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Skyclad - Reveal New Album Details, Release Date

Today, Skyclad have finally revealed details about their upcoming 13th studio album. The long-awaited successor to 2009's In The... All Together will be released on the 28th of April and has been given the title Forward Into The Past. Featuring a lineup of six musicians for the first time since vocalist Martin Walkyier left the band in 2000, current vocalist/guitarist Kevin Ridley states that they have written songs "about politics, the environment and the music business and so on [...] mixed with the standard Skyclad fayre of traditional bawdy/drinking type of songs and songs with blues and more 'ethnic' feels." In other words, kind of what one could expect from the British folk metallers, but we will have to wait and see how the return of early-90's guitarist Dave Pugh has affected the sound.


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Skyclad - New Album Recorded

British folk metal pioneers Skyclad have their new album "in the bag," which was their preferred choice of words for telling us that their as-of-yet untitled 13th studio LP has been fully recorded in studio and is now awaiting mixing and mastering.


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Skyclad - New Album Coming In 2017

Skyclad has a new label. The legendary folk metallers have joined forces with French label Listenable Records. Eager fans will be pleased to know that the material that the band has been working on will be released next year as a full-length record. Their last album came out in the distant year of 2009, In The... All Together. Skyclad's yet unnamed first album on Listenable Records is scheduled for a release in Spring 2017. It will be the band's 13th studio album and marks the return of guitarist Dave Pugh to Skyclad's line-up as a permanent member.


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Skyclad - Working On New Material, Release Early Albums Compilation

British folk metal pioneers Skyclad show signs of life again. In February, they started working on new material for the successor to In The... All Together (2009). Skyclad plan to release this album, their 13th, within the next 12 months.


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Skyclad - Vocalist To Release Solo Album

Global Music are pleased to announce the release of Flying In The Face Of Logic, the first solo album from singer/songwriter Kevin Ridley - producer/vocalist with folk-metal pioneers Skyclad. The album will be released on July 4th.

Watch the video for the first single, "Point of Departure", below.

The album contains 14 original tracks, mainly inspired by the singer's native Northeast (England) so fittingly, it features several northern session players - notably Northumbrian pipes player Andy May, Folkworks fiddle player, Sophy Ball, and Blitzkrieg's Dave Anderson on bass - as well as contributions from the current members of Skyclad.

Ridley describes the record as a form of continuation from Skyclad's Semblance of Normality: "Semblance... was the first album where all the band members involved had roots in Northern England and references were buried within the songs. It was something I wanted to explore, so Flying In The Face Of Logic became autobiographical and based upon my personal stories of life, love and growing up in the North-East of England."

After spending 35 years in the music industry, engineering and producing for thrash-metallers Venom, Forgodsake, Anathema, Pariah and Skyclad, Kevin Ridley took the opportunity to emerge from behind the mixing desk and experience the role of a player, rather than Producer. Five years in the making, Ridley described the journey of writing the album as a challenge of learning "how to fly and make my own rules".

Flying In The Face Of Logic was produced by Kevin Ridley, recorded at Newcastle's Blast Studio, and mixed by Dario Mollo (Glenn Hughes/Tony Martin/Lacuna Coil).


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Skyclad - Sign With Scarlet Records, New Album Update

UK metallers Skyclad have announced that they have signed a deal with Scarlet Records.

In other news, the group's upcoming album, "In The... All Together", is due in the spring. The CD was recorded and mixed by Dario Mollo (The Cage, Voodoo Hill) at Damage Inc Studio, in Ventimiglia, Italy during August 2008.

According to a press release: "The new album mixes the usual thrash/speed metal influences with the extraordinary folk melodies that made the band famous all around the world, maintaining a fresh and dynamic approach which gives a strong live dimension to the new songs."

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Skiltron - Skyclad, Korpiklaani And Stille Volk Members To Play On The Upcoming Album

Argentinian folk metal act Skiltron have announced very special guests to play on their upcoming album ''Beheading The Liars'', set to be released in May 2008. The guests include Kevin Ridley, Steve Ramsey and Georgine Biddle of Skyclad, Jonne Järvelä of Korpiklaani and Patrice Roques and Patrick Lafforgue of Stille Volk.

The tracklist with the guests musicians reads as follows:

01. Skiltron
02. The Beheading
03. I'm What You've Done
04. Praying Is Nothing (featuring Jonne Järvelä)
05. Calling Out
06. The Vision Of Blind Harry
07. Hate Dance
08. Signs, Symbols And The Marks Of Man (featuring Kevin Ridley, Steve Ramsey and Georgina Biddle)
09. Let The Spirit Be
10. Fast And Wild
11. Crides (featuring Patrice Roques and Patrick Lafforgue)


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Skyclad - Working On New Material

Folk Metallers Skyclad have announced that they won't be doing any touring in the next month or two, so they can concentrate on writing new material. The band had said previously that there was a chance of a small tour in October, but they now stated that it would be too difficult. So for the next couple of months, Skyclad will be writing and recording material for their next album. More details about the new album should be announced soon.

Here is a comment by the band:

"...we will be concentrating on writing and recording some new material for the next album. Following on from the touring we did earlier in the year, we had hoped to organise a 'mini-tour' in October but 'joining up the dots' proved to be too difficult - and, as had happened in April, the band didn't want to drive halfway across Europe between gigs (Paris to Naples then Gent in four days is no fun - honestly)".

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Skyclad - Sign To Black Lotus

The band posted the following on the official website:

"We are very pleased to announce that we have just signed a new recording deal with Black Lotus records who are based in Athens, Greece. The band is keen to build upon the success of 'A Semblance Of Normality' and feel that the partnership with Black Lotus will help us progress both here in Europe and further afield."

The band has also an EP entitled 'Jig-A-Jig' scheduled for release in April.

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Skyclad - Main Act At The Dong Open Air, GER

Skyclad and Finntroll and Elvenking have been confirmed as the main acts for Germany's Dong Open Air, set to take place July 15-16 2005 in Neukirchen-Vluyn, near Krefeld, Germany. Skyclad will be headliner on Friday, and since the band is celebrating their 15th anniversary, they will play an additional acoustic show on Saturday. Saturday's headliner and co-headliner will be Finntroll and Elvenking respectively.

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Skyclad: Latest News from the Band!

In a chat last Tuesday Skyclad's singer Kevin "Armchair Enthusiast" Ridley revealed the following news:

- Skyclad are currently booking gigs for a tour in Europe in March/April
- To promote the tour and the last two albums Demolition Records will release a 6-Track-EP soon (with 2 tracks from "A Semblance Of Normality", 2 from "No Daylights Nor Heeltaps" and 2 unreleased songs)
- Kevin is working on a solo album that includes guest appearances of all Skyclad members


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