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21.10Behemoth - Nergal Opens Barbershop
28.01Behemoth - Release Lyric Video For New Song
18.01Amon Amarth - 'Father Of The Wolf' Video Released

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Behemoth - Nergal Opens Barbershop

And now for something a little bit different! Adam "Nergal" Darski, the frontman of Polish death metal band Behemoth, is pursuing a new venture outside of music and opened a barbershop called "Barberian" in Warsaw (Poland). And it seems like it is attracting a lot of bearded beasts.


Source: pl-pl.facebook.com
Band profile: Behemoth
Posted: 21.10.2014 by Michaelis | Comments (37)

Behemoth - Release Lyric Video For New Song

Behemoth has posted a brand new track from their forthcoming album The Satanist. The track is entitled "Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer" and is accompanied by a lyric video that includes artwork and text from inside the digipak booklet. "Ora pro nobis", which is Latin for "pray for us", features lyrics penned by Nergal, along with Krzysztof Azarewicz. Waste no time and listen to the brand new song below. Are you pleased with it?


Source: facebook.com
Band profile: Behemoth
Posted: 28.01.2014 by Michaelis | Comments (22)

Amon Amarth - 'Father Of The Wolf' Video Released

The much awaited new Amon Amarth video for the track "Father Of The Wolf" has finally been unveiled. The Swedes promised that the "Father Of The Wolf" mini-movie/video world premiere live would happen at the Las Vegas House Of Blues yesterday and it did. Now the epic production video is also available on YouTube which means you can watch it now here. You might remember this song from Amon Amarth's latest musical offering Deceiver Of The Gods, released last year.


Source: facebook.com
Band profile: Amon Amarth
Posted: 18.01.2014 by Michaelis | Comments (22)