Nightfall - Reunited And Working On New Material

Last week, Greek Melodic Death metallers Nightfall announced their return with a fresh line-up. Before the weekend, the band issued the following update on the recording process:

"Preproduction is ready to roll. The album will have 12 tracks unfold in 45 minutes approximately. Composed of epic melodies backed by heavy powerful drumming the way it was before trigger mania arrived in the neighbourhood will certainly be a pleasure trip in time for anyone into metal.

Jorg as a studio owner himself (Soundlodge studios, Germany - God Dethroned, Dew-Scented), knows exactly what he is doing, resulting in super efficient drum takes. This makes the process much easier on everyone else, since no stress is accumulated during this initial phase of recording.

Drummer Jörg Uken flew down to Greece to track his parts and do the rehearsals at a studio in Athens. Prior to that a series of guidelines, ideas, and comments had been bouncing back and forth between him and vocalist Efthimis Karadimas for quite some time, so things were pretty honed and he knew exactly where we would want everything! It was really just a matter of Jörg hammering the parts out, since he was already familiar with them.

Jörg comes from an old-school camp of drummers who love hitting hard and loud - before the days of extreme triggering, and hell, even "extreme drumming", for that matter! What this means for the new Nightfall record is that we have a classic metal drum sound going on - beefy, thick, punchy, with force and fury.

After just a few days of slamming both the skins and some beers alike, Jörg will have the drum parts for the record ready; the foundation for the Astron Black & the Thirty Tyrants."

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Posted: 14.02.2010 by Deadmeat


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14.02.2010 - 12:26
Cool. and obviously without George Kollias they have got to find a way to make the drums 'less extreme'. Can't wait to hear how they'll sound like..
Freeze! Step away from the hubris.
14.02.2010 - 17:38
Troy Killjoy

Heavy powerful drumming the way it was before trigger mania arrived in the neighbourhood..."

Surely that isn't a shot at Kollias.
Prettier than BloodTears.
14.02.2010 - 20:58
Dark Blood
The Avenger
Nice! Curious about the new stuff
It is humanity who must pay homage to the greatness of the Universe... not the Universe to the human narcissism.
21.02.2010 - 22:15
AT LAST! I've been waiting for this moment for a long time! I wish for a live too! My favorite band.

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