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21.05Mithras - Rayner Coss Quits
04.11Mithras - Sign To Willowtip Records, New Album In 2014
06.09Mithras - Go Solo, New Song Online
20.12Mithras - Seek Live Rhythm Guitarist
30.09Mithras - Entire Brutal Assault Performance Online
11.01Mithras - Announce New Frontman
02.12Mithras - Rayner Coss To Depart
08.08Mithras - Drummer Rejoins, Now Available For Live Shows
12.05Mithras - Seek Live Drummer
15.03Mithras - Part Ways With Candlelight Records
20.07Mithras - Guitarist Launches Galactic Records
14.10Mithras - Complete Recording New Album
30.03Mithras - To Enter In The Studio
04.01Mithras - New Drummer, Update On New Album

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Mithras - Rayner Coss Quits

Mithras are down to one man. The remaining soldier, Leon Macey, has explained on the band's Facebook page that bassist/vocalist Rayner Coss has departed the band. Rayner Coss was one of the founding members along with Leon. The band has been preparing the release of their first full-length in nine years, On Strange Loops, but no release date has been officially announced.


Source: facebook.com
Band profile: Mithras
Posted: 21.05.2016 by Bad English | Comments (1)

Mithras - Sign To Willowtip Records, New Album In 2014

UK death metal titans Mithras have signed a deal with Willowtip Records for the release of their next album On Strange Loops, the awaited follow-up to Behind The Shadows Lie Madness (2007). The deal is only for North America and the band is still seeking other partnerships for Europe and the rest of the world. The new album will be out next year and promises to "warp your mind and destroy your eardrums". Alright then!


Source: facebook.com
Band profile: Mithras
Posted: 04.11.2013 by BloodTears | Comments (5)

Mithras - Go Solo, New Song Online

Leon has posted a demo version of new track "Time Never Lasts" from the forthcoming fourth album online. That can be heard at this location.

He has also posted this message on the band's official forum:

As anyone who's heard the track might have noticed, and some people are already aware; in addition to playing guitar and drums, I'm also doing vocals and bass on this track. So here comes the next announcement: the next Mithras record is going to be me flying solo, playing all the instruments and doing vocals. This was in some ways a very hard decision to make, but in other ways an astoundingly easy one, which I think is going to work out for the best for me personally, and isn't really a reflection on anyone else. I was fortunate enough to have many viable options on this record as to who could perform on it (from live and ex-members) but after very careful consideration regarding practicalities and all the hard work which goes into a new record, not to mention much soul searching, I decided the best possible outcome for the record was for me to work alone.


Source: mithras.org.uk
Band profile: Mithras
Posted: 06.09.2010 by Baz Anderson | Comments (5)

Mithras - Seek Live Rhythm Guitarist

For any hopefuls in the U.K.:

Mithras are searching for a rhythm guitarist to play live shows with the band throughout 2010 and beyond (one-off shows, festivals and possibly short tours).

We're looking for someone who is familiar with our material with a decent level of live show experience. Applicants must have their own professional level guitar equipment and be able to travel to the midlands to rehearse. They must also be a resident of the UK and hold a full passport.

We use two different guitar tunings A# and drop C# (detailed on the Mithras forum in the FAQ section).

Applicants must send a link to a video (preferably) or send an audio recording in mp3 format of them playing the song 'Worlds Beyond The Veil' - full tablature available here:


Source: mithras.org.uk
Band profile: Mithras
Posted: 20.12.2009 by Baz Anderson | Comments (1)

Mithras - Entire Brutal Assault Performance Online

Videos for the band's entire performance at this year's Brutal Assault in the Czech Republic have been uploaded onto youtube. This was the band's second show with new vocalist Sam Bean.

Videos can be found at these locations:

1/2 Lords And Masters / Under The Three Spheres
3/4 Tomb Of Kings / To Where The Sun Never Leaves
5 Wrath Of God
6 Beyond The Eyes Of Man
7 Worlds Beyond The Veil
8 Behind The Shadows


Source: youtube.com
Band profile: Mithras
Posted: 30.09.2009 by Baz Anderson | Comments (4)

Mithras - Announce New Frontman

As posted on Saturday the 10th of January, 2009, on the official Mithras website:

"Mithras would like to welcome Sam Bean (The Senseless/ex-The Berzerker) into the fold as their new vocalist/bassist. Sam was the only person asked to audition for the spot and dominated the tracks chosen for the audition with his brutal vocal delivery and deft basswork.

Founder/guitarist Leon Macey commented: "Since joining Sam in his band The Senseless back in 2007 (as drummer) we've been working together closely on the new The Senseless record 'The Floating World', so I know we gel extremely well musically and have a similar attitude and vision. This combined with the huge amount of band/live/industry experience he has from all the work he's done with The Berzerker makes him the perfect guy to take the role and help lift Mithras to the next level. We're going to get gig-ready asap then simultaneously start slaying audiences while working some more on the new Mithras record."


Source: mithras.org.uk
Band profile: Mithras
Posted: 11.01.2009 by Blood Red Moon | Comments (4)

Mithras - Rayner Coss To Depart

The end of an era, Rayner Coss departs Mithras

"I have some sad news for all our Mithras fans; the ZT Xmas bash on the 14th of December will be my last show with Mithras as I am leaving the band. I realise this may come as somewhat sudden news, but I have found myself increasingly unable to commit as much time to Mithras as a) I could like and b) it really requires of me. The result is that I'm holding the band back and putting increasing pressure on Leon and his own busy lifestyle, which has never been something I wanted to do as a band member or as a friend. I find myself with increasing commitments and responsibilities in my life which at this point in time could do with my full attention. This isn't to say I'm just going to disappear into the void, I'm still a massive fan of the band and will support it in all its pursuits and I'll still be around on the board and myspace. I have had a fantastic time writing, recording and rehearsing all the albums and music that has been written so far, it's been a huge part of my life that I have really enjoyed and am very proud of all we've accomplished.


Source: mithras.org.uk
Band profile: Mithras
Posted: 02.12.2008 by Baz Anderson | Comments (13)

Mithras - Drummer Rejoins, Now Available For Live Shows

English brutal death titans Mithras have left the following message:

"Following the recent search to fill the long vacant live drummer spot, Mithras have now chosen their man. Previous live drummer / guitarist Ben White (Of Orbeth) departed the band back in 2003 and through a chance meeting which led to an explosive audition, has returned to the fold and his old drum seat. To their relief, this puts the UK's revered extreme metal protagonists back on the circuit for live performances, something they have missed hugely and are keen to return to without delay.

Rayner Coss (oratory/bass) says of Ben's return: "It's great to have Ben, one of our former members back in the band; he knows the material fantastically and is perfect for the role. We auditioned him and he nailed 11 songs taken from all our albums right off the bat, so we're really excited and looking forward to getting on stage for some shows asap!"


Source: mithras.org.uk
Band profile: Mithras
Posted: 08.08.2008 by Baz Anderson | Comments (1)

Mithras - Seek Live Drummer

"Mithras are searching for a sticksman to man the kit at future live shows.

Applicants should be familiar with the Mithras material; be skilled with blastbeats / double kick drumming / and have decent general drumming ability.

Mithras aim to play a decent number of shows and possibly tour in 2009 and simply need a drummer to complete their live line-up.

The band asks potential candidates to contact them on the following email address: band@mithras.org.uk"

Source: mithras.org.uk
Band profile: Mithras
Posted: 12.05.2008 by Baz Anderson | Comments (4)

Mithras - Part Ways With Candlelight Records

Leon Macey from Mithras has posted the following statement:

"Firstoff, we're no longer signed to Candlelight Records. Although we signed with them for a possible three albums (of which "Behind The Shadows Lie Madness" was the first), Candlelight decided not to take up the option in our contract for what we're just calling "album four" atm, giving the reason that we don't tour. While we're not particularly disgruntled by this, it did come as a bit of a surprise given the fact we made them aware we weren't a touring band when they signed us (and we signed as a duo). However, the music industry has changed a lot over the last few years and it is definitely a different and harder market these days. Nonetheless, it was a great experience working with Candlelight on "Behind The Shadows..." and we wish them all the best for the future. Work continues on album four as I type this...


Source: mithras.org.uk
Band profile: Mithras
Posted: 15.03.2008 by Thryce | Comments (2)

Mithras - Guitarist Launches Galactic Records

Official Press Release, taken from Galactic Records MySpace Page:

"Founded by Mithras mastermind Leon Macey, Galactic Records launched in late 2006 and brought with it two debut releases from two very different artists: the UK's fastest-rising death metal contenders, Sarpanitum, and Welsh/Swedish atmospheric instrumental hybrid Sepia Dreamer.

"Sarpanitum are an anomaly in the UK death metal scene. Their debut for us, 'Despoilment Of Origin,' is a sophisticated and brutal release, and for such a young band, it's damn impressive!" says Leon of his first signing. "I was a big fan of Sepia Dreamer's first recording, 'Portraits Of Forgotten Memories,' and always believed that with a label brave enough to take the risk with a totally instrumental album they would go down really well with an extreme audience. 'The Sublime' isn't a shoe-gazing affair, but the emotional edge it displays should appeal to many as a welcome break from the barrage of blastbeats most extreme music fans have become accustomed to."


Source: myspace.com
Band profile: Mithras
Posted: 20.07.2007 by Thryce | Comments (3)

Mithras - Complete Recording New Album

After three years, UK death metal duo Mithras have completed work on their latest album, titled "Behind The Shadows Lie Madness".
The band's third record will be released worldwide by Candlelight Records and will feature art by Dan Seagrave who is known for his work with Morbid Angel, Entombed, Suffocation and many others. The release date should be announced soon.

The recording line up is as follows:
Leon Macey - guitars / drums
Rayner Coss - oratory / bass

Source: mithras.org.uk
Posted: 14.10.2006 by Thryce | Comments (8)

Mithras - To Enter In The Studio

Song writing for 'Behind The Shadows Lie Madness' is now completed and the album will feature 12 tracks. Mithras will soon enter Dreaming Studios to record the entire album, which will be produced by Leon Macey and Rayner Coss and will be completed over the next few months.

Mithras hope to gig and tour in support of the new album later in the year and an annoucement about their touring line-up will be made in due course.

Posted: 30.03.2006 by Metalforthespirit | Comments (0)

Mithras - New Drummer, Update On New Album

Mithras are very pleased to announce that their most recent recruit Sean Broster will be drumming on the as yet untitled 3rd album. This will be the follow up to the widely praised 'Worlds beyond the veil' and is scheduled to be recorded towards the end of 2005. Click here to see what Leon said about his shift from the drum seat and some more details on album 3.


Posted: 04.01.2005 by Metalforthespirit | Comments (0)