every one of them! Thanks as well to all other bands that supported us as well as everyone that showed up on the show, we hoped you guys enjoyed the new songs!

New songs are also what we'll be focussing on the upcoming period. We have a fair amount of new material finished and will most likely hit the studios next month to records a couple of new songs. These recordings will mainly be to see how the new songs and line-up work out in de studios, but if they turn out well we might put something here on MySpace as well."


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Posted: 23.03.2009 by Jaowel | Comments (2)

Detonation - UK Tour Announced And New Album Update

Koen Romeijn from Detonation has issued the following update on the band's website:

"Hey everybody,
We've got a really cool UK tour coming up next years' March, which will be our first trip to the UK in our new line-up!

March 13th - Tigga's Bar, Exeter
March 14th - London (TBA)
March 15th - Brighton Audio
March 16th - The Gander, Bournemouth
March 17th - The Queens, Weymouth
March 18th - Portsmouth or Bristol (TBA)
March 19th - The Star, Guildford (TBA)

Joining us (and also arranging the tour) is Bloodshot Dawn MySpace], a great and talented band from the South of the UK.

More details soon!

Work on the new album is going well in the meantime, 3 killer tracks have been finished, and sections for another 8-10 tracks are ready to be turned into the most intense stuff we've done, ever. This shit is sounding awesome!!"


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Event: Detonation: UK Tour
Posted: 23.10.2008 by White Winter Sun | Comments (1)

Detonation - Permanent Drummer Announced

Even though certain media already beat us to it:

We are very proud and excited to announce that Michiel van der Plicht (ex Prostitute Disfigurement, Toxocara) has decided to join Detonation permanently. We are positive that his skills will help bring the band to a new and even more powerful level.
A week ago, we started practicing the new songs in the practice space. Apart from being a big challenge to play it sounds like we're writing some of our most intense and brutal (not to mention fastest) stuff ever.

So we welcome our beer drinking drum machine with open arms and bad livers.

See ya,

Mike on behalf of Detonation.


Band profile: Detonation
Posted: 13.10.2008 by Marcel H. | Comments (5)

Detonation - Session Drummer Announced

Detonation have posted the following update:

"After a couple of try-outs we found the perfect guy to help us out for the upcoming shows, namely Michiel van der Plicht (Toxocara, Prostitute Disfigurement)! Michiel is without doubt one of the most talented Death metal drummers in Holland, and a cool guy to work with! All shows that are scheduled for now will be played with Michiel on drums, starting with next friday when we headline the Peppel in Zeist together with Izegrim. Many thanks go to Michiel for helping us out!!

In the meantime we will continue our search for a new permanent drummer. So get in touch if you are interested!"


Band profile: Detonation
Posted: 28.05.2008 by SlaytallicA | Comments (2)

Detonation - Part Ways With Drummer Thomas Kalksma

Dutch death/thrash metal act Detonation have announced parting ways with drummer Thomas Kalksma. Kalksma was one of the original founders of the band and had been part of Detonation for over ten years. Commented by the band: "It was a very hard decision to make, but in the end both Thomas and the band agreed it would be better to part ways. We've had differences of opinion on the future of Detonation and these differences eventually where too strong to overcome. There are no hard feelings mutually and Detonation wish Thomas all the best for his future musical career."

Thomas' statement:

"I regret and feel very glad simultaneously to be leaving Detonation. After a lot of big ups an downs in this band, I feel that the abovementioned differences in opinion took away my passion for this band. Despite the fact that I've been jamming with Koen even before Detonation started, and the fact that i've put alot of effort in this band, I felt a huge need for change during the past months. Therefore i'll move forward and will focus on my other musical activities. I'm also open to interesting offers.


Band profile: Detonation
Posted: 02.05.2008 by Marcel H. | Comments (2)

Detonation - Announces New Guitarist

After playing together in the same line-up for over 10 years, Dutch melodic thrashers Detonation are now making their first ever line-up change.

The band has welcomed Danny Tunker (also Fuelblooded, The Saturnine) to the ranks to handle the guitar. This automatically means that co-founder Koen Romeijn (Guitar/Vocals) will lay down his guitar within Detonation, and that he will be focusing on the vocals only from this point on.

Commented vocalist Koen Romeijn:

We all felt the need for a change within Detonation, and I had been thinking about focusing on the vocals for quite some time now, so I decided to bring in my idea to the group. Mike, Otto and Thomas were all quite shocked that this decision came from me, but they were all positively surprised. Danny, besides being one of our closest friends, is easily one of the best guitar players in the Netherlands, and we all believe that he is the only person suitable for the job. So from now on, he will be handling my guitar parts, and I will start focusing my energy on the vocals, which without doubt will be a positive change for our live shows and performance and most important; our future albums! As for the creative aspect, I will still function as one of the songwriters for Detonation, as I have been doing since the beginning of this band, so no worries for the die-hard Detonation fans haha! I personally can't wait for Danny to join us on stage and in the writing process of our upcoming 4th album!


Band profile: Detonation
Posted: 18.03.2008 by Marcel H. | Comments (6)

Detonation - Extra Show In India

Extra show in India

Extra show in India! Detonation will be performing at the Eastwind Festival on the 24th of February. This fest is also in New Delhi. Just 2 more weeks now!

Band profile: Detonation
Event: Eastwind Festival
Posted: 11.02.2008 by Marcel H. | Comments (6)

Detonation - Cancels UK Shows

Detonation has posted the following statement on their myspace blog:

"We regret to announce we have to cancel the UK dates that where scheduled for April. It's been a hard decision to reach since we've been looking forward to playing the UK again, but unfortunately the risks involved (from a business point of view) were too great.

We very much appreciate the efforts made by Dark Balance Records, Boltdown and all bookers involved to organise this tour, and are bummed not to be able to take part. We'd like to stress the cancellation is purely based on the situation Detonation is in at the moment, and does not have anything to do with the bookers, venues or bands we're playing with. We hope to make up for it very soon.


Band profile: Detonation
Posted: 15.01.2008 by Bararey | Comments (0)

Detonation - Headlining Avalanche Festival In Delhi, India

*Detonation to headline Avalanche festival in Delhi, INDIA*

Dutch melodic thrashers Detonation are proud to announce headlining the Avalanche festival in Delhi, India on the 22nd of Februari. Avalanche festival is the heavy music part of the 4-day cultural Moksha festival (, a yearly event organised at the Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology (N.S.I.T.).

As stated by the band: "Up to now, India hasn't been the most obvious choice for metal bands to tour. Past few years however, the Indian metal scene has been growing rapidly with a new breed a quality metal bands emerging, and with renown international acts as Megadeth, Iron Maiden and Sepultura announcing tours to India. We're very excited to be among the first wave of international metal acts to play Indian and very proud to be the first heavy dutch act ever to do so".

Band profile: Detonation
Posted: 12.01.2008 by Marcel H. | Comments (0)

Detonation - To Perform In India February 2008

We're proud to announce we'll be headlining Avalanche festival in Delhi, India on February 22nd 2008! Avalanche festival is the heavy music part of the 4-day cultural Moksha festival at the Netaji Subhas Institue of Technology (N.S.I.T.). In addition we might be doing 1 or 2 club gigs after this festival, but we're still working on that.

Many thanks go out to Aditya Pangtey for all his efforts to get us to India! After one year of emailing and planning looks like it's finally going to happen!


Band profile: Detonation
Posted: 08.01.2008 by Marcel H. | Comments (10)

Detonation - New (Ancient) Track On-line

But in fact it's the oldest recording we could find . Through the Eyes of God" was recorded in the summer of 1998, when we were stilled called "Infernal Dream" and obviously much more influenced by black metal bands. The quality is pretty poor but we think it's very cool nevertheless, demonstrating how fucking "true" we were back then Check it out, it's the fifth song in our player on our MySpace profile!

Band profile: Detonation
Posted: 12.10.2007 by Marcel H. | Comments (0)

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