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12.04Lustre - Streaming New Single
09.04Dråpsnatt - Sign To Nordvis Produktion, New Album Update

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Lustre - Streaming New Single

Nordvis Produktion has presented the single "Neath Rock And Stone" by the Swedish atmospheric black metal project Lustre - taken from the upcoming fifth studio album Blossom set for release later this year. As of now, you can stream the song "Neath Rock And Stone" right here below or at Bandcamp. Take the nine-minutes journey now.


Source: nordvis.com
Band profile: Lustre
Posted: 12.04.2014 by Nordvis | Comments (0)

Dråpsnatt - Sign To Nordvis Produktion, New Album Update

Having released new material from Stilla and Skogen, Nordvis Produktion now presents the signing of Dråpsnatt. The black metal duo from northern Sweden have three albums to their name before signing on with Nordvis; 2009's I Denna Skog, 2010's Hymner Till Undergången and the 2012 release Skelepht. Besides procuring the rights for two upcoming albums, the first of which is planned to be recorded in the summer of 2014, the deal also means that their 2010 album Hymner Till Undergången will be re-released by Nordvis in the coming months. Stay tuned for more news regarding this in the near future.


Source: facebook.com
Band profile: Dråpsnatt
Posted: 09.04.2014 by Nordvis | Comments (8)