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Kalmah - New Album Updates

Original news posted on 03.10.2009

Kalmah have finished the recordings of their 6th album which will be released in the early 2010. The actual release date has not been set yet. The recording process started in May, continued in June and finally ended in August. All recordings and mixing were done at Tico-Tico studios. Mastering was done at Cutting Room. The album is still untitled. The work title was 12 Gauge which is a title for one song for the album. All in all the band recorded 9 new songs and one cover.

The band added: "Recordings as usual for Kalmah went pretty smoothly. We had everything pretty much ready before the studio and it was easy to just concentrate on the sound and perfection of the performance. The sound, well, of course the sound is great. We managed to dig out more depression and agression overall. From now own we are concentrating on the cover art, booklet and stuff. We have some upcoming shows at Russia in the beginning of November and we are planning for Finnish shows at the beginning of 2010."

In other news, Kalmah had to cancel two live shows this week. The gig in Istanbul is cancelled as well as gig at Nuclear Nightclub. Both gigs will be re-scheduled to 2010. Nightclub will host the band's album release party in the beginning of 2010. The reason for cancelling is Pekka's accident with a brush saw. See the picture here.

UPDATE (thanks to Methil Odin)

Official press release

Finnish melodic swamp metallers Kalmah have completed the recordings of 6th studio album. Album was recorded at Tico-Tico studios in Finland as usual and mastered at Cutting Room, Sweden.

"Everything went fluently as always even thought this time the recordings were done in three different time periods within a half a year. Swamp spirit among the band is high and every body is very satisfied with the result as should. Actually I think it was even better to leave the breath taking gaps here and there so that the new material didn't numb ears and head. What comes to new material under the guidance of our dear Swamplord it is very Kalmah like but we haven't forgot to introduce new tuning here and there" says the main song writer and lead guitarist Antti Kokko.

Cover art and promotional material is on its way. The official release date is yet unknown but will take place in January - February 2010. At the same time band will celebrate 10th anniversary as an recording band.

Previous album For The Revolution gained good reason of success here in Finland and especially in North America. The band did their first tour ever outside Finland at Canada 2008. The tour was success and band is planning to do a follow-up tour 2010.


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Almah - Working On New Album

Brazilian prog power metal band (featuring Angra's members Edu Falaschi and Felipe Andreoli) is currently preparing new material for its third studio album, at the same time promoting its predecessor "Fragile Equality".

Almah's singer Edu Falaschi gave official comments about the present stage of work:

"It's a great pleasure to inform you that very soon we will have a new Almah album in our hands, completely composed. The chemistry of the current line-up is so good and the results we have got with "Fragile Equality" have been so fantastic, that we can't stop working at our new songs. All of them sound with a lot of energy, with modern and heavy passages. Certainly, this third CD is a mix of everything that Almah has done on its first two albums, for sure, besides new approaches, sounds and ideas. Very soon we will launch some videos and photos of our work at pre-production of the album and most probably - some parts of new songs! The studio recording is pre-scheduled for the middle of September and the release of the album is to be in the first half of 2010."

Almah was established by Angra's singer Edu Falaschi in 2006. The last studio album of the band was released in September-October 2008 through AFM Records (Europe, North America), JVC (Asia) and Laser Company (Brazil).

The current line up is the following: Edu Falaschi - vocals (Angra), Felipe Andreoli - bass (Angra), Marcelo Barbosa - guitars (Khallice), Paulo Schroeber - guitars, Marcelo Moreira - drums (Burning In Hell). The band is currently booking a European tour for October 2009.


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Kalmah - In The Studio

Finnish metallers Kalmah have issued the following update:

"We have entered studio to record our 6th full length album. During May we will record 9 new songs and couple of covers. Mixing and mastering will take place at the beginning of Autumn when the daylight starts to disappear from the Northern Finland.

What's new? Well, I would have to say that all Kalmah elements are strongly present and the band has more strength than ever. And we will very likely use real trumpet, so at least that is something new...

You will find studio diary, pics and videos from here. Maybe you can get a hint of what is coming."


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Kalmah - Writing New Material

Kalmah have posted the following message on their website:

"As many of you might have noticed there has been a media silence for a while in Kalmah camp and there is a reason. We have been writing material for the sixth Kalmah album which will be recorded during Spring 2009. Inspiration has not let us down and we have all in all five songs in the process. So where we are going with the new stuff? At this point all I can say we like the new songs and if we like them we know there will be some fans to feel likewise.

If you want to hear the new material be sure to get on board SpineFeast at sea. I'm pretty sure we will play at least one new song live."


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Kalmah - New Song, Cover Art And Release Date Revealed

Finland's Kalmah have revealed the cover artwork for their new album "For The Revolution" Link], scheduled for release on April 2 through Spikefarm Records. Cover art artist is former Sentenced drummer Vesa Ranta who also did the artwork for previous Kalmah album "The Black Waltz". Kalmah's new album was recorded at Tico Tico studio in Kemi, Finland with producer Ahti Kortelainen and was mastered at the Cutting Room in Sweden.

In the meantime, the "For The Revolution" title song has been added to the official Kalmah MySpace profile. The song is the opening track of the album.


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Kalmah - New Album Tracklist Revealed

According to a posting on Kalmah's website, recording dust has settled and the band is now working on the booklet. The album cover will be revealed next week. "For The Revolution" was mastered at Cutting Room, Sweden, and will be released on 2 April. The complete tracklist is:

01. For The Revolution
02. Dead Man's Shadow
03. Holy Symphony Of War
04. Wings Of Blackening
05. Ready For Salvation
06. Towards The Sky
07. Outremer
08. Coward
09. Like A Slave

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Kalmah - Canadian Tour Announced

Finnish metallers Kalamh have announced the For The Revolution Tour dates in Canada:

23 April - Toronto
24 April - Hamilton
25 April - Sudbury
26 April - Rouyn
27 April - Sag/Lac
28 April - Quebec
29 April - Montreal
30 April - Saint-Hyacinthe

Venues to be announced soon. This will be the band's first time to tour Canada.

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Kalmah - New Album Updates

The band reported that everything has been recorded for the new album and the mixing will start at the beginning of 2008. The band estimates 1-2 weeks to get everything completed. This album will be guitar driven, raw sounding, more riff-oriented but melodic as Kalmah album always is. The band members state that they're very pleased with the results so far.

New pictures have been posted in the band's gallery, and can be viewed here.


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Kalmah - New Album In Process

Following message was posted on Kalmah's website:

Kalmah is currently writing material for the 5th studio album which will be released in Winter/Spring 2008. "Right now we have about 7 songs ready". Swamplords will enter studios in October to record the next swamp metal masterpiece. "I guess the new material will represent heavier and even more riff-oriented Kalmah but the melodies and basic Kalmah sound has not been forgotten." The writing process has been firm and there has been no "run-and-piss" hurry. There was a compulsory month break in the beginning of summer since Antti broke his wrist. The wrist has shaped up well and it seems there will be no permanent injury.

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Kalmah - New Video Online

Kalmah recently shot a video for the song 'The Groan Of Wind', taken from their new album The Black Waltz. It is now available for download at this location.

In the meantime, Kalmah have been confirmed for the following festival dates:

30 - July 2 - Tuska Festival in Helsinki, Finland

4 - Ragnarok Festival in Perth, Scotland


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Kalmah - To Start Recordings Of The New Album

The speed metalers from Finland "will enter studio next week to record the next Kalmah album", which will contain 10 songs. The album doesn't have a title yet.

The band commented: "The process before this album has been quite long. That is because this time we didn't want to spoil the album with unnecessary hurry. We started to write the material at the end of 2004 and sometimes I've to admit the process has been painful. That is very common in Kalmah camp. If there is no inspiration you'll just have to lay the guitar to rest - to wait for the real inspiration.

I'm not here to praise the new material. That is up to you guys when the new album will hit the market. But I have to admit we really enjoy the material. I know this will be the best album we have made so far and by the time you will know why. Everything is prepared for the studio and we are ready..."

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Kalmah - Cancels Finnish Festival Appearance

Finland's KALMAH have cancelled their previously announced Feb. 7 appearance at the Kaamos - Dark Metal Night festival in Oulu, Finland. According to a post on the band's web site, "We had problems with personal time schedules which was the reason for cancelling."

The band, who recently parted ways with keyboardist Pasi Hiltula, will now play at Loop in Oulu, Finland on Friday, February 13.

KALMAH released their third full-length album, "Swampsong", in Finland through Spikefarm Records and in North America through Century Media Records.

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Kalmah - Keyboardist Leaves The Band

We are really sorry to announce the departure of Pasi Hiltula. He wanted to concentrate on his own projects. We are looking for replacement but at the same time considering to leave the position unfilled and leave the space for guitars. Let's see what the future has to offer for us. It was great to work with Pasi. He really is one of the best keyboard players we have ever known and heard. With swamp we thank and bow!

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