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Anathema - Upcoming Album's Tracklist Revealed

Guitarist Daniel "Danny" Cavanagh has posted the following update on the official Anathema website, in the diary section:

Sunlight fails but only for a while...
The album is coming along very nicely.

We are well aware that for one reason or another, it has taken a long time for Anathema to get to this place, but now we are ready. The album tracklist is decided. The rehearsals are going very well.
Everything, quite literally, is falling into place.
What i love about this record is the character it seems to have. The songs belong together. There is purpose and focus. And it shines. Brightly.
The message is one of hope. of the absolute certainty that there is a better way. There is always a better way. There is always a solution, a purpose. It only remains for us to be open to it. To bring ourselves back into harmony with a larger system.
That harmony begins by bringing ourselves back into balance within ourselves. All the ancient sages and wise people have said it. Change starts with the individual.
Some of these songs are a little more melancholy, and some of them are euphoric. They all have one thing in common in that they are all very much from the heart, and they are dripping with emotion. This is the greatest record we have ever made. I know it in my heart. All we need do now is find the right engineer/producer and the right studio? And to remain focussed.
To this end, we have decided to hire a house in the country for the first month of next year to 'live' this record before we record. We will play everyday and we will leave no stone unturned in pursuit of brilliance. Of a new way to express these feelings.
I put my faith that the greater mind can bring everything into place for us to make this record. A record that will certainly affect some people. I do not wish to sound pretentious but i know it will change lives. This is what music does. It moves people in a way no other form of art does.
Because our inspiration is of a pure source, and because our intentions are genuinely to reach people and open them up to new ways of feeling and thinking, i have every faith that whatever we need to make this happen will come to us.
The final tracklist is this.

Anathema - Everything

01. Thin Air (Ann Further)
02. Bricks (working title)
03. Lightning Song
04. Sunlight
05. Get Off. Get Out. (working title)
06. Angels Walk Among Us
07. Everything
08. A Simple Mistake
09. Voodoo (working title)
10. No One Is Free (working title)
11. Paradigm Shift


Band profile: Anathema
Posted: 09.12.2006 by Anathemani@c | Comments (12)

Anathema - New Dates For South American Tour

There have been big changes to the South American dates this October. Confirmed dates are as follows:

06 Oct - Brasilia, Ginásio Da Aruc, Brasil
07 Oct - Sao Paulo, Led Sley, Brasil
10 Oct - Santiago, Teatro Caupolican, Chile
11 Oct - Buenos Aires, ND Ateneo, Argentina
12 Oct - Buenos Aires, ND Ateneo, Argentina
14 Oct - Mexico City, Circo Volador, Mexico

Band profile: Anathema
Posted: 01.09.2006 by Anathemani@c | Comments (1)