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Manticora - Working On New Album

After a hiatus of 5 years and the departure of the lead guitarist and bass player, Danish progressive metallers Manticora have announced that they are working on a new album and writing in ramming speed. The band aims to release of their 8th album in 2017. According to them, you can expect a video soon with material from the songwriting sessions.


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Manticora - Guitarist Left The Band

Lead guitarist Martin Arendal has left the progressive power metal band Manticora due to "personal reasons". For now, the band will continue focusing on writing new material as a four piece and will search for a new guitarist later.


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Manticora - New Album Details, European Tour Dates

Longstanding Danish metal band Manticora have completed the recordings of their 7th full length album, Safe, at Jailhouse Studios. Once again the album was produced and mixed under the guiding hands of Tommy Hansen (known for Jorn, Helloween, Pretty Maids).

Following the successful two-part Black Circus albums (released in 2006 and 2007 on now defunct Locomotive Music), Safe will see the band exploring a darker and heavier side of their songwriting than in recent years, and contrary to the simplicity of the album cover (a black/white cover only showcasing the band-symbol) Safe is filled with high-octane technical power-thrash.

Safe tracklist:

01. In The Abyss Of Desperation
02. Silence The Freedom
03. Complete
04. From The Pain Of Loss (I Learned About The Truth)
05. A Lake That Drained
06. Carrion Eaters
07. Safe
08. Embryonic Man

Upon renewing their deal for Japan with Stay Gold/Art Union Records for the release of the album, Manticora have signed with US based label Nightmare Records for the rest of the World. The releases in Europe and North America have been set for September 20th and 21st respectively.

In the same month, Manticora will embark on a headliner tour, presented by Rock Hard Magazine, throughout Europe. Support on the tour will come from Norwegian power/prog band Divided Multitude. The dates confirmed so far (more to follow):

Sep. 24 - Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany
Sep. 25 - Turock, Essen, Germany
Oct. 01 - Bastard Club, Osnabrueck, Germany
Oct. 02 - The Rock Temple, Kerkrade, Holland
Oct. 03 - De Pul, Uden, Holland
Oct. 04 - Nouveau Casino, Paris, France
Oct. 08 - EventStage, Zizers, Switzerland
Oct. 09 - Mephisto Club, Alessandria, Italy
Oct. 11 - Spinnerei, Traun, Austria
Oct. 12 - Reigen, Wien, Austria
Oct. 13 - Randal Club, Bratislava, Slovakia
Oct. 14 - Crazy Mama, Budapest, Hungary
Oct. 29 - The Rock, Copenhagen, Denmark


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Manticora - 1997 Mini-CD Available For Free Download

Manticora have made their very first mini-CD "Dead End Solution" available for free download. The band comments:

"A looooong time ago we decided to record a mini-CD to promote ourselves and to shop the result to a record label... You've probably heard this story before, since this is the traditional way to be heard by other people than your friends and family. We've always been hiding this release since the outcome could have been better, and the fact is that it simply sold out after a lot of concerts - and there was no need for us to re-print it, since we eventually landed the record deal.

"Dead End Solution" was recorded and mixed over a weekend due to the fact that we didn't have much money... anyway, you can judge the result yourselves. The story continues today and we've now released 6½ albums including this mini-cd.

Since our fans can't find "Dead End Solution" anywhere (other than split up as bonus tracks for our re-releases of the first 3 albums) and have been asking for it for years now, we've decided to put it on our website for FREE download. Consider this as a token of gratitude. We really appreciate the huge interest in this mini-cd - an interest that has been increasing every year. THANK YOU! So, here you go! - its yours for download."

The album "'Dead End Solution" was released in 1997 by the band and was recorded and mixed at El-Sound Studios, Denmark, mastered at Tocano, Denmark and produced and Mixed by Morten Bue. The mini-album was released under both the Manticore and Maniticora names.

"Dead End Solution" cover art] tracklist:

01. Dead End Solution
02. How?
03. In Silence
04. The Pain You Offer
05. In Your Face


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Jon Oliva's Pain - North American Tour With Circle II Circle And Manticora

The following was posted on Jon Oliva's Pain's my space page:

Jon Oliva's Pain, Circle II Circle, & Manticora will team-up for the first leg of the North American "Global Intrusions" tour this fall. This marks the first time that Jon Oliva (Jon Oliva's Pain, Savatage, Trans-Siberian Orchestra) & Zak Stevens (Circle II Circle, ex-Savatage) have toured together since their days in Savatage in 1999.

"Wow, it's certainly been a while since I have been able to get back on the road here in must be snowing in hell. It's going to be great touring in support of what I consider one of the best records of my career. We really pulled out all the stops for this one. Touring with Zak and the Circle II Circle guys is going to be a treat as well, especially for Savatage fans. We've got a few tricks up our sleeves so don't miss out as it may never happen again. Looking forward to seeing all of you soon" said Oliva. Stevens adds, "It's always special to perform on the same bill with Jon Oliva, especially here in the States! Obviously Jon has been a huge influence on my musical career and I remain one of his biggest fans. This tour will be a special event for all our fans that have enjoyed our work throughout the Savatage years and now into the new generation of Jon Oliva's Pain and Circle II Circle music."

Manticora's Lars Larsen states "For us, this is a great opportunity as we now get the chance to start in Europe with Oliva and then finish the party in North America with one of our biggest inspirations."

Dates to be announced soon.


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Manticora - New Keyboardist Announced

Danish metallers Manticora have posted the following announcement on their website:

"After 4 years of searching for a keyboarder that could join the band on the same terms as the rest of the band (not just a session keyboarder), we have finally found the man!! His name is Ronni Clasen, and he is living here in Copenhagen. Ronni is in his late 20'ies, listens to prog and power metal and is extremely talented = he fits Manticora very well, hahaha. Besides, he is a very cool guy to hang around with, so the social aspect is there as well. He has already performed with us at several occasions (Copenhagen, Romania, Germany), and passed the Manticora ritual at our annual X-mas lunch, so we know we have found the right guy for the job. You are welcome to send a big hello to Ronni on our forum. We think he'd appreciate it. Picture and profile will be updated later on, but there should already be some live pictures somewhere on this page.

The Mantidudes"


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Manticora - Cover Art Revealed And 2 Song Samples

16/04/2007 - The Black Circus 2 - cover and samples ...

Finally you can check out the cover for "The Black Circus Part 2 - Disclosure" in the ALBUMS section . In the MEDIA section you can listen to 2 two-minute samples from the album - please write us a message on the forum or on the guestbook and tell us what you think :-)

Rock on forever,
The Manti-dudes


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Manticora - New Album Distribution In France

As posted by the band through a MySpace bulletin:

Dear French Manticora fan,

As it has worked out, Replica Records have not been able to release our new album "The Black Circus" in France, but we have just been told that Massacre Records have made sure that the album is available in France now, through the distributor Soundworks/Season of Mist. So if you don't know what to give your brother or sister for Xmas, here is the perfect gift for them.

Please let people know about this, through posts at forums, blogs, emails, guestbooks etc, where you normally get your news about your metal.

Best regards and Merry Xmas.


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Manticora - Set Release Date For Upcoming Album

The release date for The Black Circus pt. 1 will be August 25th in Europe (August 28th in France). The American release date should be approximately the same, Japan and Korea release should follow up on these dates.

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Manticora - Lineup Change, To Enter In The Studio

The following message was posted on Manticora's website by the band:

"Hey everybody!

We can now announce that we have booked the "Jailhouse" studios from 7th April - 7th May, where we will record our new album(s) with Tommy Hansen (Helloween, TNT, Pretty Maids, Fate) pushing the buttons.

More information about the 2 albums (yes, you read it right - TWO albums!!!) will be on this site in a short while!

Now for something else ... we've chosen to part ways with Stefan Johansson after one year of good fun together. Stefan jumped in on guitar right before our European tour with Angra/Edenbridge, and he played with us on all our gigs in 2005. We had a lot of fun, and Stefan did a great job. However, we've found out during the writing-stages of the new material, that his writing-style just didn't fit to Manticora. So, we've decided to ask Martin Arendal once again to rejoin us for the recording of lead guitars on the new album(s). Thanks to Stefan for your time in Manticora - we wish you the best of luck!!!!

The Mantidudes"

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Manticora - Update On Recording Process

'As we haven't much new stuff to upload or tell you, we can just inform that we have now finished 4 songs for the next album. 2 songs are almost finished and we have 2 in working progress. This leaves only 2 songs to be "invented" as we will have exactly 10 songs on the new album (which according to the concept/theme cannot hold more than that amount of songs).'

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