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Laethora - Side Project Of Niklas Sundin And The Provenance

Dark Tranquillity guitarist Niklas Sundin and Joakim Rosén, Jonnie Tell and Joel Lindell from The Provenance made up a death metal project called Laethora. They will be releasing their debut album "March of the parasite" in Europe on February 26.

More information concerning Laethora and pre-ordering the album are available on their website and their myspace ""

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Swedish Death Metal Book To Be Released On The 23rd Of January / Exclusive Release Party

Hell yes...
Tamara Press (started by Daniel from Incision) will release on 23 of this month a huge nice 500 page book about Swedish Death Metal, containing a listing of about 900 bands, and many other information such as the fanzines that were active in those days, interviews of 30 of the most important characters in the Swedish Death Metal Scene including members from bands like Merciless, Grave, Dismember/Carnage, Treblinka/Tiamat... a huge number of pictures, etc...

All in all, A MUST for Swedish Death metal maniacs !!!!
The book is about 1,5 kg heavy and costs 50 Euro. 55 Outside Europe.

Release Party
An exclusive release party will be on the 26 of January at Kafé 44 in Stockholm. A party for invited OLD FARTS only. The flyier nicely claims "STRICTLY NO POSERS, HARDLY ANYONE UNDER 30 ALLOWED ENTRANCE" And will feature unique performances of Nirvana 2002, Grotesque and Internment.

For more info check the Tamara myspace.


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Demigod - New album / Song available

Better late than never...
On the 13th of September Demigod's new (yet untitled) album was mastered at Finnvox studio. A new track "Not Dead Enough" can be heard in their myspace page.

For more info :

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Crypt Of Kerberos - Reunion

Swedish death metal band Crypt of Kerberos reunited after more than ten years of inactivity. After releasing their demo compilation in 2005 (The Macrodex of War) under Australian record label Bleed Records, the band is planning on recording new material, which will be quite different from the early days but yet will still have the CoK touch according to the band members. Let's wait and see.

Current line up :
Peter Bjärgö - Guitar
Jonas Strandell - Guitar
Mattias Borgh - Drums
Christian Eriksson - Vocals
Stefan Källarsson - Bass

Crypt of Kerberos' debut album World of Myth is available through Adipocere records.

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Therion - To Play With A Full Symphonic Orchestra Live/More Album Details

According to Therion's official website, (and directly quoting it) the band will play at the Palace Hall/Bucharest/Romania, on December 9th with nearly 70 musicians of the Academic Radio Choir, 100 instrumentists of the Romanian Radio Orchestra and guest classical singers from Vienna, awarded as best opera-voices world-wide.

The repertoire includes famous classical pieces in Therion's version, as well as Therion songs with symphonic orchestra, some of them never played live before.

Tickets are on sale starting October 25, on 3 price ranges

I - Eur 70 (rows A:11-33; B,C: 11-33; D, E)
II - Eur 55 (rows F&G: 1-27)
III - Eur 25 (rows J, K, L, M)

For further information check their website.

Therion have issued the following update:

"And it is my great pleasure to present the title and the cover artwork of the new Therion album that is expected next year. The title is "Gothic Kabbalah" and this is the cover artwork."

The band's new album is now mixed. A January release is hinted, but an official release date is expected to be revealed soon.

Therion has revealed more details about their forthcoming Classical Show (with a full symphonic orchestra, choir and international opera stars) which will take place on December 9, 2006 at the Palace Hall in Bucharest, Romania. According to their site, the show will consist of the following three parts:

1. Pure orchestral versions of Therion songs. For example an opera version of Clavicula Nox.
2. Therion + orchestra and choir perform various famous works by Wagner, Mozart, Saens-Saen, Dvorak and Verdi.
3. Therion play own songs together with orchestra and choir. Of course classics that everyone would expect will be played, but also songs that have never been played before, such as 'Via Nocturna', 'Eternal Return' etc. Also a version of 'Siren Of The Woods' scored for real orchestra and with opera singers.

The tickets are available in three price classes. The tickets for Class III are now sold out. There are however very attractive tickets left in class I and II. Tickets available internationally at The Therion Store.
Fans living in Romania can get it at ticket retailers or over at the Aquarius Foundation's web page.


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Gorguts - To Release Live DVD/CD In 2006

GWN Records have announced to release a live DVD and a live CD by Canada's avant-garde death metal band Gorguts in 2006. The album "Live In Rotterdam" is scheduled for March; the live DVD "Live At The Whiskey" is expected to be released sometime in the forthcoming December. It will include various bonus material such as extra pictures, footage, and an exclusive interview with Luc Lemay and Big Steeve.

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Kalisia - News On Upcoming Album

France's Kalisia posted further news on their upcoming debut album "Cybion" stating "that 99% of the material was been recorded, just 3 or 4 vocal passages are missing. The final mixing will be soon."
They also stated that a bonus CD may be sold with Cybion, "Origin". Plus a remastered version of their "Skies" Demo.

Source :

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