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Sodom - New Song Streaming Online

Sodom has made a brand new track, "In War And Pieces", available for streaming online. The song is the title track off the band's upcoming new album, set for release on November 22nd in Europe and on January 11, 2001 in the USA. Listen to "In War And Pieces" at this location.

All In War And Pieces album details are available here.


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Autopsy - Audio Samples And Full Song Available

Original news, posted on 05.09.2010

We are only a few days away from the release of The Tomb Within, the new EP from US gore legends Autopsy. Head over to the Autopsy audio player at this location to check out new audio samples from all five tracks from The Tomb Within. The following site also features the new promo trailer for the EP, showing the band at work in the studio.

As previously reported, The Tomb Within was recorded mid-July 2010 at Fantasy Studios with Adam Munoz, and sees the original trio of Chris Reifert, Danny Coralles & Eric Cutler joined on bass by Joe Trevisano (ex-Abscess).

The Tomb Within consists of 5 new tunes of gore & depravity and will be released on September 13th through Peaceville Records on CD & 12" vinyl, with general release set for 27th September.

The Tomb Within cover art] tracklist:

01. The Tomb Within
02. My Corpse Shall Rise
03. Seven Skulls
04. Human Genocide
05. Mutant Village


Autopsy has posted a stream of the brand new track, "The Tomb Within", on their recently launched mini-site. The new song is the title track for the band's forthcoming EP, which is due out on October 5th on Peaceville Records.

Along with the song stream, the new mini-site also features audio samples of each of the EP's four other gut-wrenching tracks, as well as an in studio video trailer for a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the forthcoming musical bloodbath


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Joe Satriani - New Album Details

Joe Satriani has announced details of his highly anticipated 14th studio album, Black Swans And Wormhole Wizards. The album will be made available in the US on October 5 (one day earlier internationally) via Epic Records.

On Black Swans And Wormhole Wizards, Satriani's classic sound is accompanied by a surprisingly rich new texture. The first single, Light Years Away, is destined to be a hit, alongside several other high energy offerings, like "Wormhole Wizards" and "Premonition".

Black Swans And Wormhole Wizards cover art] tracklist:

01. Premonition
02. Dream Song
03. Pyrrhic Victoria
04. Light Years Away
05. Solitude
06. Littleworth Lane
07. The Golden Room
08. Two Sides to Every Story
09. Wormhole Wizards
10. Wind In The Trees
11. God Is Crying


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Enslaved - Audio Samples Of Entire New Album

Audio samples of all the tracks that are set to appear on Axioma Ethica Odini, the new album from the Norwegian metallers Enslaved, are available for streaming at this location.

Axioma Ethica Odini will be released in Europe on September 27 and in North America on September 28. The CD's cover artwork was created by the Norwegian artist Truls Espedal, who has painted every Enslaved album cover since 2001's Monumension.

Axioma Ethica Odini cover art] tracklist:

01. Ethica Odini
02. Raidho
03. Waruun
04. The Beacon
05. Axioma
06. Giants
07. Singular
08. Night Sight
09. Lightening


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Bone Gnawer - Re-Sign With Pulverised Records

Official press release

Pulverised Records are pleased to announce the re-signing of horror/gore death metallers Bone Gnawer; back to invade and pollute our roster with more impaling Death Metal.

Bone Gnawer is a collaboration between legendary growler Kam Lee (ex-Mantas, ex-Massacre, ex-Denial Fiend), Swedish madman Rogga Johansson (Paganizer, Demiurg, The 11th Hour) and together with Ronnie Bjornstrom (Hate Ammo, Ribspreader, Taedeat) and Morgan Lie of Naglfar fame.

Comments Bone Gnawer frontman Kam Lee on the new album deal and also giving us a sneak-peek into the upcoming album: "Once again those cannibal misfits and morbid horror freaks of Bone Gnawer are back to bring forth their unique blend of horror/gore death metal! And once more we are signing with Pulverised Records. It feels good to be back with Pulverised - because this is the one label that has a real true understanding of the type of old school 90's style of death metal we play.

This time around Bone Gnawer is taking another brave and bold approach to our musical direction and lyrical concepts. We always strive to push of going against the grain and not catering to the "modern trends", all the while staying "true" to the old school death metal sound.

This time around we are taking a slash & stab at the flesh and going for a complete hard revenge - torture & vengeance type lyrical concept. Although some of those 'cannibal themed' type lyrics will remain. We are taking on a more gritty feel and a much more darker edged 'grind-house' appeal to our lyrical concepts.

Taking influences from some of the more hard-core exploitation type films of the late 1970's such as I Spit On Your Grave and Last House On The Left. As well musically we are retaining all the horrific blend of old school death metal we are known for, yet combining it with an even more catchy and groovy flair!!"

The follow-up album to their successful debut Feast of Flesh is currently underway in the midst of recording, and more details will be announced soon.

A brand new song entitled "Scissored" in lower quality is now available for preview on the Bone Gnawer official MySpace page. To hear the high quality version of the song, fans will need to sign up for the Bone Gnawer mailing list on their Facebook page.


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Ignominious Incarceration - Involved In Car Crash, Remaining Tour Dates Canceled

British death metal act Ignominious Incarceration have been forced to cancel their headlining European tour with Detroit deathcore band And Hell Followed With after the bands' tour van crashed.

After a strong start to the tour, a few of the shows in mainland Europe fell through with promoters, so the bands had decided to head back to the UK to continue with the tour there and add some more shows.

Whilst driving through France on their way back to Calais, the van carrying the members of both Ignominious Incarceration and And Hell Followed With was involved in a crash on the motorway. All members are thankfully alive and well, although some had to be taken to hospital for injuries such as broken bones.

Ignominious Incarceration bassist Chris Ball comments: "Hey guys, sorry the tour got cut short but due to a major incident we are unable to do any shows for a while, we are all okay and still going strong. Up until the incident we had been enjoying the tour and have made some great friends in the process. We will be back as soon as we're all 100% fit enough to take to the stage again. In the mean time just keep your eyes and ears peeled for us hitting the studio at some point and new tour dates. Thanks."

And Hell Followed With guitarist Kyle McIlmurray describes the incident: "Basically we were making a late night drive back to the UK when we nicked a semi truck and got sent like a pinball down the freeway. Most of us sustained minor injuries compared to the guys in Ignom... Thankfully we're all alive. We'll take back pain over death any day. The injuries and damage were so intense that we were forced to cancel the remainder of the tour and head back home. We are so thankful to have had such a great time with the guys in the other bands and play the shows that we did. Words cannot describe how bummed we are that we didn't get to finish it up. We've never backed out on a tour like this... But unfortunately it was out of our hands.

Now that we're home with our families and safe we're going to get ready for the road in September with Suffokate and The Red Shore... It will most certainly be a banger!"


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Sahg - Check Out The New Song

Sahg the Norwegian heavy rockers featuring current/former members of Gorgoroth, Manngard and Audrey Horne have posted a brand new track online. The song is called "Mortify" and is now available for streaming on MySpace page. "Mortify" comes off the band's third album, III, to be released on August 30 through Indie Recordings.

III cover art] tracklist:

01. In Through The Eye
02. Baptism Of Fire
03. Mortify
04. Hollow Mountain
05. Mother's Revenge
06. Downward Spiral
07. Shadow Monument
08. Burden
09. Denier
10. Spiritual Void


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Slayer - To Release Limited Edition Vinyl Box Set

Official press release

For the first time in its near-30 year history, Slayer, the single most distinctive and radical thrash metal band ever, will see its ten American Recordings albums released as a limited-edition, high-end, box set - The Vinyl Conflict.

Ten albums on 11 discs, The Vinyl Conflict will feature the band's entire Def/American Recordings catalogue: Reign In Blood (1986), South of Heaven (1988), Seasons In The Abyss (1990), the double-record Live Decade of Aggression (1991), Divine Intervention (1994), Undisputed Attitude (1998), God Hates Us All (2001), Christ Illusion (2006), and World Painted Blood (2009). The Vinyl Conflict will be released on October 12, 2010.

"Most longtime Slayer fans may not have these records at this point," said American Recordings' Dino Paredes, "or their copies are completely beat-up, so to have the complete catalog in this first-class presentation is terrific. For the newer fans, this is their opportunity to really get into this band the way that they could have if they were born 20 years earlier."

American/Sony Legacy invested a great amount of care into making The Vinyl Conflict, treating the albums the way they would treat a great jazz, classical, Bob Dylan or Miles Davis record, something that isn't normally done for metal records. All ten albums have been re-mastered from the original analog flat master tapes and were pressed on the highest quality, 180-gram audiophile vinyl at RTI, the most-respected pressing plant in the U.S. and among the best in the world. Lacquers were cut and re-cut several times to ensure the highest sound quality. The individual vinyl discs will come in a standard, clear inner sleeve to preserve the vinyl, are then housed in high-quality litho-wrapped jackets, and then boxed in a hardcover slipcase. Additionally, reproductions of the original LP inner sleeve artwork were converted to 12X12 inserts.

"The vinyl box is a real treat for fans, especially with today's renewed and increased interest in vinyl," added Sony Legacy's Adam Farber. "It's been years and years since the Slayer vinyl has been in print - only the two most recent albums are currently available on vinyl, the rest have been out of print for years and very hard to find. These albums sounds spectacular - they sound like you've never heard them before."

"Everything about The Vinyl Conflict - the look of it, the feel of it - is very strong, very powerful, very Slayer," added Parades, "from the music to the dripping, bloody pentagram on the front of the box. It's perfect.


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Volbeat - Guitarist Sitting Out US Shows

Danish rock 'n' rollers Volbeat will be doing a string of US tour dates later this month without the company of guitarist Thomas Bredahl. The band issued the following update:

"To our U.S. fans: We'll be playing the first handful of our U.S. shows without Thomas on guitar. Immigration is giving him a real hard time because of an incident concerning theft of a barstool back in the day. He wasn't exactly a juvenile delinquent or anything, but to Homeland Security it's all the same. We hope to have him on board shortly. Our guitar tech will stand in for the time being and we'll, of course, keep you updated."

Quick reminder: the new Volbeat album Beyond Hell/Above Heaven, in slated for release in Germany on September 10 and in most parts of Europe on September 13 via Vertigo/Universal.

18 Aug 2010 - Machine Shop - Flint, MI
19 Aug 2010 - Bottom Lounge - Chicago, IL
20 Aug 2010 - The Intersection - Grand Rapids, MI
22 Aug 2010 - Marquis Theatre - Denver, CO
23 Aug 2010 - The Complex - Salt Lake City, UT
24 Aug 2010 - Knitting Factory - Boise, ID
26 Aug 2010 - The Independent - San Francisco, CA
27 Aug 2010 - House Of Blues - Anaheim, CA


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Onslaught - New Album Title Announced

Onslaught have set Sounds Of Violence as the title of their fifth album, due for worldwide release later this year via Germany's AFM Records.

Commented Onslaught guitarist Nige Rockett: "Sounds of Violence is a very fitting title for the new recording. Musically and lyrically, this is definitely the most brutal and intense Onslaught album to date. It's full of machine-gun riffs, ferocious drum patterns and some pretty fucked up lyrical content.

This album was never meant to be pretty. It's not a concept album by any measure but there's a definite theme to the whole package, right through from the sleeve design to the music and onto the words;, it's violence all the way. There's a lot of hate in Sounds of Violence and a whole lot of reality in there, too, much of it straight from the heart."

As previously reported, the follow-up to 2007's Killing Peace will be recorded and mixed at Hansen Studio in Ribe, Denmark with producer Jacob Hansen, starting on August 16th. An audio sample of the pre-production of the song "Born For War" can be heard at the band's MySpace profile.


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