Epica - Tourbus Crash

According to a posting on the Epica website, in the early of February 12th Epica's tourbus crashed on Canadian Highway way 1 while driving in the Rocky Mountains when a car lost control and went spinning for the bus. The busdriver Dave Mabry managed to avoid a head-on collision by running the bus against the rail-guard. Although the car was totaled and the bus suffered severe damage and some band & crew members got thrown out of their bunks no one got hurt. After a few hours delay and some on the the spot repairs the bus was able to continue the journey to Victoria Canada.

Source: epica.nl
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Posted: 15.02.2010 by csiga


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15.02.2010 - 13:36
Jason W.
I knew something was up when I saw a few posts on their myspace about a crash... A video is also here. Really glad to see all is well for the band!
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15.02.2010 - 16:32
Dark Blood
The Avenger
Damn.. good they're alright. I don't want another cancellation for the concert next month
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15.02.2010 - 18:55
The Shape 1973
First thing I thought when I read the headline was Cliff Burton all over again.

Good job no-one was seriously hurt, but that car is pretty messed up, you can see the side airbags have gone off.

That road looks dangerous with that lorry on its side just down the road, there was a lot of debris at the first crash, the lorry could have picked some up on the tires as it drove passed.
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15.02.2010 - 19:45
The busdriver Dave Mabry managed to avoid a head-on collision by running the bus against the rail-guard.

That's what i call the Miracle-Of-A-Skilled-Driver. You can not predict how others drive but even in case of dealing with another driver's fault's concequences, experienced drivers are capable of minimizing the inevitable damage.
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15.02.2010 - 21:00
Omg! so happy no one got hurt!
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15.02.2010 - 21:12
The Night Wisher
Holy Fuck ! Hell No !
I hope that everyone is fine ! Palotai is with them as well Omg, good to hear that everyone is fine ...
16.02.2010 - 00:08
Black Conundrum
It is certainly nice to know that nobody got hurt as a result of this incident.
16.02.2010 - 04:16
I guess it wasn't too bad cuz i saw them play on the 14th in Seattle. btw it was sooo good.
16.02.2010 - 05:32
Underpaid M.D.
Written by Black Conundrum on 16.02.2010 at 00:08

It is certainly nice to know that nobody got hurt as a result of this incident.

Yup, It's always shocking when you read a news headline like this one hehe.
Fortunately, they are alright.
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16.02.2010 - 15:06
Good to know nobody has been hurt.....
19.02.2010 - 11:33
Ann O'War
So glad that no one got hurt and that they were able to continue on to Victoria. I think I would have cried if I didn't get to see them after flying 15 hours to do just that.

Pretty sure the Blackguard guys were tailing them and also dodged the same car.
24.02.2010 - 00:48
HOLY crap, it's so lucky that no one got hurt, or worse! They are a lucky bunch. Thank goodness for that bus driver.
05.03.2010 - 11:48
Elodie Artour
I can't handle such shocking news any more... (Seriously!)

Glad they are all well (both the band and their crew) .
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