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01.03Hellsaw - To Split Up
28.06Hellsaw - Going On Indefinite Break
23.12Hellsaw - Unveil New Album Details
18.07Hellsaw - Enter The Studio
06.03Hellsaw - New Song Online
24.01Hellsaw - New Album Details
22.09Hellsaw - Sign To Napalm Records

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Hellsaw - To Split Up

After going on an indefinite break back in 2012, Austrian black metallers Hellsaw have now announced that they will split up for good. It was the frontman Quentin "Aries" "Q. Woe" Nicollet who announced it via the band's Facebook page. However, fans will have a final opportunity to see the band live on the Black 'n' Thrash Inferno festival in Germany at the end of March.


Source: facebook.com
Band profile: Hellsaw
Posted: 01.03.2015 by BloodTears | Comments (0)

Hellsaw - Going On Indefinite Break

Bad news for fans of Austrian black metallers Hellsaw. The band announced their intention to take an indefinite break from all activities. All scheduled tours and appearances during 2012/13 have been cancelled.


Source: patriciathomasmanagement.com
Band profile: Hellsaw
Posted: 28.06.2012 by Cynic Metalhead | Comments (6)

Hellsaw - Unveil New Album Details

Austrian black metallers Hellsaw have unveiled the album artwork and the tracklist for their new and upcoming effort entitled Trist. The album has been penned for a February 24th release via Napalm Records. The band will thereafter embark on a tour.


Source: facebook.com
Band profile: Hellsaw
Posted: 23.12.2011 by BudDa | Comments (0)

Hellsaw - Enter The Studio

Austrian black metallers Hellsaw entered Munich's Dreamsound Studios last week to begin recording their fourth full-length album. Titled Trist, the album will be the follow up to 2009's Cold and is due for release on Napalm Records in early 2012.

Frontman and founder Aries commented about the direction Hellsaw will take with the album: "The German word "Trist" is difficult to define exactly but if you think of various connotations of solemnity and sadness you'd be thinking along the right lines. Cold was more about melancholy, Trist is darker; it's like the scent of fine whiskey and damp earth.

As a band, we always prepare thoroughly before going into the studio, but this time we've rehearsed even more in order to perfect the sound for each track. We've also sought to redefine the Hellsaw sound, without losing our identity. There needs to be a certain amount of experimentation with each new album in order to bring the sound up to date. Without giving too much away, with Trist we believe we have found the perfect symbiosis between the old and new elements. All the songs are strong, and it will definitely kick ass."


Source: facebook.com
Band profile: Hellsaw
Posted: 18.07.2011 by Abattoir | Comments (3)

Hellsaw - New Song Online

Austrian metallers Hellsaw have posted online a new song, "Ache", on their MySpace page. Also edits from the song "Der Harzwald" are also available on the same page.

The two songs come off the band's third album, entitled "Cold", which will be released on March/April via Napalm Records. The release dates for individual countries are as follows:

March 25: Finland, Spain
March 27: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux, France, Italy, Sweden
March 30: Rest of Europe
April 7: USA, Canada

More details about the album were previously reported at this location.


Source: blogs.myspace.com
Band profile: Hellsaw
Posted: 06.03.2009 by Abattoir | Comments (0)

Hellsaw - New Album Details

"Cold" the third full-length album from Hellsaw, and the band's first on Napalm Records, is due to be released in Europe during March 2009, whilst the US and Canada releases will follow on in April.

"Cold" contains 13 tracks of the strongest and most intense songs from Hellsaw to date, and includes "Wounds", a track not written before the band started rehearsing for the new album, but was created out of the energy and intensity that developed as the band started to play the new material.

Also included will be a bonus DVD featuring Hellsaw appearances at the Ragnarok and Under The Black Sun Festivals, and at the Le Romandie venue in Lausanne, together with a photo gallery tracing the band's history from the very early days to the present time.


Source: blogs.myspace.com
Band profile: Hellsaw
Posted: 24.01.2009 by Abattoir | Comments (4)

Hellsaw - Sign To Napalm Records

Napalm Records press release:

"Austrian black metal mongrels Hellsaw are the latest addition to Napalm Records' evergrowing roster. The band, fronted by the charismatic Aries (ex-Sanguis), offers an unholy blend of dark melodies, pitch-black vocals, and infernal drums. The new Hellsaw opus "Cold" will be released in the spring of 2009."

Aries commented: "We are very proud to be a member of the Napalm family. Not only is it proof of our hard work, but also a major sign that Napalm Records return to their roots and put their faith in a fucked-up Austrian black metal band. We honor this sign of trust and in return will unleash our album "Cold" early next year. Fans can expect a composition of hate and brimstone, all-crushing blastbeats, and raw guitars filled with deep melancholy."

Source: blog.myspace.com
Band profile: Hellsaw
Posted: 22.09.2008 by Abattoir | Comments (1)